Sister's Ultimatum: Stop Funding Deadbeat Brother or Lose Her Support 😱

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Meet our protagonist, a generous 32-year-old woman who has been financially supporting her retired parents by giving them $500 a month for groceries and bills. But when she discovers that her deadbeat 35-year-old brother, who has multiple baby mommas, is receiving her hard-earned money, she's had enough. After a family wedding fiasco, she confronts her parents and gives them an ultimatum: stop giving her brother money or she'll stop supporting them. Let's dive into this family drama and find out what happened next! 😲

The Deadbeat Brother 🙄

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Helping Out the Parents 💸

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The Suspicious $2,000 🤔

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Brother's Wedding Fiasco 😒

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The Uncomfortable Revelation 😳

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Confronting the Parents 😠

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The Ultimatum 💔

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Parents' Reaction 😢

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Two Months of Silence 🤐

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Aunt's Accusation 😡

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The Bitter Response 😤

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Is She the Bad Guy for Standing Her Ground? 🤷‍♀️

Our protagonist is fed up with her deadbeat brother's antics and her parents' favoritism. After discovering that her hard-earned money was being handed over to her brother, she gives her parents an ultimatum: stop giving him money or she'll stop supporting them. Her parents refuse to comply, and the family hasn't spoken for two months. When her aunt accuses her of being heartless, she stands her ground. But is she really the bad guy here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 😏

OP is NTA for cutting off support to entitled deadbeat brother

Ok_Will_6310 | Ok_Will_6310

NTA: Mom lied, stole from you; Aunt can help financially. 👏

Encartrus | Encartrus

NTA, tough love for deadbeat brother. Order groceries to help.

demon803 | demon803

Aunt criticizes, but won't help. NTA! 🙌

zeeelfprince | zeeelfprince

NTA. Wise use of supplement, aunt's anger misdirected. Job income?

baobab77 | baobab77

"NTA. Money is fungible. Even if the money you give them isn't directly spent on your brother it still subsidizes him. Every $100 of groceries you give them or they buy with your money just frees up $100 of their money to spend on your brother. They don't even feel guilty about this as in their eyes you're the bad daughter for not supporting family and it sounds like nothing you do will ever be enough. If anything your involvement helps them ignore your brother's failings as you pay for the consequences, maybe a couple years of no support/contact from you might force them to reconsider how they've treated you both." 💸💔

No-Table2410 | No-Table2410

NTA: Parents lied for money, don't support them directly or indirectly 😱

TheQueenOfDisco | TheQueenOfDisco

Generosity abused! Aunt can help if she's so concerned 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Painful situation: emotional terrorism. Confronting brother's selfishness. NTA. 😱

Spare-Article-396 | Spare-Article-396

Family drama: Sister supports parents, but brother takes advantage 😳

firefly232 | firefly232

NTA. Help with food, not cash. Don't fall for chicanery. 🙏

Repulsive_State_7399 | Repulsive_State_7399

NTA: The golden child can't pay back mom? Oops! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Sis needs to cut off manipulative brother's money supply! 🙌

ninjasylph | ninjasylph

Be supportive without giving cash! 🙌

Interesting_You_2315 | Interesting_You_2315

Mom lied about using money, brother should ask, NTA 😱

Polar777Bear | Polar777Bear

NTA. Dysfunctional parents want you to bring a spoon to this nasty feast? 🤯


NTA. Your parents abused your trust and generosity. No cash.

ilp456 | ilp456

Cutting off family moochers? NTA! 🙌

KronkLaSworda | KronkLaSworda

"They weren't children and didn't answer to you" 💁‍♀️ You're not responsible! NTA!

Whooptidooh | Whooptidooh

Standing up to toxic family dynamics. Stay strong! 💪

phoenixbubble | phoenixbubble

Set boundaries with parents to stop enabling brother's behavior. 🙏

jpas0707 | jpas0707

Betrayed trust by parents, NTA for cutting off deadbeat brother 😱

mplunchbox96 | mplunchbox96

NTA - Stop funding brother's deception. They took advantage of you. 🛑

GoodTodd1970 | GoodTodd1970

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