Mom Drains Daughter's College Fund to Save Dream House 😱

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When a 50-year-old widow inherited a fortune from her late husband, she and her 16-year-old daughter decided to chase their dream of living in a beachfront Malibu home. But after a series of financial missteps, the mom finds herself in a dire situation, with only her daughter's college fund to save the day. She decides to liquidate the fund, causing a major rift between her and her daughter. 🏠💸😢

Inheritance and a Dream House 🏠

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A Big Move to Malibu 🌊

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Unexpected Costs and a Furious Lawyer 💸

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Money Manager Mishap 😱

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Dwindling Finances and Desperation 💔

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The College Fund Dilemma 🎓

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A Tough Decision Made 😨

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Liquidating the College Fund 💸

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Daughter's Heartbreaking Reaction 💔

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Mom's Financial Fiasco: Saving the Dream House or Destroying the Future? 🏠💔

After inheriting a fortune from her late husband, a mom and her daughter move to their dream home in Malibu. But poor financial decisions and unexpected costs leave them in a tight spot. Desperate to save their home, the mom liquidates her daughter's college fund, leaving the girl devastated and furious. With her father's hard work gone and her future uncertain, the daughter declares she won't be supporting her mom in retirement. Will their relationship survive this financial fiasco? 😢💸💔

"YTA. You drained your daughter's college fund for a dream house."

WolfGoddess77 | WolfGoddess77

OP's poor financial decisions and selfish actions make them the AH 😑

coastalkid92 | coastalkid92

"YTA. No offense but really? Comon. You believed that?" 😂

pottersquash | pottersquash

"Hopefully the daughter gets a hold of dad's lawyer and works to sue you." 💼

admiralrico411 | admiralrico411

"YTA and fabulously incompetent with money. Sell the beachfront house!" 😱

Pesec1 | Pesec1

"Apex Boomer" drains daughter's college fund for dream house 😱

JsCTmav | JsCTmav

YTA for draining college fund for a vanity house 😱

MelloJelloRVA | MelloJelloRVA

YTA for draining college fund, but options to rectify 👍

ElementalSentimental | ElementalSentimental

Mom drains daughter's college fund for dream house 😱

ThrowRA_oddcat | ThrowRA_oddcat

YTA drains daughter's college fund, leaving her up a creek 😱

naraic- | naraic-

YTA - Daughter's education fund drained for dream house? 🤯

Reasonable_Garage318 | Reasonable_Garage318

Sell the house and secure your daughter's future! YTA 😱

Abeyita | Abeyita

YTA: Dig yourself out of the hole and save your family 😱

Spare_Swing | Spare_Swing

YTA. Sacrificing your daughter's future for a beach house? Shameful. 😱

True-Mousse4957 | True-Mousse4957

"YTA - Negating hard work & financial decisions. Impulsive bad decision."

NexFire7790 | NexFire7790

Daughter furious after mom drains college fund for dream house 😱

BeatrixFarrand | BeatrixFarrand

YTA. Squandering your daughter's college fund for a dream house 😱

BeatricePotsmoker | BeatricePotsmoker

Financially illiterate mom squanders daughter's college fund. Disgusting YTA 😱

Certain_Effort598 | Certain_Effort598

YTA drains daughter's college fund 😱

pandaphanta | pandaphanta

YTA. Draining daughter's college fund for dream house 😱

bishop0408 | bishop0408

"YTA, Your husband set you up financially for life 😱"

Narrow_External_5412 | Narrow_External_5412

🤦‍♀️ OP's financial choices: from bad to worse!

RandomGuy_81 | RandomGuy_81

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