Woman's 'Free Bleeding' at In-Laws' House Sparks Outrage 😲

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Imagine being at a family gathering, and suddenly, a controversial decision turns the entire event upside down. One woman's choice to practice 'free bleeding' at her mother-in-law's house has left the family in disarray. For those who don't know, free bleeding is when someone chooses not to wear any form of protection during their period, allowing the blood to flow freely. The protagonist in this story claims she has no other choice due to painful periods and allergies to pads. But her MIL is far from understanding, and the situation quickly spirals out of control. 😵

The Free Bleeding Explanation 🩸

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Painful Periods and Allergies 😖

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Limited Cloth Pad Supply 😬

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Desperate Measures 🚨

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Using Her Own Towels 🛌

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MIL's Furious Reaction 😡

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Washing Machine Woes 🧺

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The Breaking Point 🤯

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Husband on Damage Control 🚧

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Willing to Replace Sheets 🛏️

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Dreading the Drive Home 🚗

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Caught Between Health and Decorum 😓

So here we are, with a woman caught between her health and her mother-in-law's expectations. She's tried to minimize the impact of her free bleeding by using her own towels and offering to replace any damaged sheets, but her MIL remains furious. With her husband doing his best to manage the situation, she's left wondering if she's truly in the wrong or if she's just trying to take care of herself. Let's see what the internet has to say about this messy predicament... 🤔

"YTA. Spilling biohazard in someone's home? Absolutely wild." 😲

drdoggiemom | drdoggiemom

"YTA. Should've been more prepared. Respect your MiL's home." 😲

Wandering_aimlessly9 | Wandering_aimlessly9

YTA. Outrage over 'free bleeding' at in-laws' house 😲

heatherhobbit | heatherhobbit

"YTA-if you want to free bleed, that's fine, just do it in your own home. It is disgusting to do it in someone else's home. It is rude and inconsiderate of you." 💩

amesve | amesve

"YTA. Carrying a bloody towel around at a family event? 😲"

sheramom4 | sheramom4

"YTA. Periods should be treated like any other bodily fluid." 😲

Natural_Garbage7674 | Natural_Garbage7674

Woman's 'Free Bleeding' at In-Laws' House Sparks Outrage 😲

MushroomItchy7180 | MushroomItchy7180

"Soft YTA. It's not super sanitary. Respect others' comfort too." 😲

Fairmount1955 | Fairmount1955

YTA for 'free bleeding' on someone's furniture. 😲

Harukogirl | Harukogirl

"YTA. Period panties are a game-changer! Super cute options! 😍"

Accomplished_Area311 | Accomplished_Area311

YTA for free bleeding in someone else's house 😲

NaughtyAngel1212 | NaughtyAngel1212

Concerned commenter advises OP to consult with OB/GYN before pregnancy 😲

Subrosianite | Subrosianite

"Yes you are the a**hole for free bleeding in someone else's home. You have washable pads! Use them, wash them. By now Amazon could've delivered more. Cut some cotton or flannel strips, something. I've had to improvise-so have most women, it's not that complicated." 😳

SuspiciousZombie788 | SuspiciousZombie788

"YTA. Options exist. Their house, their rules. You rebel."

btiddy519 | btiddy519

Sympathy for OP's painful situation, but long-term solutions needed 😲

everellie | everellie

MIL outraged by 'free bleeding' guest; hygiene concerns and birthdays

Haunting-Juice983 | Haunting-Juice983

Guest's 'free bleeding' at in-laws' house sparks outrage 😱

Housing99 | Housing99

Guest's intentional 'free bleeding' sparks outrage and consequences 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA, as someone who free bleeds. I know that if my flow is heavy enough to leak through my clothes, I need to have something INSIDE my clothes and invisible to others to stop the blood. I'm also heavily allergic to pads and tampons and cannot take medicine to help the reaction so I get the discomfort. But you and your husband had more than enough time to go get something you can use. Shoot, you could have asked his mom and she probably would have been happier to do that than see a bloody towel everywhere." 💉🩸

Hatefulromantic | Hatefulromantic

YTA: Staining, hygiene, and attention-seeking - a messy situation 😲

Cndwafflegirl | Cndwafflegirl

"YTA. You can't do this at someone else's house." 😲

onehundredpetunias | onehundredpetunias

YTA - Go home when you start your cycle early 😲

JenninMiami | JenninMiami

Prep better for free bleeding, consider period panties or pants! 👍

meggnugget | meggnugget

YTA for 'free bleeding' at in-laws' house. Gross and unsanitary 🤮

caryn1477 | caryn1477

Guest's 'free bleeding' sparks debate on natural bodily functions 🤮

Weird_Pirate | Weird_Pirate

Reusable cloth pads or adult diapers are better alternatives. YTA.

Sharp_Barnacle9451 | Sharp_Barnacle9451

YTA: Drive home! Your husband can take the bus later 🚗

deepwood41 | deepwood41

Guest's 'free bleeding' sparks outrage. YTA for being unprepared. 😲

Ok_Register3005 | Ok_Register3005

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