Teen Refuses to Give Up College Fund for Sister's Surgery: Heartless or Justified? 😲

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Imagine being the oldest sibling in a family with multiple foster and adopted children, constantly sacrificing for your younger siblings. Now, imagine your grandparents setting up a $350,000 college fund for you, only for your parents to demand you give it up for your little sister's surgery. That's the dilemma one 17-year-old is facing, and it's tearing the family apart. Is he heartless for refusing to give up his future for his sister's health, or is he justified in standing his ground? Let's dive into the story. 😰

The Oldest Sibling's Sacrifices

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Prioritizing the Younger Kids

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No Extracurriculars for the Oldest

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Football Dreams Dashed

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Field Trip Frustration

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Grandparents Step In

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A Hefty College Fund

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Parents Want Equal Division

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Sister's Life-Changing Surgery

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The Surgery's High Price Tag

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Standing His Ground

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Why Not Use Siblings' Savings?

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Accusations Fly

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A Heart-Wrenching Dilemma

This 17-year-old has been sacrificing for his siblings his entire life, and when his grandparents set up a $350,000 college fund for him, he thought his future was secure. But now, his parents are demanding he give up the majority of the fund for his little sister's life-changing surgery. He's standing his ground, questioning why his parents don't use the money saved for his other siblings instead. Is he selfish for prioritizing his future over his sister's health, or is he justified in wanting to hold onto his college fund? Let's see what the internet thinks of this heart-wrenching situation... 💔

Teen refuses to give up college fund for sister's surgery

SamSpayedPI | SamSpayedPI

"NTA, consider moving in with your grandparents! 🙌"

northerntropicaz | northerntropicaz

🤔 NTA: Smells like a scam, demanding money upfront for surgery.

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

"NTA DO NOT GIVE THEM A CENT OP" 💸💔 Adopted siblings, but not your responsibility. Escape soon! 💪

Mxkz1 | Mxkz1

"NTA. Parents lying about medical costs? Move in with grandparents!" 😲

Amaryllis83 | Amaryllis83

Heartbreaking situation 😢 OP is NTA, parents neglected them. 💔

Inevitable-Rhubarb11 | Inevitable-Rhubarb11

Sibling rivalry: Who got the short end of the stick? 😳

MrKisi | MrKisi

Adopted sister's surgery: Is the money really necessary? 🤔

Fancy_Association484 | Fancy_Association484

Foster parents' questionable motives, but NTA for protecting your future 😊

Leading_Bed2758 | Leading_Bed2758

Limited info on sister's surgery cost, but parents demanding college fund.

Kris82868 | Kris82868

Debunking the claims about exorbitant surgery costs. Eye-opening revelations! 🤔

superfastmomma | superfastmomma

Teen refuses to give up college fund, justified or heartless? 😲

dragongirl17 | dragongirl17

Grandparents' money and bad terms? Red flags everywhere! 😲

Inevitable-Divide933 | Inevitable-Divide933

"NTA - Your money, not your parents'. Escape that manipulative household!"

BeardManMichael | BeardManMichael

Heartbreaking situation. Teen refuses to give up college fund. NTA.

LibrarianNo8242 | LibrarianNo8242

Grandparents saved money for OP, parents neglected them. NTA 👏

Imaginary_Cream1488 | Imaginary_Cream1488

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 Seek support from your grandparents. 💪

MainEgg320 | MainEgg320

NTA: Secure your future and protect your college fund wisely! 💪

Suspended_Accountant | Suspended_Accountant

NTA - Can't use college fund for sister's surgery. Consider grandparents

alissa2579 | alissa2579

Teen refuses to give up college fund for sister's surgery. NTA. 😲

victoria_is_a_robot | victoria_is_a_robot

NTA: Your money, your choice. Sibling not your responsibility. 😲

Liltaterz | Liltaterz

Defying parents for education fund: justified or heartless? 🙏

Honest_Weird_9715 | Honest_Weird_9715

NTA, go stay with grandparents. Please leave. 😌

lovescarats | lovescarats

"NTA, protect your assets and don't let them guilt-trip you! 🙌"

SickPuppy0x2A | SickPuppy0x2A

NTA - $270,000 for surgery? 🤯 Charity hospitals are an option! 😇

pulp_thilo | pulp_thilo

NTA: Take the money and run! Don't let them guilt trip you. 😲

sysadrift | sysadrift

Stand firm and live your life, NTA! 👏

Successful_Bath1200 | Successful_Bath1200

NTA, parents shouldn't expect you to give up your college fund 😲

Labelloenchanted | Labelloenchanted

NTA: Parents need to prioritize existing kids. Move in with grandparents! 👍

bomdiggybomgirl | bomdiggybomgirl

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