Girlfriend Praises Helpful Neighbor, Boyfriend Loses It 😳

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Moving into a new apartment can be quite the adventure, especially when you have friendly and helpful neighbors. This 27-year-old woman and her 28-year-old boyfriend recently moved into a new place and were still settling in. Their 18-year-old neighbor, who lives with his grandma, has been a blessing in disguise. But when the girlfriend praised the neighbor's helpfulness on the phone, her boyfriend's reaction was anything but supportive. 😬📱

New Apartment, New Neighbors 🏠

fearless_asparagus47 | fearless_asparagus47

Helpful Neighbor to the Rescue! 🦸

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Delivery Dilemma 📦

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Neighbor Steps In 💪

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Thank You, Snacks! 🍪

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Praising the Neighbor 📞

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Boyfriend Freaks Out 😡

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Laughing It Off 😂

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Gaming vs. Helping 🎮💪

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The Last Straw 🥺

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"Go to Him First" 🙄

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Bad Mood Boyfriend 😒

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Praising the Neighbor, Upsetting the Boyfriend 😬

When this woman praised her helpful 18-year-old neighbor on the phone with her sister, her boyfriend got extremely upset. He couldn't handle the fact that the neighbor had stepped in to help when he was too busy gaming. The girlfriend laughed it off, but the boyfriend's mood only worsened. Now, she wonders if she's in the wrong for embarrassing her boyfriend on the phone. 🤔💬 Let's see what the internet thinks of this dramatic situation...

"NTA, boyfriend jealous of helpful neighbor, needs a reality check"

Devskov | Devskov

Boyfriend's jealousy over helpful neighbor makes him an insufferable potato 🤪

190PairsOfPanties | 190PairsOfPanties

NTA: Boyfriend gets upset when his poor actions are exposed 😳

shadowofthegrave | shadowofthegrave

NTA. Boyfriend overreacts when girlfriend compliments helpful neighbor. 🤦‍♂️

Ok-Performance8331 | Ok-Performance8331

Captain Couch's embarrassing moment gets a round of applause 🤣

Crafty_Dog_4674 | Crafty_Dog_4674

NTA. Boyfriend wants praise without actually being nice or kind. 😳

Safe-Amphibian-1238 | Safe-Amphibian-1238

NTA. Boyfriend's insecurity is a red flag. You deserve better 😳

ToxicChildhood | ToxicChildhood

NTA. Lesson learned. Engage with a gamer for a win-win situation 💪

OutrageousLuck4231 | OutrageousLuck4231

Boyfriend embarrassed, neighbor praised. Will he change? Doubtful. 😳

anti_hero_123 | anti_hero_123

"BF needs to step up his social game. NTA 😳"

YouthNAsia63 | YouthNAsia63

🤔 Confused about boyfriend's logic on leaving deliveries outside. NTA.

EndHawkeyeErasure | EndHawkeyeErasure

Boyfriend's behavior towards helpful neighbor raises red flags. NTA.

StacyB125 | StacyB125

Boyfriend's insecurity leads to neglect and control. NTA 🚫🔒

thetempesthascome | thetempesthascome

Boyfriend's ego bruised by helpful neighbor, girlfriend stands her ground. 👏

Low-Appearance-8157 | Low-Appearance-8157

Neighbor helps, boyfriend gets upset. NTA, he needs to chill 😳

Thrusttruth | Thrusttruth

Revelation: Lazy and unappreciative boyfriend, time to move on. 👋

rillaingleside | rillaingleside

🚩 NTA - Your bf's control issues are a major concern.

jrm1102 | jrm1102

"NTA. 👏 RUN! That's a big red flag! 🚨"

neirein | neirein

Boyfriend fails to help, gets outshined by teenager. 😳

schoobydoo42 | schoobydoo42

NTA, but is he a different person since moving in? 😮

Any_Ad_8047 | Any_Ad_8047

Dump the boyfriend, he's not even a man 😳

chillvibechronicles | chillvibechronicles

Boyfriend's controlling behavior sparks conflict. Girlfriend stands up for herself.

SindragosaM | SindragosaM

Boyfriend's selfishness exposed, future with him in question 😳

Thisisthenextone | Thisisthenextone

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