Sister's Therapist Says She Needs a Vacation, But Her Behavior Says Otherwise 😱

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Three years ago, Daphne, a woman who used to be a positive and pleasant person, became pregnant and gave birth to a child with a congenital condition. Since then, her mental health has taken a nosedive, causing her to become malicious, envious, and easily angered. After a mental breakdown, she finally started therapy and her sister invited her to a beach vacation. However, after witnessing her behavior during Christmas, the sister is having second thoughts. 🤔

Daphne's Pregnancy and Life Change 🤰

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Relationship Struggles and Mental Health Decline 💔

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Daphne's Transformation 😢

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A Mental Breakdown and Therapy 🚨

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A Beach Vacation Invitation 🏖️

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Christmas Chaos 🎄

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Swearing and Snapping 😡

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Jim's Obsession with Another Child 👶

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Family Anxiety Over the Situation 😟

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Canceling the Trip 🚫

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Therapist's Recommendation 😐

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Daphne's Reaction 😠

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Second Thoughts and Family Opinions 🤔

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Parents' Surprising Stance 🧐

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Is Canceling the Trip Justified? 🤷

After witnessing Daphne's destructive behavior during Christmas, her sister decided to cancel the beach vacation she had invited her to. Daphne's therapist had said the break would be good for her, but her actions made it hard to agree. Even the sister's parents, who saw the chaos unfold, think the trip shouldn't have been canceled. So, is canceling the trip justified or not? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 😏

NTA. Sister's behavior during Xmas shows what to expect. No obligation.

Individual_Ad_9213 | Individual_Ad_9213

"My therapist said how bad it would be for me." Your mental health matters too. 💪

notforcommentinohgoo | notforcommentinohgoo

Sister's therapist recommends vacation, but her behavior suggests otherwise 😱

notforcommentinohgoo | notforcommentinohgoo

"NTA, OP. Your sister made a selfish decision with real-life consequences 😱"

Anon_Strike_292 | Anon_Strike_292

"NTA, don't let her burden you. Jim's behavior is concerning. 😱"

WonderlandHarps | WonderlandHarps

NTA. A beach vacation won't fix anything, just share the burden 😱

OkeyDokey654 | OkeyDokey654

NTA. Daphne needs a break, but not at your expense 😱

Natural_Garbage7674 | Natural_Garbage7674

NTA. Sister needs more than a vacation to improve her mental health 🙅

rebootsaresuchapain | rebootsaresuchapain

Debating ownership of owed vacation with a touch of sass

Fabulous-Refuse138 | Fabulous-Refuse138

Parent calls out sister for abusive behavior, advocates for Liam 🚨

Negative_Cookie_9825 | Negative_Cookie_9825

Offering the beach home as an option? 🏖️ That could backfire.

FiguringItOutAsWeGo | FiguringItOutAsWeGo

NTA. Therapist never said you owe her a vacation. 👍

quats555 | quats555

NTA. Sister needs a vacation, but her behavior is horrible 😱

FactorLazy5546 | FactorLazy5546

Family safety first! You're doing a great job, NTA 👏

jakbutt | jakbutt

NTA. Concerned about sister's behavior towards disabled child. Put family first.

Alert_Knee_5862 | Alert_Knee_5862

Sister's therapist suggests a vacation, but commenters disagree. NTA 😱

lonewolf369963 | lonewolf369963

Managing mental health is a one-man show 🙏

Glenn_Coco69 | Glenn_Coco69

NTA, you made the right decision! 👏

Glittering_Job_7996 | Glittering_Job_7996

NTA: Your sister's recovery shouldn't disrupt your family. 😱

Panaccolade | Panaccolade

Parent struggling with child's needs, concerned for sister's safety. 😱

Acrobatic_Increase69 | Acrobatic_Increase69

You deserve a break too! Your mental health matters 🙌

Prinny85 | Prinny85

NTA- Set boundaries and prioritize your own well-being 🙌

No_Stage_6158 | No_Stage_6158

Special needs mom shares her struggles and offers empathy and advice 💚

spamcan29 | spamcan29

NTA. Concerned about brother's safety, sister's mental health not OP's responsibility 😱

Aggravating_Egg1881 | Aggravating_Egg1881

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