Dad Ditches Dinner Party to Get 5-Year-Old McDonald's 🍔🍟: Hero or Jerk?

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Imagine being invited to a dinner party, only to find out that your 5-year-old isn't a fan of the fancy menu. One dad (26M) found himself in this predicament when he, his wife (29F), and their son (5M) were invited to a friend's house for dinner. The host, a strict dieter and excellent cook, served up salmon with quinoa and arugula. But when the little guy wasn't feeling the meal, Dad decided to take matters into his own hands and fetch a Happy Meal from McDonald's. Was he right to prioritize his son's happiness, or did he cross a line? 🍔🍟🤔

Fancy Dinner Party Invitation 🍽️

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

A History of Delicious Meals 🍲

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

Tonight's Menu: Salmon, Quinoa, and Arugula 🐟

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

Not Loving the Fancy Food 😕

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

No Kid Food in the House 🚫

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

Wife Says Son Will Be Fine 🤷

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

Dad's Solution: McDonald's Run 🍔🍟

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

Returning with a Happy Meal 🎉

According_Owl6048 | According_Owl6048

Dinner Winding Down ⏳

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A Hiccup in the Night 🌙

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Wife Calls Dad an Ass 🤬

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Dad Defends His Actions 🛡️

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Blaming the Host? 😳

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Offended on Host's Behalf 😤

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Still Stilted After Two Days 📅

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Dad's Happy Meal Run: Right or Wrong? 🍔🍟🤷

So, our dad protagonist found himself in a sticky situation when his 5-year-old son wasn't enjoying the fancy salmon dinner at a friend's house. Dad decided to make a McDonald's run to get his son a Happy Meal, causing a hiccup in the evening and leaving his wife less than pleased. Now, two days later, things are still tense between the couple. Was Dad in the right for prioritizing his son's happiness and hunger, or should he have respected the host's efforts and left the situation alone? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍔🍟🤔

"YTA. Rude to leave for McDonald's during dinner party 😕"

Outrageously_Penguin | Outrageously_Penguin

Dad ditches dinner party for McDonald's: YTA or NAH?

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA - you left a dinner party for McDonald's? Clueless move!"

runaredlight68 | runaredlight68

"YTA. No you don't get up in the middle of dinner and go get Happy Meal. Your kid could have waited until the meal was finished or as your wife said, you could have left earlier and picked up something. Also saying that the friend wasn't \"accommodating\" because they don't keep chicken nuggets and fries available for every random five year old that shows up is rude. They made dinner. That was the dinner they made. You did not indicate ahead of time that there would be food restrictions for your child so they didn't make any accommodations for that. Or that your child prefers traditional \"kid\" food. It's okay for your kid to not enjoy a meal and to wait for an alternative." 😡

sheramom4 | sheramom4

"YTA...... that was extremely rude, and rubbed salt in it bringing fries for a kid you reasonably should know isnt allowed them. In the future you should just keep a small box of nuts, rasins, jerkey, and/or crackers in your vehicle or purse when going over there." 😡

MontanaWildWiman | MontanaWildWiman

Dad disrespects friend's parenting, flexes on him with McDonald's 🍔

whenitrainsitpours4 | whenitrainsitpours4

YTA for leaving dinner party for McDonald's. Rude and selfish. 😡

Ok_Sugar2933 | Ok_Sugar2933

ESH - Leaving mid-meal for McDonald's: rude hosts, rude guest.

bureaucratic_drift | bureaucratic_drift

"NTA. Manners are for making others comfortable. You were a hero."

ScoogyShoes | ScoogyShoes

🍔👨‍👦 Dad leaves dinner party to get McDonald's for picky eater

[deleted] | [deleted]

Hosts could have offered something, but leaving was completely crazy 🍔

periwinkletweet | periwinkletweet

NTA. Dad saves the night by getting McDonald's for cranky toddler 🍔👶

Ok-Yard8084 | Ok-Yard8084

Leaving dinner party for McDonald's: Rude or understandable? 😕

Zestyclose-Egg6211 | Zestyclose-Egg6211

"YTA: No dessert, just McDonald's for the well-behaved kid? 🙄"

Impossible-Moose-842 | Impossible-Moose-842

NTA: Understanding the struggle of a hungry, polite kid 🙏

Suspicious-Call-9291 | Suspicious-Call-9291

No backup food? ESH. Awkward dinner, but NTA for feeding kid.

DeepPossession8916 | DeepPossession8916

"YTA. Dad ditches dinner party for McDonald's 🍔🍟: Manners or rude?"

cheeto_duster22 | cheeto_duster22

Commenter criticizes dad's dinner party and calls him YTA.

karebear387 | karebear387

YTA- Teaching your kid they're the center of the universe 🙄

theferal1 | theferal1

YTA- Left dinner party for McDonald's without asking about alternatives 😒

ThatOneHaitian | ThatOneHaitian

Parenting dilemma: accommodating picky eaters or interrupting dinner party? 🤔

wanderingstorm | wanderingstorm

NTA. Putting your child first, even if unconventional. 👏

JustAnotherSOS | JustAnotherSOS

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