Mom Demands Teen Daughter Learn Sign Language or Move Out 😲🤟

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Imagine being a teenager and your mom marries a man with a deaf daughter. You're not exactly thrilled about the new family members, but things take a turn when your mom demands you learn sign language or move out! 😲 That's exactly what happened to a 17-year-old girl who was given an ultimatum by her mom after refusing to learn American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with her 7-year-old step-sister. Let's dive into this family drama and see who's in the right. 🍿

Newlywed Mom's Dilemma 🤔

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Teen Daughter's Disinterest 😒

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Family Bonding Attempts 🎲

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Mom Learns ASL ✍️

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Daughter's Refusal 🙅‍♀️

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Babysitting Changes Things 👧

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Mom's Request 📚

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Daughter's Shocking Response 😳

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Marriage Struggles 💔

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Divorce Looming? ⚖️

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Mom's Ultimatum 🚪

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The Conditions 📜

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Dorm Life or ASL? 🎓

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Silent Treatment 🤐

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Sign Language Showdown 🤟🏠

So, this mom is facing a major family conflict after marrying a man with a deaf daughter. Her own teenage daughter refuses to learn ASL and barely interacts with her new stepdad and stepsister. Now, the mom has laid down the law: either learn sign language or move out! 😱 With her marriage on the line and her daughter giving her the silent treatment, this mom is desperate for answers. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🕵️‍♀️

ESH, except the youngling. Daughter misplaces frustration on step-sister. Husband threatens divorce. Mother threatens to kick daughter out.

AlcoholicCocoa | AlcoholicCocoa

"I'm gonna divorce you unless you kick out your 17 year old daughter or make her learn sign language" is an ugly ultimatum. 😲🤟

LooseBranDice | LooseBranDice

YTA for forcing daughter to learn ASL; find new babysitter 😲

Waste-Edge446 | Waste-Edge446

Daughter refuses to learn sign language, causing tension in family 😲

WhitneyWhispers | WhitneyWhispers

"Obvious YTA. Find a different babysitter. You're choosing stepdaughter."

idontcare8587 | idontcare8587

Parental conflict over step sibling's sign language requirement 😲

NJtoOx | NJtoOx

YTA for threatening to kick out your child over language dispute 😲

shadowofthegrave | shadowofthegrave

Daughter resents stepdad, believes loyalty should be to deceased father. 😔

teratodentata | teratodentata

Blending families without basic communication? ESH, except for stepdaughter. 🤷‍♀️

Realistic-Active7230 | Realistic-Active7230

"NTA, learning sign language is a great life skill! 👍🤟"

KikiMadeCrazy | KikiMadeCrazy

Parents' conflicting expectations cause tension and confusion 😬

Time-Scene7603 | Time-Scene7603

ESH: Daughter refuses to learn sign language for stepdaughter 🤦‍♀️

BlackCatLuna | BlackCatLuna

Safety concern for child due to lack of communication 😲

GolfInternational283 | GolfInternational283

YTA: Risking losing your daughter over sign language demands 🤦‍♀️

Steph_8_2 | Steph_8_2

"YTA - You're replacing your daughter with your 'new' family."

HunterGreenLeaves | HunterGreenLeaves

Curious about daughter's choice to watch SD and her father's absence.

ASillyGoos3 | ASillyGoos3

YTA for leaving stepdaughter with communication barrier 😲

Logical-Cost4571 | Logical-Cost4571

NTA for setting communication expectations, but hire a qualified babysitter 🔥

annang | annang

NTA. Acceptance and communication are essential, even with kids. 🤟

svetlana_putin | svetlana_putin

"YTA. Parents should accept their children's feelings. Daughter feels neglected."

The_final_frontier_ | The_final_frontier_

"YTA. Tying paid babysitting to learning ASL is justified. Excluding your daughter is not. 😲🤟"

Relevant-Position-43 | Relevant-Position-43

Tough situation: daughter vs. stepdaughter. Finding middle ground is key.

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