Roommate Drama: She Wanted Her Boyfriend to Stay, but I Said No! 😲

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Ah, college life! It's all about new experiences, friendships, and... roommate drama? One college freshman found herself in a sticky situation when her roommate asked if her long-distance boyfriend could stay in their shared dorm room for three nights. With exams looming and the need for personal space, our protagonist had to make a tough decision. But was she in the wrong? Let's dive into the story and find out! 🎓🛏️😬

The Roommate and Her Boyfriend

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Previous Visits

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Sharing a Room

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The New Request

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Standing My Ground

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The Air Mattress Solution?

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Alternative Options

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Her Response

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Tears and Accusations

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Her Offer

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My Final Word

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The Verdict: Was She Wrong?

So, our protagonist found herself in a tough spot, torn between her roommate's emotional plea and her own need for personal space and study time during exams. 😓 She stood her ground and suggested alternatives, but her roommate wasn't having it. With tears and accusations flying, was our protagonist really in the wrong for not wanting to share her dorm room with her roommate's boyfriend for three nights? 🤔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

"NTA. Dorm rooms aren't designed for overnight guests. Get a hotel!"

Ok_Childhood_9774 | Ok_Childhood_9774

NTA. Dorm room comfort matters. 18-year-olds should have their own rooms! 😲

Mr_Ham_Man80 | Mr_Ham_Man80

NTA. Boyfriend should pay for hotel, not kick out roommate.

Ajstross | Ajstross

Roommate wants boyfriend to stay, but OP sets boundaries. 😲

anitarielleliphe | anitarielleliphe

"NTA. If she kicks up a fuss, take it to your RA or your residency office." 💪

HedgieTwiggles | HedgieTwiggles

NTA- College rules, her problem. Stick to your rights! 😲

lyrical_llama | lyrical_llama

Stand your ground! Your dorm, your rules. No hotel-hopping allowed. 💪

BlueOSean22 | BlueOSean22

NTA - Dorms aren't hotels. Set your boundaries and stand firm! 🙌

princessbeatrix1923 | princessbeatrix1923

Setting boundaries is crucial. Don't let manipulation ruin your peace. 🙏

BubblyAd6320 | BubblyAd6320

NTA, escalate to get a new room or roommate. 👍

elaboratebacon | elaboratebacon

"NTA. Your dorm room, your rules. They can find alternatives."

verminiusrex | verminiusrex

NTA! Roommate wants to kick you out for her boyfriend! 😲

Starzendz | Starzendz

Roommate wants boyfriend to stay, but NTA says no! 😲

shammy_dammy | shammy_dammy

Setting boundaries in your own space is justified 👍

IcyPop5028 | IcyPop5028

"NTA she is breaking campus rules for some mooch. 😲 Report them!"

bendytoepilot | bendytoepilot

Stand your ground! It's your home, not a hotel! 💪

Adagio_4_Strings | Adagio_4_Strings

Roommate needs to find an adult solution, not exploit your kindness. 🙌

joe-lefty500 | joe-lefty500

You stood your ground! NTA for not letting her boyfriend stay. 👏

No-Accountant3744 | No-Accountant3744

NTA: Roommate needs to respect boundaries and find another place.

AppropriateSail4 | AppropriateSail4

Stand your ground, it's your home too! 🙌

BackcountryBabe | BackcountryBabe

Set boundaries: Get your own place or sleep elsewhere! 😲

justmeandmycoop | justmeandmycoop

Stand your ground! Roommate drama can strain friendships. 😲

ccarrieandthejets | ccarrieandthejets

NTA! Set boundaries and let her deal with it. 😲

dannyjeanne | dannyjeanne

NTA - Stand your ground and prioritize your own comfort! 💪

SunshineShoulders87 | SunshineShoulders87

Stand your ground! It's YOUR room! 💪

376786 | 376786

NTA. No overnight guests in your dorm room. Period. 🙌

Next-Wishbone1404 | Next-Wishbone1404

Setting boundaries with roommates during exam period 😔

throwawayguy755 | throwawayguy755

Stand your ground! 🛏️ Don't let her guilt trip you.


Roommate wants her boyfriend to stay, but I said no! NTA 😊

No_Revolution_6186 | No_Revolution_6186

Roommate drama! NTA, but roommate is being unreasonable. 😲

ZombieBait2 | ZombieBait2

"NTA, stand up for yourself! Talk to the RA about it. 😊"

FeralHag420 | FeralHag420

NTA: Dorm drama! Age gap and hotel bookings, who's the a**hole?

Queasy-Assistant8661 | Queasy-Assistant8661

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