Family Demands New TV After Baby Breaks It: Who's Really at Fault? 😱

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Imagine this: your baby daughter is at her grandparents' house for some quality time, but instead of actually spending time with her, they're glued to their phones and the TV. Next thing you know, the TV is broken, and they're blaming your baby! Now they're demanding you buy them a new one. What would you do? 🤷‍♂️ This is exactly the dilemma one dad is facing, and he's wondering if he's in the wrong for refusing to replace the TV. Let's dive into the story and see what happened. 👀

The Unexpected Call 📞

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Quality Time Gone Wrong 😕

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Baby's Playtime 🎮

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The Excuse 😒

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TV Takes a Tumble 📺

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The Dilemma 🤔

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Not Feeling Responsible 😤

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Clarifications 📝

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Concerns for Baby's Safety 😠

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Taking Action 💪

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Appreciating Advice 🙏

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Who's Really to Blame? 🕵️‍♂️

So, we've got a dad who's understandably upset that his baby daughter was left unsupervised, leading to a broken TV and a potentially dangerous situation. He doesn't think he should have to replace the TV, as it was the family's negligence that led to the incident. But they're insisting he should foot the bill. It's a tricky situation, and opinions are bound to be divided. Let's see what the internet thinks of this debacle... 🍿

Livid over in-laws' negligence with electrical cords endangering baby. NTA. 😱

IamIrene | IamIrene

NTA - Negligence led to TV breakage, lucky no injuries. 🙏

vt2022cam | vt2022cam

NTA: Baby breaks TV, lucky it didn't fall on her. Professional childcare?

Additional_Jaguar_76 | Additional_Jaguar_76

NTA: Don't let these morons watch your child again! 😱

BrewertonFats | BrewertonFats

NTA. Family may have set up a video to scam you. 🤔

nannylive | nannylive

NTA. Family demands new TV after baby breaks it. 🙄

Tossaway8245 | Tossaway8245

Irresponsible family endangers child, demands new TV. 🤦‍♂️

Excellent-Count4009 | Excellent-Count4009

NTA. Baby playing with wires leads to TV disaster. 🙄

AnimeFanatic_9000 | AnimeFanatic_9000

NTA: Baby breaks TV, commenter suggests buying a new one! 😊

ksprairie | ksprairie

NTA: Family demands new TV after baby breaks it 📺

DLCMotroni | DLCMotroni

Judge Judy's ruling: Who's responsible when kids break things? 🤔

Living-Attitude-2786 | Living-Attitude-2786

NTA defends leaving child alone, demands new TV. Drama ensues. 😱

Fearless_Ad1685 | Fearless_Ad1685

🚨 Incompetence and negligence: NTA for prioritizing child safety over TV

DesertSong-LaLa | DesertSong-LaLa

NTA: Buy them a new TV, but never trust them again. 😱

CassieW309 | CassieW309

NTA. Offer an old CRT combo TV/VCR as replacement. Watch out for the VCR! 😱

HedgieTwiggles | HedgieTwiggles

Parents offer to watch daughter, blame TV break on them. NTA

mdthomas | mdthomas

Baby almost crushed by TV! NTA, no more babysitting!

WatchingTellyNow | WatchingTellyNow

NTA: Caregiver negligence, no need to pay for new TV. 😱

cactusruby | cactusruby

Infant breaks TV, parent not at fault. Watch your babies! 😅

StAlvis | StAlvis

NTA! TV accident caused brain damage. Don't buy them anything!

Admirable_Summer_917 | Admirable_Summer_917

NTA! Don't let them babysit again. TV danger! 😱

Deep_Mood_7668 | Deep_Mood_7668

Parent demands new TV after near-death incident with child. 😱

TarzanKitty | TarzanKitty

"Completely NTA. Babysitter's fault. Lucky to avoid ER bill!" 😱

zerostar83 | zerostar83

NTA, adults prioritize TV over child's safety? 😱

DisastrousWeb8112 | DisastrousWeb8112

In-laws' babysitting disaster: NTA, be protective of your child 😱

KartlindWitch | KartlindWitch

NTA: They should be grateful nothing happened to the baby! 😱

Worth-Season3645 | Worth-Season3645

In-laws' TV mishap: NTA, but what other baby dangers lurk? 😱

otaconucf | otaconucf

Responsibility for child's actions debated. Luck prevents injury. 😱

Due-Lab1450 | Due-Lab1450

NTA: Protecting the baby from a TV disaster! 🙌

Klutzy-Prune6734 | Klutzy-Prune6734

NTA: Baby's safety is more important than a TV. 🙅

Scared-Listen6033 | Scared-Listen6033

"If your kid breaks it you buy it" doesn't apply here. 🙄

Fromashination | Fromashination

Adults responsible for child's actions. 👨‍🍳

gringo_pendejo | gringo_pendejo

NTA. Irresponsible babysitters put baby at risk. Trust issues arise. 😱

Future_Ad7811 | Future_Ad7811

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