Family BBQ Turns Sour Over Pool Drama 😱💦

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We've all been to family gatherings where drama is bound to happen, but this particular story takes the cake. A woman in her 30s, her partner, and their two kids were excited to attend a BBQ hosted by her older sister, Ava. The highlight of the event? A swimming pool, of course! However, things took a turn for the worse when Ava decided to exclude the youngest child from the pool due to hygiene concerns. 🏊‍♂️😢 Let's dive into the details of this family feud.

Ava's New House 🏡

Weird-Outside-577 | Weird-Outside-577

The BBQ Invitation 🍔

Weird-Outside-577 | Weird-Outside-577

Potty Training Problems 🚽

Weird-Outside-577 | Weird-Outside-577

Ava's Hygiene Concerns 😷

Weird-Outside-577 | Weird-Outside-577

The Pool Pee Debate 🏊‍♂️

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Ava's Condescending Stance 🙄

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Tears and Accusations 😢

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The Family's Reaction 😐

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Leaving the BBQ 🚶‍♀️

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Ava's Non-Apology 📱

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The Text Message Battle 🥊

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Drama Escalates 😡

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Family Fallout 🌪️

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The Aftermath: Whose Side Are You On? 🤔

In the end, this pool party turned into a battleground, with tears, accusations, and a family divided. The woman feels that her sister's hygiene concerns were overblown and that excluding her youngest child was unfair. On the other hand, Ava and the rest of the family seem to think it's not worth arguing over. So, who's really at fault here? Is it the sister who just wanted her youngest to have fun, or Ava, who was trying to maintain a clean pool? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💬

"How the f**k are people voting N-T-A here?? YTA 100%!!!"

fhdjdfhjdfjhdfjdf | fhdjdfhjdfjhdfjdf

"YTA. Peeing in the pool is disgusting and your sister agrees!"

EnoughOrMore13 | EnoughOrMore13

"YTA. It's her private pool, respect her boundaries. 🙄💦"

Prince-Lee | Prince-Lee

Pool drama at family BBQ escalates due to miscommunication 😱

makerblue | makerblue

"YTA. Pool accidents are gross. Get your entitlement in check."

Odd-Mess1511 | Odd-Mess1511

"YTA, but sister could've communicated better. 😱"

Immediate_Refuse_918 | Immediate_Refuse_918

YTA for defending peeing in pools. Gross! 🤮

PerfectRevolution509 | PerfectRevolution509

"Pissing in a pool is gross." 😱💦

Griffin880 | Griffin880

"YTA for being dramatic and tattling. Drop it and move on."

GothPenguin | GothPenguin

Outrage over excluding a 3-year-old from a pool party 😱

mrset610 | mrset610

ESH: Lack of communication led to pool drama 😱💦

MarketingArtistic925 | MarketingArtistic925

Pool drama: Peeing, rights, and the a**hole verdict 😱

BigBigBigTree | BigBigBigTree

Reddit's hatred for kids sparks fiery comment section 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Adult ruins BBQ by peeing in pool, gross! 🤮

autochall14 | autochall14

"OP's sister is right. No potty-trained baby in pool 💪🤷‍♀️. Missed opportunity for kiddie pool 🌊"

MedievalWoman | MedievalWoman

Mum upset over pool exclusion - ESH, but understandable frustrations 🤷‍♀️

jellyolive | jellyolive

Reddit debates swim diaper protocol for young children 🤷‍♀️

kahls | kahls

NTA for sister excluding son from pool at family event 😱

LuckOfTheDevil | LuckOfTheDevil

YTA for peeing in the pool - respect her rules! 😲

lem0nhead420 | lem0nhead420

Sister's delusion about 7-year-old peeing in pool 🤯

1amazingday | 1amazingday

Her house, her pool, her rules. Let it go. 🙅

Aggressive_Cup8452 | Aggressive_Cup8452

No pee in the pool standard is reasonable af. YTA 😱

Potential-Educator-6 | Potential-Educator-6

NTA for calling out sister's pool drama, kids deserve fairness 🏊

Natural_Anywhere_726 | Natural_Anywhere_726

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