Man Demands LOTR Marathon on His Birthday, Girlfriend's Reaction Leaves Him Fuming 😤

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We all have our favorite movies that we want to share with our loved ones, right? Well, one man decided that his birthday was the perfect occasion to introduce his girlfriend to his all-time favorite movie trilogy, Lord of the Rings. But things didn't go quite as planned, and now he's left wondering if he's in the wrong for getting upset. Grab your popcorn, folks, because this story is filled with drama, wine, and a touch of Middle-earth magic. 🍿🍷✨

Birthday Boy's Request 🎂

Awkward_Sky_7811 | Awkward_Sky_7811

Girlfriend's Reluctant Agreement 😒

Awkward_Sky_7811 | Awkward_Sky_7811

Movie Marathon Begins 📽️

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Phone Distraction 📱

Awkward_Sky_7811 | Awkward_Sky_7811

Wine Time 🍷

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Frustration Builds 😠

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Third Movie and More Wine 🎬🍷

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Birthday Boy Leaves in Anger 😤

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Confrontation via Text 📲

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Unanswered Texts 📵

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Realization and Apology 🤔

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Taking it Personally 😔

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Voicemail Apology 📞

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A Middle-earth Birthday Gone Wrong 😱

So, our birthday boy thought it would be a great idea to spend his special day watching his favorite LOTR trilogy with his girlfriend, who isn't a fan. As they settled in for the marathon, she spent most of her time on her phone, eventually drinking two bottles of wine and falling asleep. Feeling hurt and angry, he left her place and later confronted her via text. She called him an a**hole and told him to grow up. After some reflection, he realized he was in the wrong for expecting her to sit through 9 hours of movies she didn't like and apologized. But was his reaction justified, or should he have been more understanding? Let's see what the internet has to say about this Middle-earth birthday drama... 🧙‍♂️🍷💔

YTA demands LOTR marathon, girlfriend's reaction leaves him fuming 😤

Korrin | Korrin

Watching LOTR marathon for 9+ hours? YTA, says comment section 😤

throwawayreadonplane | throwawayreadonplane

"YTA. Your favorite movies aren't hers. Respect her preferences. 😤"

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

"YTA. She wanted to spend time with you even though she didn't enjoy the movie. 💜"

SpaceyAwesome | SpaceyAwesome

"YTA. Honestly, did you really think she'd sit through it? 😤"

CobraPuts | CobraPuts

OP's birthday wish for a LOTR marathon turned into a Fellowship of the Whine 😂

SilentCounter6750 | SilentCounter6750

"But sir....I'm 48. I like to sit." This is the way. 😂

Pimento_is_here | Pimento_is_here

"YTA for demanding LOTR marathon on your birthday. Consider her feelings."

AgentAlpo | AgentAlpo

"YTA that's several hours of movies she doesn't like. That has to be agonizing. And I like LOTR." 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for demanding LOTR marathon on birthday, she made effort 😤

Sammichface | Sammichface

YTA demands LOTR marathon on girlfriend's birthday, gets shut down 😤

mxcmpsx | mxcmpsx

NTA for wanting girlfriend to show interest in birthday activity 😤

MamzYT | MamzYT

"YTA. Demanding LOTR marathon from girlfriend? Grow up, dude! 😤"

Significant_Cat_3 | Significant_Cat_3

Demanding an 11-hour LOTR marathon on your birthday? YTA 🙄

MusicHoney | MusicHoney

He wanted a LOTR marathon, she accommodated him. YTA.

UrsinePoletry | UrsinePoletry

"YTA. Ex-husband wanted constant attention while watching movies. Relatable! 😤"

ToastMmmmmmm | ToastMmmmmmm

"YTA. You expected her to magically like LOTR? Explore other genres!"

[deleted] | [deleted]

Demanding LOTR marathon from girlfriend? YTA. Find LOTR enthusiasts elsewhere 😤

fuzzybearslippers | fuzzybearslippers

Partner's lack of enthusiasm for movie marathon disappoints OP 😞

theonlycreepycat | theonlycreepycat

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