Bride's Wedding Hijacked by Sister-in-Law's Baptism Request 😱💒

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Imagine planning your dream wedding, only to have your sister-in-law (SIL) try to hijack the ceremony with her own agenda. That's what happened to one bride, who faced a shocking demand from her fiancé's sister. The Golden Child of the family, this SIL wanted to baptize her daughter during the couple's wedding ceremony! 😲 The bride, of course, had her own reasons for refusing the request, but that didn't stop the drama from unfolding. 💥

The Golden Child's Demands 🌟

SiennaCinnabar | SiennaCinnabar

Wedding Planning Takes a Turn 🔄

SiennaCinnabar | SiennaCinnabar

Priest Already on Board? 😳

SiennaCinnabar | SiennaCinnabar

Bride's Reasons for Refusal 🚫

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SIL's Justifications 🤔

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Fiancé's Support 💪

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The Compromise Offer 🤝

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SIL's Disappointment 😒

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Wedding Day Drama 🎭

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Years Later, Still Holding a Grudge 😤

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Edit: Husband's Involvement 🤵

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Reception Guest Surprise 🎉

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SIL's Tactics 🐍

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Husband's Support 🛡️

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Narcissistic SIL 🎭

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Bride Stands Her Ground, but Drama Continues 🥊

Despite the bride's refusal and the couple's generous compromise, the drama didn't end there. On the wedding day, the sister-in-law still brought her baby girl, dressed in full white satin lace, and her uninvited friends to the reception. 😠 Years later, the bride continues to face snippy remarks, passive-aggressive comments, and the cold shoulder from her SIL. The husband has stood up for his wife, but their interactions with the narcissistic SIL remain brief and infrequent. The bride wonders if she was in the wrong, but let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔💬

NTA. Epic clap-back shuts down entitled sister-in-law at wedding 😍

sh1tsawantsays | sh1tsawantsays

Ignoring her was the best way to handle the situation! 😊

777joeb | 777joeb

Calmly shut her down and walk away, she's being ridiculous. 😱

empathy10 | empathy10

NTA - Catholic commenters express shock and offense at sister-in-law's request 🤯

jrm1102 | jrm1102

Plan a vow renewal at SIL's child's wedding. Brilliant idea! 😂

Desert_Jellyfish | Desert_Jellyfish

NTA. SIL hijacked wedding, mooched off you, and brought extra guests.

FourLeafClover1997 | FourLeafClover1997

Avoid the drama queen SIL and keep your distance. 🙅‍♀️

ed_lv | ed_lv

SIL's baptism stunt stole the spotlight 💒

Reasonable-Sale8611 | Reasonable-Sale8611

SIL tries to hijack wedding for baptism, blames bride. 🤯

Asleep_Koala_3860 | Asleep_Koala_3860

"Bride's sister-in-law is a spotlight-stealing drama queen! 😱"

Basilsainttsadface | Basilsainttsadface

NTA. Your sil is terrifying! She hijacked your wedding! 😱💒

LunaDust88 | LunaDust88

Accommodating her was a mistake! Don't encourage unreasonable requests 🙅

synchrohighway | synchrohighway

SIL's baptism request hijacks bride's wedding. NTA calls out!

I_Will_in_Me_Hole | I_Will_in_Me_Hole

NTA! Invoice her for the additional guests and time-loss! 😱

Mini_Godzilla | Mini_Godzilla

NTA: Shut her down with a special baby celebration! 💒

LivingTourist5073 | LivingTourist5073

Baptism at a wedding? Bad karma! NTA, look it up 😱

purple_proze | purple_proze

Bride shuts down priest's baptism request at her own wedding! 😱

Suspended_Accountant | Suspended_Accountant

Sister-in-law hijacks wedding for baptism, still rubbing it in. 😱

ChapterPresent4773 | ChapterPresent4773

NTA, but don't let her grudge live rent-free in your brain 😱

atealein | atealein

Church rules would have prevented this baptism hijack 😱

KingSuperJon | KingSuperJon

Piggybacking sister-in-law's baptism request sparks controversy. NTA's response is spicy 😱

ladyteruki | ladyteruki

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