Man Lets Daughter Live in Family Beach House, but Not Stepdaughter 😱 Is He Wrong?

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When a 48-year-old man inherited a sentimental beach house from his grandfather, he never imagined it would cause a rift in his family. Now in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend of seven years, he faces a dilemma involving his daughter Emmy and his stepdaughter Kara. Both girls are 17, but when it comes to the beach house, the father is forced to make a tough decision. 😰🏠

The Beach House Legacy 🏖️

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New Love, New Family 💕

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Kara and Emmy: Not Sisters, but Friends 👭

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Emmy's Summers at the Beach House 🌞

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The Girls' Relationship 🤝

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Kara's Request: Beach House Living 🏠

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Emmy's Counteroffer: Solo Beach House Life 🌊

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The Inheritance Argument 💰

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Accusations of Favoritism 😠

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Relationship Strain and Self-Doubt 😔

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Beach House Dilemma: Fair or Favoritism? 🤔

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, our beach house dad faces accusations of favoritism and a strained relationship with his girlfriend and stepdaughter. With both girls wanting to live in the family beach house, he must decide if he's doing right by his daughter Emmy or if he should reconsider for the sake of fairness and family harmony. 😓💔 Let's see what people think of this beach house conundrum...

NTA. Kara's dad needs to support her financially. 👍

YoshiMob | YoshiMob

NTA for not letting stepdaughter live in family beach house 🏖️

tiny-pest | tiny-pest

"Favoritism? It's called being a father." 🙌

TigerBelmont | TigerBelmont

"NTA. Daughter wants less contact with stepdaughter. Seems reasonable."

Acrobatic_Western739 | Acrobatic_Western739

NTA for not letting stepdaughter live in beach house 😱

MandeeLess | MandeeLess

"NTA - Daughter wants peace and quiet to study and concentrate 📚"

bwhite170 | bwhite170

NTA. OP prioritizes family over non-relative. Legally, stepdaughter is tenant. 👍

GJammy | GJammy

Is it fair for him to prioritize his biological daughter's inheritance? 🤔

Superagent99 | Superagent99

NTA. Daughter should live in inherited house, gf's daughter makes other arrangements 👍

lisavollrath | lisavollrath

NTA favors daughter, warns against marriage without prenup 😱

Hot-Plum-874 | Hot-Plum-874

NTA: Daughter deserves the beach house, not the messy stepdaughter 😱

Short-Classroom2559 | Short-Classroom2559

INFO: Can both girls comfortably share the beach house? 🏖️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, OP has no obligation to help stepdaughter. 😱

adxcs | adxcs

INFO: What are the 'different lifestyles'? NTA for favoring daughter. 👍

Wishiwashome | Wishiwashome

Potential consequences of favoring daughter over stepdaughter 😱

Intrepid_Potential60 | Intrepid_Potential60

OP prioritizes their own child over stepchild, causing resentment 😡

MojoKit_98 | MojoKit_98

NTA but Kara parties while Emmy is introverted. Can't pitch in?

Burtonish | Burtonish

Property rights dilemma: NTA for excluding stepdaughter from beach house 🤷‍♂️

LavishnessNo3139 | LavishnessNo3139

NTA: It's not your responsibility to pay for a stepchild's education 😱

u-patrcat | u-patrcat

NTA. Different situations, but girlfriend wants equal opportunities for daughters. 🤔

bluest828 | bluest828

NTA: Daughter wants to live alone in beach house, consider pre-nup.

Only_Chicken_1467 | Only_Chicken_1467

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