Man Ditches Pregnant Wife's Appointment for Sister's Hospital Scare 😱

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Imagine being a pregnant woman with a high-risk pregnancy, and your husband decides to miss your important appointment for his sister's hospital visit. That's exactly what happened to one woman, whose husband (29m) chose to rush to his sister's side instead of attending his wife's (29f) crucial appointment. With a history of pregnancy complications and a 4-year-old autistic son, the wife was left to fend for herself. Let's dive into the story and see if the husband was in the wrong. 😓

High-Risk Pregnancy and Weekly Appointments 🤰

ThrowRaThroqaw | ThrowRaThroqaw

Anxiety and Past Losses 😔

ThrowRaThroqaw | ThrowRaThroqaw

Always There for Her... Until Now ⏰

ThrowRaThroqaw | ThrowRaThroqaw

Autistic Son's Struggles 😢

ThrowRaThroqaw | ThrowRaThroqaw

Tantrums and Hiding 🙈

ThrowRaThroqaw | ThrowRaThroqaw

Sister's Hospital Emergency 🚑

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Wife Left Behind 😞

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Not So Serious After All 🤕

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Dramatic Mom 🎭

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Furious Wife 😡

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Calming Presence Missed 🤗

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Priorities Questioned 🤨

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Defending His Actions 🛡️

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What Ifs and Wife's Anger 😠

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But Nothing Happened... 🤷

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Husband's Dilemma: Sister or Wife? 🏥

The husband is torn between his sister's hospital scare and his pregnant wife's crucial appointment. He chose to rush to his sister's side, leaving his wife to deal with their autistic son and her high-risk pregnancy alone. The wife is furious, questioning his priorities and reliability. The husband defends his actions, saying he didn't know his sister's condition wasn't serious. Now, the wife is still upset and constantly reminds him not to miss the next appointment. Is the husband really in the wrong, or was he just caught in an impossible situation? Let's see what people have to say about this predicament. 💭

NTA. Wife's anxiety and mother's drama cause tension in family 😱

Nessie51 | Nessie51

NTA for prioritizing sister's serious motorcycle crash over pregnant wife's appointment 😱

HIOP-Sartre | HIOP-Sartre

Engaging caption: A tough situation where emotions run high 😱

Jerratt24 | Jerratt24

Prioritizing sister's hospital scare over pregnant wife's appointment. NAH.

dunnodudes | dunnodudes

Wife's lack of concern for husband's sister raises serious questions 😱

confused-88 | confused-88

NAH, except for your Mother. Difficult judgment call with consequences 😱

Lumos934 | Lumos934

Emergency with family member, NTA, excusable. Anxiety understandable. 😱

No_Listen7182 | No_Listen7182

NTA, wife needs to apologize. Sister's injury justified visit 🙏

ExcitingCauliflower | ExcitingCauliflower

Choosing between a routine appointment and a potentially serious accident 😱

Automatic_Mood_8261 | Automatic_Mood_8261

NTA. Wife upset because emergency wasn't as serious as thought 😔

Calealen80 | Calealen80

NTA: Wife in OB GYN's office, she'd have told me to go 😱

DueMap4190 | DueMap4190

NTA prioritizes sister's accident over routine pregnancy appointment 😱

DQ608 | DQ608

"Nah. It sucks you missed the appointment, but anxiety can be tough 😫"

Aggressive_Cup8452 | Aggressive_Cup8452

Empathy and understanding in a difficult situation. 💜

ozziejean | ozziejean

NTA, wife should blame mother for not informing her properly 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Comment defends ditching wife's appointment for sister's emergency. NTA 😂

mj-bug | mj-bug

NTA: Commenter shares personal experience and recommends therapy for wife.

life1sart | life1sart

Curious about the timeline? When did you find out it wasn't serious? 🤔

yellowdaisybutter | yellowdaisybutter

Mother's concern for daughter's head injury sparks debate. NAH.

OrcaFins | OrcaFins

Navigating a tough choice between wife and sister 🙏

redrobin1257 | redrobin1257

NTA. Wife inconvenienced, but sister's injury could be serious 😱

Em4Tango | Em4Tango

Understanding the struggles of a pregnant wife and empathy 🤰

Okmart | Okmart

NTA- Balancing priorities can be tough, especially during emergencies. 💪

clkinsyd | clkinsyd

NTA, tough call but you made the right choice 👍

CurrentPossible2117 | CurrentPossible2117

Understanding the difficult choice and the absence of good options 🙏

namesaretoohardforme | namesaretoohardforme

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