Brother's Girlfriend Asks Why No One Likes Her, Gets a Shocking Response 😂

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Picture this: your sibling's partner is known for being passive-aggressive, snarky, and downright disrespectful. She's constantly making insulting comments to your family, especially your mom. Then one day, she calls you up and asks why no one in the family likes her. What would you do? Well, one person in this situation couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the question, leading to even more drama! 😂 Let's dive into the story...

Introducing the Snarky Girlfriend 🙄

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

Family Tensions Rise 😠

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

Jane's Disrespectful Comments 😤

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

Tattoo Drama and 'Emotional Incest' 😱

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

Disrespect Continues 🤬

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

Christmas Plans 🎄

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

The Shocking Phone Call 📞

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

The Million-Dollar Question 😳

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

Jane's Response and Hang Up 📵

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Family Reactions 💬

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Mum's Advice to Mark 🗣️

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Current Status: Blocked 🚫

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Tattoo Clarification 🐙

Interesting_Web_3148 | Interesting_Web_3148

The Unforgettable Answer to a Ridiculous Question 😂

So, after countless instances of disrespect and snarky comments, Jane finally asks the golden question: 'Why don't you all like me?' The response? Laughter, followed by disbelief that she could even be serious. Now, Mark is angry at the protagonist for laughing and at their mom for supporting them. Meanwhile, Jane has blocked the protagonist's number, and the family is left to deal with the aftermath of this unforgettable phone call. Let's see what the internet thinks of this wild situation... 😏

NTA, nightmare girlfriend causing family strife and now pregnant

Regular_Swordfish_85 | Regular_Swordfish_85

"NTA - Girl needs intervention. Protect your sister from that nut job. 😂"

realitytvpaws | realitytvpaws

NTA - Jane's disrespectful behavior leads to her own unpopularity 😂

AngelicClamorBreeze | AngelicClamorBreeze

She's weaponizing therapy terms, but they're not buying it 😂

Verdukians | Verdukians

Concerned about autism in the family, NTA sparks discussion.

Icy_Session3326 | Icy_Session3326

Honest letter might help brother's girlfriend understand family dynamics. 👍

A9J9B | A9J9B

NTA. Abuser isolating brother; family needs to intervene. 😂

woahmandogchamp | woahmandogchamp

NTA Jane is falling for anti-MIL stuff, causing drama. 🙄

ImmunocompromisedAle | ImmunocompromisedAle

NTA. Jane's combative behavior and control issues are a red flag. 💔

Sebscreen | Sebscreen

NTA: Brother's girlfriend brings everyone down, but he chooses her 😂

Davethema | Davethema

Protective sibling defends family against disrespectful behavior 😎

tiganisback | tiganisback

Mark's girlfriend insults his partner and family. NTA for calling her out!

lonewolf369963 | lonewolf369963

"And Jane blocked me". Count yourself lucky! NTA 😂

ObsidianNight10610 | ObsidianNight10610

NTA, but missed chance to expose manipulative girlfriend. 😂

Nemesis0408 | Nemesis0408

Cutting out toxic people for a happier, healthier family 🙌

First-Butterscotch-3 | First-Butterscotch-3

NTA! Brother's girlfriend lacks self-awareness, but may learn with time 😂

Mysterious_Pea_5008 | Mysterious_Pea_5008

Brother's girlfriend thinks any interaction is enmeshment 🤔

FurryDrift | FurryDrift

NTA. Mark's girlfriend is toxic. Stand up for your family! 😊

corrygan | corrygan

Jane gets called out for being mean. 😂

2badstaphMRSA | 2badstaphMRSA

NTA. Standing up to toxic people for your family 💪

underscore_usr | underscore_usr

Shocking response to brother's girlfriend's insensitive comment about autistic child 😲

Karabeara87 | Karabeara87

Genuinely unaware girlfriend gets a shocking wake-up call! NTA 😂

Broad_Respond_2205 | Broad_Respond_2205

🤦‍♂️ Brother's poor choice leads to 18 years of misery. NTA.

OhioMegi | OhioMegi

Surprising response shuts down girlfriend's self-doubt with perfect ending 😂

advraven | advraven

NTA for laughing at her, but maybe try a conversation instead 😂

ntt307 | ntt307

Brother's girlfriend gets called out, future drama awaits 😎

Kaverrr | Kaverrr

Shocking response to awful person, NTA! 😂

MuttFett | MuttFett

NTA for honest reaction to surprising question. Family drama unfolds.

starburst127 | starburst127

NTA - Brutal honesty about brother's toxic girlfriend. 😂

Signal_Historian_456 | Signal_Historian_456

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