Mom's 'Generosity' Backfires: Niblings Refuse to Visit and Siblings Ban Her 😱

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We all know that one person who takes their generosity a little too far, but this mom's 'sharing' habit has her family up in arms. She's always been a minimalist and enjoys giving things away, but lately, she's been taking it to the extreme. Her actions have caused her grandchildren, or 'niblings,' to refuse to visit her, and her own children have banned her from their homes. It seems her good intentions have gone awry, but can this family find a way to resolve the conflict? 🤔💔

Mom's Minimalist Ways

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Sharing Gone Too Far

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Taking from Family Members

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Niblings' Reluctance to Visit

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Banned from Brothers' Homes

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Confronting Mom

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Niblings Choose Dad's House

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The Reason Behind Their Choice

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Mom's Heartbreak

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Niblings' Dilemma

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A Plea for Help

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The Brutal Truth

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Willing to Confront

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Family Torn Apart by Mom's 'Ethical' Actions 😢

This mom's 'generous' habit of giving away her family's belongings has left her grandchildren refusing to visit her and her own children banning her from their homes. Her good intentions have turned into a family nightmare, as she believes she's acting ethically and kindly. The niblings are torn between their love for their grandma and their unwillingness to have their personal belongings taken away. With the family in turmoil, it's up to the original poster to confront their mom once again and try to mend the broken relationships. Will the truth set them free or deepen the rift? 💔😥

"NTA. Stealing from your own family? Unacceptable! Report her! 😱"

FragrantEconomist386 | FragrantEconomist386

"Mom's 'generosity' has damaged relationships with her children and grandchildren" 😱

sbinjax | sbinjax

NTA. Setting boundaries with a manipulative mom. 😱

owls_and_cardinals | owls_and_cardinals

Commenter calls out mother's unethical behavior and suggests mental illness 😱

MerryMoose923 | MerryMoose923

NTA. Mom's 'generosity' may be a sign of deeper issues 🤔

Trevena_Ice | Trevena_Ice

NTA: Siblings should have called her out on her theft 😱

similar_name4489 | similar_name4489

Do what's best for the niblings, you're not an a**hole 👍

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Mom's 'generosity' causes chaos. NTA calls out her unhinged behavior 😱

Greedy_Ad5858 | Greedy_Ad5858

NTA. Mom's 'generosity' is actually cruelty and theft 😱

JMarchPineville | JMarchPineville

Family intervention needed to address mom's 'generosity' and boundary issues 😱


Commenter calls out mom's abusive behavior, advocates therapy. 😱

Ok_Expression7723 | Ok_Expression7723

NTA's 'bizarre' guilt trip backfires, siblings threaten legal action 😱

74Magick | 74Magick

NTA: Relative's distorted generosity leads to family banishment. Consequences needed! 😱

Firm-Molasses-4913 | Firm-Molasses-4913

NTA: Mom's 'generosity' goes too far, siblings ban her 😱

gotfanfiction | gotfanfiction

Mom's 'generosity' causes family rift. NTA for setting boundaries. 👏

Heart2001 | Heart2001

Mom's 'generosity' turns her into a 'robbing hood' stealing from kids 😱

molewarp | molewarp

Bluntly addressing mom's behavior to stop it. NTA! 🙌

FitOrFat-1999 | FitOrFat-1999

Sibling rivalry at its finest, with a twist of cowardice 😱

MapleLeaf5410 | MapleLeaf5410

NTA. Comment highlights the ethical concerns and potential mental illness.

CarlaThinks | CarlaThinks

NTA - Mother's 'Robin Hood' complex strains relationships 🤷‍♀️

Timely_Egg_6827 | Timely_Egg_6827

NTA. Honest communication is key. Don't feel guilty. 💪

friendlily | friendlily

Mom's kleptomania ruins family visits and relationships 😱

Shoddy-Theory | Shoddy-Theory

"Mom, no one wants to visit with you because you're a hypocritical thief and they know you'd rather steal from them than treat them like family who is cared about. Everyone is sick of your behavior. Stop this or shut the F up." 😱

Dipping_My_Toes | Dipping_My_Toes

Helping niblings reconnect with mom. YWNBTA. 👍

Auntie-Mam69 | Auntie-Mam69

Mom's 'generosity' causes family rift. Reverse klepto needs therapy. 😱

groovymama98 | groovymama98

Commenter questions woman's mental state and criticizes her actions.

NetAccomplished7099 | NetAccomplished7099

Addicted to giving things away, even loved ones' belongings 😱

lmag11 | lmag11

NTA. Mom's compulsive disorder causes family tension. Suggest evaluation for OCD.

Lily_May | Lily_May

Outrage over mom's unethical behavior and stealing from kids 😱

anonymous_for_this | anonymous_for_this

"Confronting a Thief: Demanding Accountability and Rebuilding Trust" 😱

ArcanaeumGuardianAWC | ArcanaeumGuardianAWC

Commenter relates article to favorite TV show episode. NTA!

Thismarno | Thismarno

NTA: Grandma's 'generosity' is just a disguise for her thievery. 😱

Cursd818 | Cursd818

Kindness hurts, but necessary for mom to hear and change 😢

thefinalhex | thefinalhex

Commenter questions mom's behavior, OP explains possible reason. 🤔

Comfortable-Focus123 | Comfortable-Focus123

Mom's behavior alienates family. Time for her to seek help 🙏

justmeandmycoop | justmeandmycoop

Mom's 'generosity' backfires, siblings ban her. NTA calls her thief. 😱

Excellent-Count4009 | Excellent-Count4009

NTA. 'Generosity' turns into theft. Missing out on grandkids. 😱

Panaccolade | Panaccolade

NTA. Don't give away other people's belongings 😱

Mysterious-System680 | Mysterious-System680

Defending mom's right to help, but siblings should step up 👏

MaxSpringPuma | MaxSpringPuma

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