Mom Demands Recovering Addict's Old Meds 😱💊

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Imagine being in the early stages of recovery from addiction, trying your hardest to get well, and having your mom demand your old medication. That's exactly what happened to one individual who shared their story online. They mentioned to their parents that they'd be disposing of their old Xanax, but their mom had other plans. 😳👩‍👧

Recovering Addict's Dilemma 💊

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Old Medication Discovery 🕵️‍♀️

confusedhuskynoises | confusedhuskynoises

Plans to Dispose the Meds 🗑️

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Mom's Unexpected Request 🤔

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Guilt-Tripping Tactics 😡

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Confronting the Past 🕰️

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Gaslighting Galore 😠

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Heartache and Recovery 💔

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Seeking Validation 🥺

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Disposed Meds and Sobriety 🚔

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Grateful for Support 🙏

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Recovery Efforts 💪

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Touched by Kindness 😭

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A Mother's Unthinkable Request 😨

In a shocking turn of events, a recovering addict's mom demanded their old medication while visiting. The child, who's just 7 days sober, had plans to dispose of the Xanax responsibly, but their mom tried to guilt them into handing it over. The situation escalated, leading to the child kicking their mom out of the house. This heart-wrenching story has left many people offering their support and well-wishes for the individual's recovery journey. 💔🙌 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

"NTA. If she needs the meds let her get them prescribed. Well done on your seven days."

smg658 | smg658

NTA. Meds are prescribed for you and for you only. 😱💊

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Responsible actions, but mom treats you like a child 🙅

JohnVirginia1977 | JohnVirginia1977

Congrats on your sobriety! Your mom may be an enabler 😱

Loveis_loveislove | Loveis_loveislove

Demanding old meds? NTA! Illegal and potentially dangerous situation 🚨

aeroeagleAC | aeroeagleAC

NTA. Setting boundaries with family during addiction recovery 🙏

Choice_Mongoose2427 | Choice_Mongoose2427

Recovering addict's mom demands old meds. NTA, but concerning. 😱

springreturning | springreturning

Mom demands recovering addict's old meds 😱💊

[deleted] | [deleted]

🎉 Congrats on 7 days! Your mom should be proud too.

MrsCakeakaJane | MrsCakeakaJane

NTA and proud of you! Keep going, you got this! 💪

listen_to_311 | listen_to_311

NTA. Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. Stay safe and seek medical advice. 🚩

Boop7482286 | Boop7482286

NTA. Congrats on 7 days sober! Keep up the hard work 💪

DistrictHot1695 | DistrictHot1695

NTA. Mom's behavior is sabotage. Take a timeout from her. 😱

Hippopotasaurus-Rex | Hippopotasaurus-Rex

NTA. Recovering addict faces cruel mother's low blow. Stay strong ❤️

Diddyystt | Diddyystt

Recovering addict celebrates 7 days; mom's addiction exposed 😱💊

sarcastibot8point5 | sarcastibot8point5

NTA- Holding your boundary against inappropriate request. Congrats on 7 days! 🎉

Dismal_Committee_296 | Dismal_Committee_296

Saving painkillers: a responsible decision or a community concern? 🤔

atmasabr | atmasabr

Congratulations on your sobriety! NTA for setting boundaries with mom. 🎉

Pouchcotato721 | Pouchcotato721

NTA. Mom's manipulative behavior exposed. Dispose of meds safely. Keep rising! 👏

SneakySneakySquirrel | SneakySneakySquirrel

NTA. Congrats on sobriety! Surround yourself with positive support 💪

Potential-Ear-8532 | Potential-Ear-8532

Heartwarming comment about OP's recovery journey ♥️

apex_female | apex_female

NTA. So proud of you for staying clean! You deserve support 💪

ExquisiteChaosRose | ExquisiteChaosRose

Congratulations on your sobriety! You made great decisions! 🎉

sandim123 | sandim123

Recovering addict's mom gives controlled substance to anxious child 😱

intenseskill | intenseskill

"NTA. Illegal to give meds. Mom should treat you better."

PentagramCereal | PentagramCereal

Supportive comment, applauds OP for sobriety and wishes luck 👍

EchoCyanide | EchoCyanide

Recovering addict stands up for their sobriety, NTA! 💪

Littleblondebipolar | Littleblondebipolar

Inspirational comment, sending strength and hugs to recovering addict

[deleted] | [deleted]

Recovering addict's mom demands meds: illegal and dangerous! 😱

These-Arm7058 | These-Arm7058

Congrats on 7 days sober! NTA. Mom needs to respect boundaries. 🙏

GeneralPhilosophy691 | GeneralPhilosophy691

Congrats on sobriety! Mom's unhealthy relationship with meds 😱

exhauta | exhauta

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