Foodie Snubs Anti-Instagram Boyfriend for Free Meal! 😲🍽️

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Meet our food-loving protagonist who loves to share her culinary adventures on Instagram. It's just a fun hobby, but her boyfriend isn't a fan of her foodie snaps. In fact, he's known for hating on innocent things like pumpkin spice lattes and Taylor Swift. 😒🎃🎶 Despite his negativity, our foodie friend's Instagram account has started to attract attention from local restaurants, who offer her free meals in exchange for reviews. But when she scores a free appetizer and entrée for herself and a guest, she invites an Instagram buddy instead of her boyfriend. Now he's upset and claims she's doing it out of spite. 🤷‍♀️🍴

Food Pics for Fun 📸🍕

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

The Hater Boyfriend 😒

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

His Hate List 🚫

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Not a Fan of Food Pics 🙄

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Free Food Offers 🍔🍰

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

The Big Leagues 🎉

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Inviting an Instagram Buddy 📸👭

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Boyfriend's Reaction 😠

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Her Reasoning 🤷‍♀️

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Avoiding the Eye Rolls 🙄

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Audacious Expectations 😒

ChelseaCheesy | ChelseaCheesy

Foodie vs. Anti-Instagram Boyfriend 🍽️❌

So, our food-loving friend is enjoying her Instagram hobby and even reaping some tasty rewards. 🍔🍰 But her boyfriend, who's notorious for hating on innocent things, doesn't support her passion and even refuses to follow her account. When she scores a free meal for two, she chooses to invite an Instagram buddy who shares her love for food photography. Now, her boyfriend is upset and accuses her of acting out of spite. She argues that she'd rather enjoy the experience with someone who won't roll their eyes at her efforts. 📸👀 Is she in the wrong for leaving him out, or is he just expecting a free ride on her foodie success? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

NTA: Your partner should support and uplift your passions 👏

Choice_Mongoose2427 | Choice_Mongoose2427

NTA, enjoy your dinner with someone who isn't a sourpuss! 😋🍽️

adventuresofViolet | adventuresofViolet

"He actively hates things associated with women. That's misogyny." 😱

caponemalone2020 | caponemalone2020

Would your boyfriend respect your work for a free meal?

NaturalForty | NaturalForty

Supportive comment encourages independence and enjoying a meal with friend! 👏

LocationAcademic1731 | LocationAcademic1731

NTA: Boyfriend should appreciate the free meal and her passion 🙄

TheHobbyWaitress | TheHobbyWaitress

Boyfriend hates her hobby, but wants to benefit from it? 😑

SOAD_Lover69 | SOAD_Lover69

NTA. Partner's lack of support is a red flag 🚨

pedestrianwanderlust | pedestrianwanderlust

Boyfriend's misogyny is a red flag! 🚨👎

seventhevan | seventhevan

"He looks down on things that women like and mocks them." 😡

unrepentantbanshee | unrepentantbanshee

NTA. Partner's social media obsession causes relationship tension. Enjoy dinner!

Existing_Fox_6317 | Existing_Fox_6317

NTA! Teaching a lesson to a mocking boyfriend with free meal! 😲🍽️

NaturalForty | NaturalForty

"NTA. Enjoy the event with your IG friend and get creative! 📸🍽️"

EstherandThyme | EstherandThyme

🚺🙅‍♀️ Don't settle for someone who disrespects your gender! #TakeAction

klover_clover | klover_clover

Strategic business proposition! Kudos for promoting local businesses on IG 💯

Striking_Fondant4065 | Striking_Fondant4065

NTA! Your IG friend is more supportive than your boyfriend! 👏

No_Material5630 | No_Material5630

Not the a**hole for snubbing Instagram boyfriend, even out of spite! 😲

RegularOrdinary3716 | RegularOrdinary3716

Foodie snubs anti-Instagram boyfriend for free meal! NTA 😍

mocktailqueen | mocktailqueen

NTA. He's the a**hole. Support your passion and ditch him! 😲

Pitiful-Lobster-72 | Pitiful-Lobster-72

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