Mother-in-Law Uninvites Daughter-in-Law from Girls' Trip Due to Her Weight 🤭

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Imagine being uninvited from a girls' trip because of your weight! 😳 That's exactly what happened to Beth, a mother-in-law's daughter-in-law. The mother-in-law, who has three daughters, still enjoys organizing girls' trips for a day of fun. However, she decided to exclude Beth from a recent trip due to her weight and the constant breaks she needs while walking. Let's dive into this controversial story! 🍿

The Girls' Trip Tradition 🛍️

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Beth's Weight Struggles 😔

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Constant Breaks 🚶‍♀️

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Complaining and Annoying 😩

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Abandonment Accusations 😠

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Obesity and Swollen Ankles 😞

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Bench Breaks During Activities 🛋️

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Window Shopping Woes 🛍️

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Pumpkin Patch and Apple Picking 🎃🍏

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A Great Time Without Beth 🌞

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Beth's Confrontation 📞

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The Truth Comes Out 😲

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Ruining the Trips 🤦‍♀️

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Beth's Reaction 😢

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Family's Mixed Opinions 🤷‍♀️

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The Weighty Issue Dividing the Family 😬

In a controversial move, a mother-in-law decided to exclude her daughter-in-law, Beth, from a girls' trip due to her weight and the constant breaks she needs while walking. Tired of sitting on benches and listening to complaints, the mother-in-law finally told Beth the truth when confronted. While Beth called her a jerk, the other girls in the family seem to be on the mother-in-law's side. This weighty issue has certainly divided the family, and it's unclear if an apology will be enough to mend the rift. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

"NTA for uninviting daughter-in-law from trip due to her weight"

KronkLaSworda | KronkLaSworda

DIL defends herself against accusations, receives support from others 👏

Alarming_Reply_6286 | Alarming_Reply_6286

NTA. Balance needed. Beth's attitude, not weight, keeps her excluded. 🙅

cassowary32 | cassowary32

NTA! Inspiring weight loss journey with amazing progress and support 💪

hiseoh8 | hiseoh8

Different fitness levels should be considered when planning activities 💪

whoopsiedaisy63 | whoopsiedaisy63

NTA, kindly express concern about her ability to walk. 🚶

colsta1777 | colsta1777

ESH. The issue is fitness, not size. Calling her fat is rude 😒

tocammac | tocammac

"NTA, it's about fitness not weight. Skinny person would annoy."

Ruby_Tigress | Ruby_Tigress

"YTA. You were deliberately hurtful for no reason. 😑"

rintheamazing | rintheamazing

NTA, but clarify the real reason for uninviting her. 😊

Dazzling_Aspect2256 | Dazzling_Aspect2256

"I'm overweight but don't mind being 'abandoned' on trips." 😊

Happy_Connection5509 | Happy_Connection5509

ESH. It's about her *attitude* not her weight. Boundaries needed.

TheSkyElf | TheSkyElf

NTA. Weight isn't the issue, it's her attitude ruining trips 🤷

geekilee | geekilee

ESH: Commenter defends DIL's weight, but calls her an a**hole.

Lazy_Marsupial | Lazy_Marsupial

"NTA. Weight shouldn't determine someone's worth or ability. 💪"

Familiar_Practice906 | Familiar_Practice906

Mother-in-law excludes daughter-in-law from activities due to her weight

MissLyss12 | MissLyss12

"I'm worried there's more going on with her than just her weight. YTA."

jmerrilee | jmerrilee

It's not about her weight, it's about her being a spoilsport. NTA

MotoFaleQueen | MotoFaleQueen

Weight snob mother-in-law criticizes daughter-in-law's post-baby body. 😱

Confident_Suspect_51 | Confident_Suspect_51

NTA, it's about her behavior, not her weight 🙏

Tiffany_Case | Tiffany_Case

Speaking the truth doesn't make you an a**hole 🤭

Slughill | Slughill

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