Mom Demands Teen Son Cooks Dinner Once a Week: Life Skill or Punishment? 😲

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Imagine being a teenager and having your mom insist that you cook dinner for the family once a week. Is this a valuable life lesson or an unfair punishment? One mom (43F) with two sons, Adam (17) and James (15), has sparked a heated debate after sharing her story. She explains that Adam loves cooking and often makes dinner for the family, while James would rather grab an apple than make a meal. When James began asking Adam to make him homemade snacks, mom decided it was time for James to learn some kitchen skills. 🍳🍽

Adam's Cooking Passion 🍲

itsjustonemeal | itsjustonemeal

James' Reluctance to Cook 🍎

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The Snack Requests Begin 🥪

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Mom's Realization 😮

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The New Dinner Routine 🍽

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Grandma Steps In 😤

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Mom's Defense 🛡

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Husband's Support 🤝

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Life Skill or Unfair Punishment? 🤔

This mom's insistence on teaching her son James to cook has stirred up quite the controversy. While she believes it's an essential life skill, James' grandma thinks it's an unnecessary punishment. Despite her husband's support, the mom is seeking other opinions on whether she's doing the right thing. Is it really that bad to teach a teenager how to cook, or should she back off and let James continue to live off apples and takeout? 🍏🥡 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

"NTA. Teaching life skills is important for independence and future success! 👏"

ThisIsTheCaptain | ThisIsTheCaptain

"NTA. You're teaching James a valuable life skill 🙌"

Subject_Dish_873 | Subject_Dish_873

NTA: Preparing for the real world or unfair expectation? 🤔

dardarthdgreat | dardarthdgreat

"NTA. Learning to cook is important for everyday life! 👩‍🍳🍳"

DoingMyLilBest | DoingMyLilBest

NTA- Mom's defense mechanism backfires, but laundry is simple, right? 🤔

karenrn64 | karenrn64

NTA: Cooking skills = adulting. Future partner will be grateful! 😊

Mangosaregreat101 | Mangosaregreat101

NTA teaches son life skills, but mom's old-school views criticized 😲

beanfiddler | beanfiddler

Teaching life skills through cooking: pancakes, eggs, pizza, and brownies! 🤤

HeddyL2627 | HeddyL2627

NTA: Teaching kids life skills or raising incompetent children? 😲

Impressive_Camp_7420 | Impressive_Camp_7420

NTA! Cooking skills are important, even kids know it 😊

Inner-Show-1172 | Inner-Show-1172

Teaching cooking as a life skill, not a punishment 🙌

inFinEgan | inFinEgan

Cooking once a week: NTA. It's a life skill, not punishment! 🙌

Dry-Lake4777 | Dry-Lake4777

Cooking: Life skill or punishment? NTA stands their ground. 😲

Physical_Stress_5683 | Physical_Stress_5683

NTA: Teaching kids life skills, shutting down unnecessary opinions 👏

Dry_Sandwich_860 | Dry_Sandwich_860

NTA- Cooking: Life skill or misunderstood punishment? 😲

Sissynoodle321 | Sissynoodle321

Teen realizes he wasn't the a-hole for mowing the lawn

elcad | elcad

Teaching your son to cook: a life-changing gift! 🙌

wanderleywagon5678 | wanderleywagon5678

Parenting: Encouraging vs. Forcing - Cooking Skills or Chore? 🤔

Dazzling_Note6245 | Dazzling_Note6245

Engaging with James in the kitchen: a recipe for independence 🙌

Tinkerpro | Tinkerpro

Cooking: A life skill or a form of punishment? 😲

TheVlogger110_R | TheVlogger110_R

Teen shuts down mom with an epic mic drop! 😁

MTBill001 | MTBill001

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