Man Loses It on Doctor for Ignoring Girlfriend's Pain 😱

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We all know that one person who can't stand seeing their loved ones in pain. But what happens when a doctor seems to ignore their patient's cries for help? This 24-year-old man found himself in a heated confrontation with his girlfriend's doctor, who dismissed her pain during an IUD insertion. Now, he's left wondering if he should have just kept his mouth shut. 🤐

The Couple's Plan 🤔

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The Doctor Visit 🏥

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Just Tylenol? 💊

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Ignoring Her Pain 😠

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Doctor's Response 🤨

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Trying to Help 😓

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Insensitive Comment 😡

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Standing Up for Her 💪

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Kicked Out 🚪

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Girlfriend's Reaction 🤷‍♀️

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Sister's Disapproval 😒

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Sister's Argument 🗣️

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Doctor Was Right? 🤔

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Learning to Keep Quiet? 🤫

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Was He Wrong for Speaking Up? 🤷‍♂️

After witnessing his girlfriend's doctor ignore her pain during an IUD insertion, this man couldn't hold back his anger. He confronted the doctor and got kicked out, but his girlfriend supported his actions. However, her sister, a nurse, believes he had no right to speak up and blames people like him for the opioid crisis. Now, he's left wondering if he should have just kept quiet. 😶 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA for standing up for girlfriend's dismissed pain by doctor 😱

LiorDisaster | LiorDisaster

NTA. Witnessing the mistreatment of women by doctors is eye-opening 😱

Tiger_Striped_Queen | Tiger_Striped_Queen

"NTA. IUD's can really hurt. Your girlfriend needs a new gyno."

CapnGramma | CapnGramma

"Doctor is TA for dismissing pain. NTA. Puke-worthy childbirth comment."

Ayane_Redfield | Ayane_Redfield

NTA: Commenter criticizes doctors for ignoring women's pain, receives support.

whereisbeezy | whereisbeezy

NTA. Red flag! Doctor ignoring her pain? She needs new doctors 😱

Deliquate | Deliquate

"NTA there is a massive issue with healthcare professionals minimizing and ignoring women's pain. 😱 Yes there are people dying because of opium but there are also women dying because their doctors are ignoring her. The fact that your girlfriend wanted you to be there so that she would be listened to speaks volumes. That being said, never tell someone you're gonna report them. Just do it and don't give them any time to prepare."

blanketstatement5 | blanketstatement5

Supportive comment applauds partner for standing up to insensitive doctor

jerseyskies | jerseyskies

NTA, major dick doctor ignores girlfriend's pain. Wife's similar experience.

aeroeagleAC | aeroeagleAC

NTA for advocating, but unnecessary comments. Can men understand c-section pain? 🤔

Pristine_Pie_2254 | Pristine_Pie_2254

NTA. Doctor insulted wife, wrong about c-sections. Sister is also wrong.

LowerMine815 | LowerMine815

Empathetic nurse supports OP for advocating for girlfriend's pain 💪

tatersprout | tatersprout

NTA. Your gf's sister is probably in the habit of ignoring patients and flexing her power over them like the doctor. She was likely offended because she's said similar things to patients and when she heard what you said, it felt like an attack on her personally. Side note, as someone in recovery w substance use disorder and mental illnesses that have caused me to be sent to psych wards, I've been traumatized and treated like absolute shit by so many nurses that last year I refused to go to the ER until I was septic and had to be carried in by my husband. I'm sick of them and their attitude in general 🤷‍♀️ way too many of them are just power tripping, shitty people.

piximelon | piximelon

Doctors ignoring women's pain during IUD insertions 😡 NTA

loverlyone | loverlyone

NTA. Advocating for girlfriend's pain and exposing doctor's biases 😱

Noinix | Noinix

NTA. Doctors disregarding women's pain during IUD insertion 😱

fyperia | fyperia

Man loses it on doctor, but is he justified? 🤔

jitsufitchick | jitsufitchick

NTA stands up to ignorant sister, sparks fiery debate. 😱

ApocolypseJoe | ApocolypseJoe

NTA 🙏 Male OB/GYNs need more empathy 💚

Paevatar | Paevatar

Supportive partner stands up for girlfriend against negligent doctor 💪

NorthwestPassenger | NorthwestPassenger

Empathetic comment highlights lack of attention and medication for women's gyno problems 🙏

kdawg09 | kdawg09

Women's pain during IUD insertions and doctors' indifference 😡

th987 | th987

NTA. Anesthesia ignored, sister meddling. Painful and disgusting situation 😱

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