🍷 Friends Outraged by No-Alcohol Rule at Game Night! 🎲

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When one woman (37f) decided to host a game night at her house, she never imagined it would lead to a full-blown friendship feud! With a history of alcoholism in her family, she's maintained a strict no-alcohol policy in her home for 15 years. But when it was her turn to host the monthly game night, not everyone was on board with her alcohol-free rules. 🚫🍷

The No-Alcohol Rule

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The Monthly Game Night

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Her Turn to Host

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Not Everyone Agrees

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Accusations Fly

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Her Response

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The Argument Escalates

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Taking Sides

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Considering Withdrawing

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Cultural Norms

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Defending Her Boundaries

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Her Struggle with Alcohol

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Her Alcohol-Free Sanctuary

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The Fear of Slipping

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Finding Her Safe Place

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The Great Game Night Debate 🥤 vs. 🍻

As the argument over her no-alcohol rule at game night continues, friends are taking sides and tensions are rising. Some argue that she's defying cultural norms by not allowing alcohol at her event, while others defend her right to set boundaries in her own home. The woman at the center of the controversy fears that allowing alcohol in her home could threaten her hard-won sobriety. With her safe space on the line, will she stand her ground or give in to the pressure? 🏠🍸

NTA for enforcing no-alcohol rule. Stand your ground, get new friends 😎

Gattina1 | Gattina1

🚫 NTA. Society's drinking norm met with fear, anger, and derision.

Resident_Pomelo_1337 | Resident_Pomelo_1337

NTA. No-alcohol rule at game night causes outrage and backlash. 😱

anysizesucklingpigs | anysizesucklingpigs

NTA. Engaging discussion on hosting a dry game night.

Existing_Fox_6317 | Existing_Fox_6317

NTA: Set boundaries in your home, friends should respect your choices 👍

Deep_Royal_8906 | Deep_Royal_8906

NTA. Your house, your rules. Discuss options with the group.

insomnicoma | insomnicoma

"NTA. Your house, your rules. I'm sober too. 👍"

Mz_Chando | Mz_Chando

Friends clash over no-alcohol rule at game night! 🍷🍻

maeryclarity | maeryclarity

NTA for no-alcohol rule, but the 'can't go X hours without a drink' argument is silly 🏈

Kirstemis | Kirstemis

Outrage over no-alcohol rule at game night, host's personal struggle explained 😱

Any_Issue3003 | Any_Issue3003

Finding a compromise when alcohol is a party essential 🤔

Odd_Championship3571 | Odd_Championship3571

🚫 Sober host sets alcohol-free rule, friends disrespect sobriety. NTA

jrm1102 | jrm1102

NTA for wanting an alcohol-free game night. Find a new group! 🙌

EconomyReference3193 | EconomyReference3193

Hosting an event with no alcohol? YTA according to comment.

crashfrog02 | crashfrog02

ESH. Reddit hates no-alcohol rule, but host should've discussed it.

TrulyEve | TrulyEve

Skip hosting, let others take charge. NTA, no worries! 👍

Pale_Height_1251 | Pale_Height_1251

No booze? No problem! NTA calls out alcohol-dependent fun-seekers. 🍷

ShowUsYaNungas | ShowUsYaNungas

Stand your ground! Find new friends who respect you 🙌

Fear_The_Rabbit | Fear_The_Rabbit

NTA. Your house, your rules! They need to respect that 🏠

sweet_swiftie | sweet_swiftie

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