Friend Calls His Girlfriend 'Heavy': Support Session Turns Sour 😡

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We all need a shoulder to lean on from time to time, but what happens when a venting session turns ugly? Our protagonist, James, was struggling with his relationship and decided to confide in his friend. However, things took a turn for the worse when he started discussing his girlfriend's weight and how it made him look. 😠

James' Struggles with His Girlfriend 🥺

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A Coffee Date to Vent ☕

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The Weighty Issue 😕

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Still Attractive, But... 😶

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The Real Problem 😒

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No Easy Way Out 🤔

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A Friend's Furious Reaction 😡

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Name-Calling Ensues 🤬

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Cutting the Vent Session Short 🚫

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Torn Between Right and Wrong 😖

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A Friendship on the Rocks: Weight-Shaming Takes Center Stage 🎭

James, unhappy in his relationship, sought solace in a friend over coffee. But when he started discussing his girlfriend's weight gain and how it made him look, his friend couldn't hold back their anger. 😤 They called James an a**hole and cut the venting session short, leaving both of them questioning if the reaction was justified. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍿

NTA. Venting doesn't absolve you from being an a**hole 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. Venting turns into fat shaming. Friends call out behavior."

Logical-Wasabi7402 | Logical-Wasabi7402

NTA: Friend's insecurity about girlfriend's size causes tension in group 😡

Ok_Possibility5715 | Ok_Possibility5715

NTA. Sympathy for tough situation turned into gross objectification. 😡

Demanda_22 | Demanda_22

Supportive commenter hopes girlfriend dumps disgusting friend 👏

fleatsd | fleatsd

NTA calls out toxic behavior, sparks curiosity about secret insults 🤔

CaptainWarped | CaptainWarped

Validating feelings vs. being a shallow friend 😡

Narcoid | Narcoid

"YTA. Being honest about attraction doesn't excuse being hurtful. 😡"

leeleez09 | leeleez09

NTA: Guy's fat-shaming attitude will haunt him in future relationships 👎

JaneDoe_83 | JaneDoe_83

Supportive advice could have prevented a major blow-up. YTA!

lightbulb1782 | lightbulb1782

YTA: Judgmental comment sparks heated debate. 🤔

TheOneGecko | TheOneGecko

NTA. Communication is key! 🗝️

Popular_Document1399 | Popular_Document1399

Friendship turned sour after weight comment. YTA or NAH?

workphoneguy | workphoneguy

ESH: Friend's inappropriate comment leads to heated argument and fallout

Fair-Ad-1364 | Fair-Ad-1364

"Dump her instead of being ashamed of her" 👀💔

indisguisered | indisguisered

Supporting a friend's venting session: YTA vs NTA clash

GrandmaPickles | GrandmaPickles

Heartbreaking past relationship experience with a similar partner 😢

Stormydays2023 | Stormydays2023

YTA upset about girlfriend's weight gain - body shaming alert! 😡


Body shaming turns relationship sour. 😡

Inkleindtoo | Inkleindtoo

Missed chance to help friend see girlfriend differently 🤷‍♂️

Organic_Pangolin_691 | Organic_Pangolin_691

Weight gain in relationships: where do you draw the line? 😕

tucknroll928 | tucknroll928

ESH: Real world relationships require communication, not immediate insults. 😡

Kaiisim | Kaiisim

NTA. Calling out a friend's unacceptable behavior. Good job!

Moose-Live | Moose-Live

NTA. Love should be about acceptance, not appearance. 💜

thatwavyhairedchica | thatwavyhairedchica

NTA calls out behavior, gets blamed for asking. 😡

h4tdogchizdog | h4tdogchizdog

NTA for standing up against body-shaming. Bros before body shamers! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking up a sweet relationship over weight? NTA, own your love 🙏

stravacious | stravacious

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