Cupcake Baker Refuses to Run a Charity: Was She Justified? 🧁💸

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We've all been there - a last-minute request comes in, and we're left scrambling to accommodate. But what happens when the person making the request isn't willing to pay the price for the inconvenience? Meet our cupcake-baking heroine (26), who runs a small business on the side, mostly catering to family and friends. When a mutual friend, Liv (29), reaches out with a late order for her daughter's birthday, our baker gives her a price higher than usual due to the short notice. Liv isn't happy about it, and things escalate quickly. Let's dive into the delicious drama. 🧁🍿

The Baker's Side Hustle 🧁

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Orders and Deadlines ⏰

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Liv's Last-Minute Request 📅

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The Catch: One Week Deadline ⚠️

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The Baker Agrees, with a Price 🏷️

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Liv Pushes for a Discount 💸

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The Negotiation Continues 🤝

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Baker's Bold Stand: No Charity Here! 🚫

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Liv's Snarky Reply and No Order 🙅‍♀️

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Social Media Drama 📱

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Accusations of Upcharging and Rudeness 😠

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Cupcake Clash: Who's in the Wrong? 🧁🥊

So, our cupcake-baking heroine stands her ground, refusing to lower her price for Liv's last-minute request. Liv gets snarky, doesn't place an order, and takes the drama to social media. Now, some people are accusing our baker of upcharging and being rude. Was she justified in charging more for the inconvenience, or should she have been more understanding of Liv's situation? Let's see what the internet thinks of this sugary showdown... 🧁🤔

YTA for doubling the price without a valid explanation. 🙄

Mysterious_Megalodon | Mysterious_Megalodon

"YTA for not negotiating, but she should accept your answer."

SamSpayedPI | SamSpayedPI

"YTA. Terrible customer service. Snarky comments. Bad business practice."

Jolly_Pumpkin_8209 | Jolly_Pumpkin_8209

YTA doubles charge for rush order, commenters debate fairness. 💸

ImmoralGamer | ImmoralGamer

NAH - Cupcake baker defends pricing, customers debate value and entitlement

MrBoo843 | MrBoo843

OP justified in refusing charity, Liv has other cupcake options 🧁

YouthNAsia63 | YouthNAsia63

Baker justifies pricing and time constraints for her baking operation. 🧁

Princess-She-ra | Princess-She-ra

Baker charges double for late orders. Time is money! 🧁💸

TheBearyPotter | TheBearyPotter

YTA for charging too much. NTA for setting your own prices. 🙄

Lurkedylurker | Lurkedylurker

NTA: Don't let others dictate your worth and sacrifices. 🧁💸

petaline555 | petaline555

NTA: Cupcake baker stands firm on pricing, sparks debate. 🧁💸

ireallylikepopcorn | ireallylikepopcorn

Outrage over exorbitant cupcake prices sparks heated currency debate. 🧁💸

Obsidiannight2010 | Obsidiannight2010

Lazy but smart move! Publix cupcakes never disappoint! 😋

DickeTittenn | DickeTittenn

NTA. Liz should just admit she can't afford it. 🧁💰

yellowcoffee01 | yellowcoffee01

Setting a high price on cupcakes sparks heated debate. 🧁💸

Hulk_No_Smash_ | Hulk_No_Smash_

NTA. Pricing high as a response to an unwanted order 🧁

alexds1 | alexds1

"YTA for doubling the charge and making rude comments. 🙄"

Curious_Attempt4080 | Curious_Attempt4080

Baker's refusal to run charity raises questions about fairness. YTA.

Creative_Fish_9447 | Creative_Fish_9447

Valuing time and setting boundaries as a small business owner. ⏳

yogilove2017 | yogilove2017

NTA. Charging a fair price for quality work is justified. 👍

FifteenEggs | FifteenEggs

NTA. Liz wants cheap cupcakes, she can make them herself. 🧁

Marzipan_civil | Marzipan_civil

"NTA You're awesome for setting boundaries! 💪"

mommawolf2 | mommawolf2

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