Man Flushes Animal Crossing Down the Toilet! 😱🚽

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Living with a gaming-obsessed partner can be tough, but one man took matters into his own hands in a shocking way! 😲 He flushed his girlfriend's beloved Animal Crossing game down the toilet after she neglected their home and stopped cooking. The couple had a good dynamic, sharing chores and cooking duties, but everything changed when the girlfriend became addicted to the game. 🎮🍲

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Gaming Addiction Leads to Flushed Dreams

A man, frustrated with his girlfriend's Animal Crossing addiction, took the drastic step of flushing the game cartridge down the toilet! 🚽💔 Their once harmonious relationship, with shared chores and cooking duties, turned sour when she started neglecting their home and stopped cooking. Despite confronting her and asking her to stop playing, she didn't change. Now, the man is left wondering if he's the a**hole for his actions, while the girlfriend mourns her lost 150+ hour town. 😢🏠 Let's see what the internet thinks of this dramatic situation...

Flushing the game was childish, but she neglected her duties. 🚽

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP is called out for being controlling and inappropriate. YTA.

LaLeeBird | LaLeeBird

"YTA. Act high and mighty, lording it over your gf." 🙌

UnsightlyFuzz | UnsightlyFuzz

YTA flushed Animal Crossing, wasted money, and has control issues 😱

lisathethrowaway | lisathethrowaway

ESH. Immature parenting leads to toilet troubles and online boasting. 😱

JudgeLanceKeto | JudgeLanceKeto

Double standards on chores in relationships: ESH. 🙅

nerdguy8 | nerdguy8

ESH: Communication breakdown leads to dramatic game flushing incident. 😱

squirrel-bait | squirrel-bait

NTA, Reddit's obsessed with Animal Crossing! GF needs therapy 😱

Reinyn | Reinyn

"NTA!! He behaves like a child, he gets treated like a child!" 😡

StoneStatueMan | StoneStatueMan

"YTA. Flushing Animal Crossing? That's a**hole-level pettiness. 😱🙄"

Wintersummer520 | Wintersummer520

Double standards? Women praised for destroying consoles, men criticized?

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH: Immature obsession and insufferable cohabitation. 😱

Peculiar_Owl | Peculiar_Owl

Sexism on the sub? Flip the genders and reactions differ! 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Living together doesn't entitle you to use someone's property. 👍

aidennqueen | aidennqueen

ESH: Immature response and underlying issues causing tension. 😱

Pixiegirl128 | Pixiegirl128

Flushing the game down the toilet? 🚽 ESH, but alternatives existed.

PlotTwistsEverywhere | PlotTwistsEverywhere

Unpopular opinion: NTA for flushing Animal Crossing! 😱🚽

monwoop1316 | monwoop1316

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