Sister Excluded from Niece's Birthday Party: Sweet Revenge or Justified Payback? 😲

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Family drama alert! 🚨 A 32-year-old mom shared her story about her 16-year-old daughter's birthday party that turned into a family feud. The daughter, who was extremely close to her aunt (23f), was left heartbroken when she wasn't invited to the aunt's childfree wedding. Fast forward to the daughter's birthday party, and guess who didn't get an invite? That's right, the aunt! Now, the mom is questioning if she's in the wrong for allowing her daughter to exclude her sister from the celebration. 🎉🤔

Aunt's Childfree Wedding 💒

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Broken Promises 😢

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Birthday Party Time 🎂

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Aunt's Reaction 😡

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Sister vs. Sister 💥

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Mom's Response 🗣️

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Party Success 🎉

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Doubts Creeping In 😕

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Edit: Wedding Wildness 🍾

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Family Torn Apart by Party Politics 🎈

This mom is left questioning her decision after her sister's passive-aggressive behavior. The daughter, who was heartbroken by her aunt's childfree wedding, decided to leave her aunt off the guest list for her 16th birthday party. The aunt is now upset, claiming the mom is letting her daughter punish her for having the wedding she wanted. The mom wonders if she's in the wrong, but can't help but think her sister should have known the consequences of her actions. 🤷 Let's see what the internet has to say about this family drama...

NTA - Your sister excluded your daughter from a milestone event 😲

Irrasible | Irrasible

NTA - Daughter's hurt feelings are valid. Sister needs to recognize.

jrm1102 | jrm1102

NTA. Your daughter is 16, not 4. Actions have consequences. 😲

YesPleaseDont | YesPleaseDont

NTA - Supporting daughter's boundary, consequences for sister's actions 👏

lukeiamyourfarther | lukeiamyourfarther

Daughter excludes sister from birthday party after being excluded from wedding. 😲

bmyst70 | bmyst70

NTA: Sister needs to "get over it" like your daughter 😲

Individual_Soft_9373 | Individual_Soft_9373

NTA: Sister faced consequences for her actions. 👏

dublos | dublos

"NTA. Exclusion from family event can leave lasting emotional scars. 😢"

Msmediator | Msmediator

Golden rule: NTA's revenge or justified payback? 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. Similar situation happened to me. It's unfair and frustrating!"

Bubbly_Satisfaction2 | Bubbly_Satisfaction2

NTA: Sister's hypocrisy exposed in childish birthday party drama. 😲

Dittoheadforever | Dittoheadforever

NTA. Sister will eventually get over it. 😊

thistreestands | thistreestands

NTA: Sister learns the hard way about fairness and priorities! 😲

NotThisAgain234 | NotThisAgain234

Fair exclusion at niece's party sparks justified payback. 😲

NormalMatter7323 | NormalMatter7323

Excluding a 16-year-old niece from a wedding? NTA for revenge.

MaggieMae68 | MaggieMae68

Daughter's birthday, sister's revenge: justified or sweet payback? 😲

t_gammatolerans | t_gammatolerans

NTA: Sister's choice, daughter's choice. Revenge or justified payback?

Spotzie27 | Spotzie27

No a**holes at the birthday party! Sister needs to chill 😎

Existential_Turnip | Existential_Turnip

NTA...sister will eventually get over it. 😲

MundaneInhaler | MundaneInhaler

NTA - Celebrate your daughter's party, your sister had her wedding

NickelmacGamer | NickelmacGamer

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