Dad Threatens to Withhold College Funds After Daughter Mocks Stepbrother's Injury 😱

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Imagine having your future college education put on the line because of a cruel comment. That's the predicament one 17-year-old girl finds herself in after her dad overheard her mocking her stepbrother's injury and condition. The stepbrother, a former basketball prodigy, lost part of his hand and foot in a motorcycle accident, ending his athletic career and leaving him in a deep depression. Now, the dad is torn between teaching his daughter a lesson and providing her with a debt-free education. What do you think he should do? 🤔💔

Blended Family Background 🏠

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Basketball Prodigy 🏀

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College Funding Plan 💰

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Tragic Accident 😢

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Depression and Struggles 💔

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Unfortunate Side Effects 💊

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Overheard Cruelty 😠

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Crossing the Line 😡

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Dad's Furious Reaction 🌩️

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Wife's Opinion 💬

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Dad's Dilemma 🤔

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Edit: Reflection and Clarification 📝

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Addressing Accusations 🛑

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Daughter's Cruelty Sparks Debate: Should Dad Pay for College? 🎓💔

In a heart-wrenching story, a dad is faced with the dilemma of whether to pay for his daughter's college education after overhearing her making fun of her stepbrother's tragic injury and condition. The stepbrother, once a basketball prodigy, lost part of his hand and foot in a motorcycle accident, ending his career and sending him into a deep depression. The daughter's cruel comments have left the dad questioning whether he should still provide her with a debt-free education. While the dad's initial reaction was to withhold college funds, he's now reflecting on whether that would be going too far. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 😕🤷‍♀️

YWBTA if you didn't help pay for schooling. (Sorry for the long answer but this one kinda struck a chord) 😱 It's very likely that your daughter is feeling jealous / left out / forgotten bc of all the attention your son is getting. I'm NOT saying you should stop paying attention to him, because what he went through is terrible and I really hope he feels better ❤️ I have been in similar spots myself and I can say that depression is not fun to deal with, for anyone. I'm really glad that you're being so supportive of him. Instead, I may suggest spending more time with her and talking in a non-judgemental space. I wish the best for you and the whole fam

RealTaySmith | RealTaySmith

"YTA. Destroying her life over a moment of unkindness? 😱"

AdOne8433 | AdOne8433

Disproportionate reaction to daughter's rudeness sparks heated discussion 🤪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad threatens to withhold college funds after daughter mocks stepbrother's injury 😡

mdthomas | mdthomas

"YTA. Daughter shouldn't have mocked, but she's 17. His fault."

jkshfjlsksha | jkshfjlsksha

"YTA. Your daughter's life is impacted by your son's actions 😱"

thirdtryisthecharm | thirdtryisthecharm

Daughter vents, dad eavesdrops, now college funds are in jeopardy 😱

Wide-Heron-1015 | Wide-Heron-1015

"YWBTA. Taking college away is too far." 💔 Therapy for everyone!

Particular_Title42 | Particular_Title42

"YTA. This takes favoritism to a whole new level." 😱

QuesoDelDiablos | QuesoDelDiablos

Dad links college funds to son's scholarships, daughter lashes out. 😱

naraic- | naraic-

Empathy is key, but therapy may be needed for daughter

Shitsuri | Shitsuri

Punishment vs. Consequences: Where Do We Draw the Line? 🤔

Comfortable-Focus123 | Comfortable-Focus123

YWBTA. Punishment is already severe; consider your daughter's future 😱

Trippedwire48 | Trippedwire48

Building a future relationship with your child: a delicate balance 👨‍👩‍👦

shammy_dammy | shammy_dammy

YTA. Neglecting your daughter after her stepbrother's injury 😱

Capable-Limit5249 | Capable-Limit5249

"YTA. Your daughter vented privately, but you played favorites. 😱"

MintSonnet | MintSonnet

Commenter acknowledges anger but criticizes putting blame solely on her.

jmbbl | jmbbl

YTA. Punishing her by taking away her schooling is only going to make her resent the situation more. 😱

GraveDancer40 | GraveDancer40

Punishing daughter for mocking stepbrother's injury: too far or justified? 🤔

HRProf2020 | HRProf2020

YTA outs son's boner problem, embarrassing him to the world 😱

How-I-Really-Feel | How-I-Really-Feel

YTA. Heavy-handed response that hurts her future and causes resentment 😡

anonymous_for_this | anonymous_for_this

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