🤯 Uncle Claims Brain Damage Excuses His Rude Behavior, Nephew Disagrees and Lays Down the Law!

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We've all dealt with difficult family members, but what happens when one of them claims their offensive behavior is due to brain damage? 🧠 A 27-year-old man recently bought a house with his girlfriend and decided to host a housewarming BBQ. Little did he know, his 53-year-old uncle, who has a history of being vulgar and rude, would be invited to the event. The uncle claims his behavior is due to a brain injury, but the nephew isn't buying it. Let's dive into this family drama! 🍿

The Infamous Uncle 🦹‍♂️

Murky-Belt1778 | Murky-Belt1778

The Brain Damage Excuse 🧠

Murky-Belt1778 | Murky-Belt1778

Dad's Acceptance 🤷‍♂️

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Mom's Ban 🚫

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New House, New Problems 🏠

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Housewarming BBQ 🍖

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Unwanted Guest 😒

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Confrontation Time ⏰

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Public Scolding 📢

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Uncle's Departure 🚶‍♂️

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Party Pooper 🎉💩

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Enough is Enough! Nephew Puts His Foot Down 👣

Tired of his uncle's offensive behavior, the nephew decided to confront him during the housewarming BBQ. He made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate any more disrespect in his new home, and if his uncle couldn't be civil, he was welcome to leave. The uncle left but spent the day texting everyone at the party, trying to shift the blame. The family is now divided, with some supporting the uncle's 'brain damage' excuse, while others stand by the nephew's decision to put an end to the rudeness. 😱 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

"NTA. Your home, your rules. Dad was out of line." 🤯

jess-kaa | jess-kaa

"NTA. Dad is TA for inviting uncle without telling you. 🤷‍♂️"

Gyerfry | Gyerfry

NTA. Uncle using brain injury as excuse to be a**hole. 👏

uh_no_ | uh_no_

Nephew shuts down rude uncle, calls out his fake excuses! 😍

extinct_diplodocus | extinct_diplodocus

Stand up for yourself! NTA. No rude behavior in your home! 💪

Intrepid-Camel-9797 | Intrepid-Camel-9797

NTA. Medical condition doesn't excuse rude behavior. 🙅

RogueStorm4 | RogueStorm4

Stand up to rude behavior in your own home! 💪

mutualbuttsqueezin | mutualbuttsqueezin

NTA. Brain injuries can cause disinhibition, personality changes etc 👀

Expression-Little | Expression-Little

NTA: Uncle's brain damage doesn't excuse rude behavior, says nephew.

jamarquez1973 | jamarquez1973

NTA. Set boundaries and don't tolerate rude behavior at parties! 🙌

Zealousideal_Bag2493 | Zealousideal_Bag2493

"NTA. His family enables him. Good for you for calling him out! 💪"

AcadiaRealistic2090 | AcadiaRealistic2090

Stand up for yourself! NTA. Don't tolerate disrespect in your home!

SlideItIn100 | SlideItIn100

Nephew calls out dad's rude behavior, defends his housewarming.

princessschoko | princessschoko

Nephew shuts down uncle's excuses with no-nonsense attitude! 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Set boundaries with your uncle to protect your own sanity! 🙌

houseofopal | houseofopal

Uncle crashes party, nephew calls him out. NTA 🚫

DoIwantToKnow6417 | DoIwantToKnow6417

NTA. Brain damage doesn't excuse rude behavior, control is possible.

misskelly08 | misskelly08

Nephew stands up to rude uncle, earns NTA support 👏

Merlinia | Merlinia

Grandmother's excuse for offensive behavior debunked, NTA for standing up.

dwells2301 | dwells2301

Nephew puts rude, brain-damaged uncle in his place! 😎

Hegel321 | Hegel321

Nurse confirms brain damage can affect behavior, supports NTA nephew

Prestigious_Net_7611 | Prestigious_Net_7611

👏 Nephew stands up to rude uncle, calls him out as a [missing stair](https:\/\/en.m.wikipedia.org\/wiki\/Missing_stair)!

Frequent_Lie4303 | Frequent_Lie4303

Nephew stands up to rude uncle, calls out dad's enabling.

Calimiedades | Calimiedades

Standing up to a rude relative paid off in the end 👏

CatPawSoup | CatPawSoup

Stand your ground! Your house, your rules. 💪

Locke357 | Locke357

Nephew stands up to rude uncle, sparks family drama! 😱

Lullayable | Lullayable

Enabling relatives are the a**holes. Nephew sets boundaries! 🙌

dunks615 | dunks615

👏 Standing up to a rude uncle and setting boundaries!

Litodidit | Litodidit

Brain damage doesn't excuse being an a**hole 🤯

ThurstonTheMagician | ThurstonTheMagician

NTA. Family supports rude uncle, nephew calls out their brainwashing. 😱

chrono_explorer | chrono_explorer

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