🤯 Wife Refuses to Do Husband's Therapy Homework: A Step Too Far?

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Imagine being married for over a decade, and throughout that time, you've been the emotional rock for your partner. You've helped them with everything, from taking care of their health to making decisions. But what happens when their therapist assigns you homework? One wife found herself in this predicament and decided to put her foot down. 😤 Let's dive into her story and see if she's justified in her actions. 🧐

The Decade-Long Journey 📅

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Therapy Struggles 😣

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Wife to the Rescue! 💪

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Taking Care of Everything 🏋️‍♀️

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Decision-Making Dilemma 🤷‍♂️

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The Emotional Burden 😩

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Enough is Enough! ✋

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Therapist's Homework 📝

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Wife's Frustration 😤

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Drawing the Line 🚫

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Husband's Reaction 😢

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Therapist's Disapproval 😒

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Wife's Response 🗣️

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Wife's Dilemma: Was She Right to Refuse? 🤔

So, after years of being her husband's emotional support system, this wife finally said no to doing his therapy homework. 🚫 She believes that therapy is his responsibility, and she's already carried his emotional baggage for far too long. 😩 But now, her husband's therapist disapproves of her and thinks she should be more appreciative. 🤨 What do you think? Was she right to refuse the homework, or should she have helped him out one more time? Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🌐

"NTA. You're carrying 99% of this relationship, and it seems to be draining you completely. What are you doing to care for yourself?" 💔

FuzzyMom2005 | FuzzyMom2005

🤔 Is the husband choosing therapists based on 1-star ratings?

StAlvis | StAlvis

Therapist asked husband to write good qualities, he asked wife instead 🤔

Zykium | Zykium

NTA. Therapist's comment inappropriate; husband needs to learn independence. 👍

Existing_Fox_6317 | Existing_Fox_6317

NTA but couple's counseling needed. Miscommunication and unresolved issues evident.

ToxicEnabler | ToxicEnabler

Therapist or liar? Husband's therapy homework sparks skepticism. 🤔

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

Supporting spouse's therapy is crucial for a healthy relationship. 👍

Plane-Trifle3608 | Plane-Trifle3608

Therapist's advice helps commenter see the truth about their relationship 😮

Excellent-Count4009 | Excellent-Count4009

"NTA. Is your husband really pulling his weight in this marriage? 🙄"

EstIudex | EstIudex

NTA: Husband's therapy homework becomes weaponized incompetence. Manipulation exposed. 🤯

AmphibianChemical309 | AmphibianChemical309

NTA but take a vacation to reconnect with yourself 🏝

jupedya | jupedya

🚫 NTA. Husband's therapy homework sounds fishy. Classic manipulation tactic.

Otherwise_Nothing_53 | Otherwise_Nothing_53

Therapist's homework: husband's excuse or genuine burden? Self-care matters! 👍

CollectionUpset439 | CollectionUpset439

NTA. Therapy homework can strain relationships and create dependency. 🙅

XOXO-Gossip-Crab | XOXO-Gossip-Crab

Therapist's assignment misunderstood, seek individual and couples counseling 👥

Competitive-Win-5587 | Competitive-Win-5587

"He loves me so much" But does he really? 😔

CakeEatingRabbit | CakeEatingRabbit

🤔 Suspicious therapist and husband's hidden feelings, NTA for refusing

ApprehensiveBook4214 | ApprehensiveBook4214

NTA: Encourage diagnostic testing for neurodivergence. Inappropriate therapist. 😱

bloodrose_80 | bloodrose_80

NTA. Seek therapy to validate your actions and relieve guilt 👍

TwinZylander214 | TwinZylander214

Dating someone who can't carry the mental load 🙄

scooby946 | scooby946

NTA and therapist's assignment is wild! Get your own support.

Nerdy-Babygirl | Nerdy-Babygirl

NTA. Therapy isn't about liking you, it's about helping your husband 👍

Artistic_Sun1825 | Artistic_Sun1825

Therapist's personal bias? 🤔 That's a therapy red flag!

Threeballer97 | Threeballer97

Husband's therapy: Is he hiding something? 🤔

No-Shop-582 | No-Shop-582

NTA: Is he an emotional parasite? Let's find out! 🤔

Thick-Ad-4940 | Thick-Ad-4940

NTA: Husband or child? The blurred lines of responsibility. 🤯

Mxkz1 | Mxkz1

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