Man Denies Girlfriend Naan Bread: Greedy or Justified? 🍞😲

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Picture this: you and your significant other are enjoying a delicious Indian takeout meal, but there's a limited amount of naan bread to go around. You've got curry, she's got biryani, and there's a heated debate about who gets to enjoy the precious side dish. Sounds like a recipe for drama, right? 😅 Well, that's exactly what happened to one couple, and now the internet is weighing in on whether the boyfriend was justified in denying his girlfriend the naan bread. 🍞🔥

The Pricey Indian Takeout 🍛💸

gfwastesbreadTA | gfwastesbreadTA

The Naan Bread Dilemma 🍞😥

gfwastesbreadTA | gfwastesbreadTA

Her Eating Habits: Not My Concern? 🤔🍴

gfwastesbreadTA | gfwastesbreadTA

Letting It Go... Until Now 😒

gfwastesbreadTA | gfwastesbreadTA

The Naan Bread Battle Begins! 🥊

gfwastesbreadTA | gfwastesbreadTA

Taking a Stand 🚫🍞

gfwastesbreadTA | gfwastesbreadTA

Curry vs. Biryani: The Great Debate 🍛🆚🥘

gfwastesbreadTA | gfwastesbreadTA

Name-Calling and Silent Treatment 😠

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Hours Later... Still Ignoring 😶

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Naan Bread Showdown: Who's in the Right? 🍞🥊

So, the boyfriend believes his girlfriend is wasting their shared naan bread by eating it without dipping it in curry, and he's had enough. When she orders biryani instead of curry, he thinks he'll finally get the bread to himself. But when she reaches for a piece, he snaps and moves it away, leading to name-calling and the silent treatment. With friends and the internet divided on the issue, we're left wondering: is he a greedy a**hole, or is he justified in his naan bread battle? Let's see what the top responses from the internet have to say... 🍞🤔

"You don't get to decide how a person eats their food." 😲

basicstove1336 | basicstove1336

YTA for denying naan, it's meant to be enjoyed on its own! 🍞

firetothetrees | firetothetrees

"YTA 100%. Who gaf if she eats it with the curry or not? And 'too much carbs' ???? So you AND your friend are now trying to dictate your girlfriend's diet? I hope she gets out of there. I can only imagine how you are about everything else in your lives when this is such a smaaaaall thing to react this negatively towards." 😡🍛

xCoffee-Addictx | xCoffee-Addictx

OP gets called out for being controlling and self-centered. 😲

sra19 | sra19

"YTA. Let her enjoy the naan however she wants! 😲🍞"

fallingintopolkadots | fallingintopolkadots

GF wants her fair share of naan, YTA being greedy 😲

cachalker | cachalker

OP gets called out for being controlling and unintelligent 😲

Cagahum | Cagahum

"YTA. You're entitled to tell her how to eat?! WTF is wrong with you?" 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sides of naan bread: solution or control? 🍞😲

LunaticBZ | LunaticBZ

Splitting naan: Greedy or justified? 🍞😲


YTA denies girlfriend naan bread; she can eat it as she pleases 😲

Cultural_Section_862 | Cultural_Section_862

YTA denies girlfriend naan bread: food fight in relationships 😲

Top_Elephant11 | Top_Elephant11

YTA: A**hole denies naan bread, sparking a petty and greedy debate. 🍞

Banana_Puddin11 | Banana_Puddin11

Debate over naan bread reaches absurd levels 😲

lexieb08 | lexieb08

GF wants naan bread, OP says no. YTA gets roasted. 🤪

Cjack66 | Cjack66

Micromanaging naan? YTA risks losing her over carbs. 😲

KyotoDreamsTea | KyotoDreamsTea

Gatekeeping naan and being selfish: YTA for dictating GF's eating.

ParkerBench | ParkerBench

"YTA. Let her enjoy her bread the way she wants! 🍞"

MrsWeasley9 | MrsWeasley9

YTA denies girlfriend naan bread: control freak or justified? 😲

RumiField | RumiField

OP's GF accused of naan-conformity. 😲

AdEmpty4390 | AdEmpty4390

YTA denies girlfriend naan bread. Let her enjoy, imbecile! 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA denies girlfriend naan bread: controlling or justifiable? 😲

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