College Student Charges Friends Rent, But Keeps the Money! 😲💰

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Imagine this: you're starting college and your uncle buys a house near campus for you to live in. He even lets you be the landlady, renting out the other rooms to fund your expenses. Sounds like a dream come true, right? Well, not for this college student, who found herself in hot water when her friends discovered the truth about their rent payments. 🤯💸

The Uncle's Generous Offer 🏠

EqualBudget_3179 | EqualBudget_3179

A House Makeover 🛠️

EqualBudget_3179 | EqualBudget_3179

The Landlady Deal 💰

EqualBudget_3179 | EqualBudget_3179

Friends Move In 🤝

EqualBudget_3179 | EqualBudget_3179

The Truth Comes Out 😮

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Friends Turn Against Her 😠

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Uncle's Advice 🤔

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Update: Seeking Advice 🆘

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A New Plan 💡

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No More Friends as Tenants 🚫

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Finding New Tenants 🏘️

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Overwhelming Response 📩

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Uncle's Final Words of Wisdom 🧙

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A Lesson Learned the Hard Way 😓

So, what's the takeaway from this college student's rent drama? Mixing money and friends can be a recipe for disaster. After seeking advice from her uncle, our protagonist decided to part ways with her friends as tenants and find new renters. With a new lease and a flood of interested potential tenants, she's now ready to move forward. But the lesson is clear: sometimes, it's best to keep your business and friendships separate. 💔💼

Friends jealous of OP charging rent for their own benefit 😡

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

"Similar situation breeds resentment. Offer fair explanation or leave."

Necrotechxking | Necrotechxking

Learning to deal with freeloaders: a valuable life lesson 😲

ZestyGolf7654 | ZestyGolf7654

Replace friends, charge same rent for others. 💰

Dull-Captain-9483 | Dull-Captain-9483

NTA. Stand your ground and value your friendship. 👍

GabrielGS14 | GabrielGS14

"NTA. Charge rent or find other tenants. Your money, your choice!"

Hotdog_disposal_unit | Hotdog_disposal_unit

NTA. Friends want more after you helped? They'll regret it.

Cams1Sams2 | Cams1Sams2

YTA for pocketing rent money and creating jealousy and resentment 😲

dumposaurusrex | dumposaurusrex

YTA - Unfair power dynamic and lack of transparency ruined friendships 😔

Adorable_Fly_8359 | Adorable_Fly_8359

Charging friends rent without telling them? 🤔 YTA for sure.

237583dh | 237583dh

"YTA. Friends felt betrayed by hidden landlord dynamic. Slimy move."

Ok_Appointment3668 | Ok_Appointment3668

"OP's greed fuels housing crisis. Charging friends extortionate rent 💰😲"

[deleted] | [deleted]

Charging friends rent? YTA. Profiteering off friends? Not cool 🙅

null_t1de | null_t1de

"YTA. You're profiting off your friends without their knowledge. 😲💰"

ItsArtCrawl77 | ItsArtCrawl77

College kids and their entitlement! NTA for charging rent. 😲💰

donname10 | donname10

"YTA. You're living rent-free in a nice home owned by family." 😲💰

foofoofoofooood | foofoofoofooood

Fair rent or taking advantage? 💰

Ars3nal11 | Ars3nal11

YTA charges friends rent, lies about money. Left them homeless. 😲

B-Glasses | B-Glasses

Charge friends rent? NTA! Set boundaries and evict if necessary! 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Charging friends rent: navigating the awkwardness of being a landlord 🤷‍♀️

underhand_toss | underhand_toss

NTA. Lessons learned: 1. Envy exists. 2. Stand up for yourself. 3. New friends await. 💪

Misha220 | Misha220

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