Roommate Battle: Anorexia Recovery vs. Heat Intolerance 😱

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Everyone knows that living with a roommate can be challenging, but what happens when two roommates have completely opposite needs? In this story, we have a young woman who works a physically demanding outdoor job and is sensitive to heat. On the other hand, her roommate is in recovery from anorexia and is extremely sensitive to cold. As temperatures rise, so does the tension between them. Can they find a middle ground, or will their living situation become unbearable? 🌡️❄️

The AC Dilemma 🌬️

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A Sweaty Awakening 😓

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The Heat's Impact on Work 😩

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The Roommate's Cold Sensitivity ❄️

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Offering to Help with the Bill 💰

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Blankets and Sweaters? 🛌

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Anorexia Recovery Comes into Play 🍽️

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Finding Middle Ground? 🤔

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Accusations of Ableism 😠

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A Shared Struggle 🥗

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Clarifying the Situation 🗣️

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The Roommate's Stance 🚫

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A Heated Roommate Standoff 🔥❄️

In a clash of opposing needs, one roommate is desperate for relief from the heat after a long day at work, while the other, in recovery from anorexia, is extremely sensitive to the cold. Despite attempts to find a middle ground, the anorexia-recovering roommate demands the AC be turned off completely, leaving our heat-sensitive protagonist feeling frustrated and angry. With accusations of ableism and insensitivity flying, can these roommates find a solution that works for both of them? Let's see what the internet has to say about this heated situation... 😬

"NTA. Recovery is about finding coping mechanisms. Blankets are great!"

MamaFen | MamaFen

NTA. Heat vs. anorexia recovery: a battle of beasts. 😱

ivityCreations | ivityCreations

70° is reasonable, but opinions vary on ideal temperature 😱

gleaming-the-cubicle | gleaming-the-cubicle

Roommate refuses to compromise on AC, causing heated arguments 😱

benzpls | benzpls

Don't sacrifice your health! Find a new place to live 🙌

MapleLeaf5410 | MapleLeaf5410

NTA. It's 90 degrees. She can put on a damn sweater 😱

cuervoguy2002 | cuervoguy2002

NTA. Compromise on temperature? Nope, she refused any compromise.

Leopard-Recent | Leopard-Recent

Nailing the temperature debate: bundling up vs. stripping down! 😱

saltyeleven | saltyeleven

NTA prefers 'cold' weather for layering clothes and blankets. 🥶

liquormakesyousick | liquormakesyousick

Stand up for yourself and confront your roommate about the heat! 😊

Electronic_Fox_6383 | Electronic_Fox_6383

NTA. It's like Hoth in here! Find a middle ground.

the_white_slave | the_white_slave

Heat intolerance vs. anorexia recovery: NTA wins with logic 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA suggests practical solutions to roommate's heat intolerance dilemma 😱

sintr0vert | sintr0vert

Reasonable compromise for temperature battle: heating blanket, portable heat packs.

CoffeeKitchen | CoffeeKitchen

NTA: Bundle up or strip down? The roommate dilemma 😱

Both-Fudge1866 | Both-Fudge1866

NTA: Your roommate needs to understand your heat intolerance. 😱

cosmic_jenny | cosmic_jenny

NTA suggests a heated blanket for roommate's heat intolerance 😱

K3Elisa | K3Elisa

NTA: Sweating in sleep sucks! Can't take skin off 😓

Active_Poem_5877 | Active_Poem_5877

Comment defends against YTA comments, highlights solution for heat intolerance. NTA

notimefordumbfu_ks | notimefordumbfu_ks

Empathy for heat intolerance and practical solutions. NTA 🙏

No_Limit_2589 | No_Limit_2589

NTA. Set boundaries and let her experience her own consequences. 🙌

Historical_Ad7669 | Historical_Ad7669

NTA. Misunderstanding about word meaning. Reasonable compromise for temperature.

Music_withRocks_In | Music_withRocks_In

Heat vs. Recovery: Battle of the Roommates 😱

AgentAlpo | AgentAlpo

Roommate wants her way, but you're willing to compromise. NTA!

Alarmed-Breakfast514 | Alarmed-Breakfast514

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