Ex-Friend Demands Service Dog Be Left Outside, But What Happens Next Will Leave You Speechless 😲

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We all know that service dogs are essential for many people with disabilities, but what happens when a so-called friend doesn't understand the importance of these amazing animals? One woman with epilepsy found herself in a heated conflict when her friend, Anna, demanded that her service dog, Bailey, be left outside during a gathering. Little did they know, this decision would have serious consequences. 😳🐶

Doubting the Service Dog 🤨

throwaway9876402 | throwaway9876402

The Seizure Struggle 😔

throwaway9876402 | throwaway9876402

Games Night Gone Wrong 😠

throwaway9876402 | throwaway9876402

A Forced Compromise 🤐

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A Dangerous Outcome 😨

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Anna Gets Called Out 😡

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The Aftermath 📱

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Update: NTA 🙌

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A Bittersweet Victory 🏆

In the end, it's clear that our protagonist isn't in the wrong. Her so-called friend Anna's ignorance and insensitivity led to a dangerous situation, and her friend group rightfully called her out. Now, with Anna and her family blocked, our heroine can finally move on and surround herself with people who understand and respect her needs. 🥳🐶

NTA. Friend's deplorable behavior sparks support and backlash from group.

archaeologistbarbie | archaeologistbarbie

NTA! She caused harm and deserves to pay the bill 😲

EleriTMLH | EleriTMLH

"NTA. Compromised, got hurt, friend blamed you. AH is Anna."

robbyrandall | robbyrandall

Ex-friend berates OP for having a service dog, accusing faking seizures. NTA.

Snarky_but_Nice | Snarky_but_Nice

NTA, inform your friends about the harassment to reassure them.

Due-Yoghurt4916 | Due-Yoghurt4916

NTA. Friends roast Anna for demanding service dog be left outside 😲

dinglepumpkin | dinglepumpkin

NTA: Life-saving support vs. insensitive demands 😲

PlateNo7021 | PlateNo7021

NTA and friends support, block her and her family 👍

wai_chopped_liver | wai_chopped_liver

NTA! Your friend is the AH. Keep Bailey by your side 💕

freshlybakedbird | freshlybakedbird

Block Anna and her family. She is dangerous and drama.

AlienBeingMe | AlienBeingMe

NTA! Hope your head is okay! Extra Bailey cuddles 🥹💕🐶

One-Quirky-Wolverine | One-Quirky-Wolverine

NTA: Friend gets what she deserves for her toxic behavior 😲

solitarybydesign | solitarybydesign

"Ignore her ableist ass. NTA" - Don't doubt yourself, you're justified! 👏

greenMintCow | greenMintCow

NTA! Your service dog is essential. Anna and her family are clueless 😒

Foxy_locksy1704 | Foxy_locksy1704

Bailey, the service dog, can detect seizures and give warnings 🐶

ajkeence99 | ajkeence99

Block the trash and leave her in the dust 👍

CharacterDiscount423 | CharacterDiscount423

NTA: Accommodating ignorance, risking health, and Anna's self-inflicted consequences. 😲

swordmaster006 | swordmaster006

Defending the service dog against ignorant ex-friend 💪

FortuneTellingBoobs | FortuneTellingBoobs

NTA - Service dogs save lives! 🐶👍

Piper-Anne55 | Piper-Anne55

NTA. Cut toxic friends out of your life 👍

wamimsauthor | wamimsauthor

NTA. Ex-friend demands service dog be left outside. No decency 😡

PNWPainter02 | PNWPainter02

NTA. Respect for service dogs should be a no-brainer 👏

Junior_Ad_7613 | Junior_Ad_7613

NTA shuts down dangerously stupid friend with epic thread link 😲

Incarcer | Incarcer

NTA: Would she complain about a wheelchair? Toxic friend.

skybound128 | skybound128

NTA Ana and her mother need to apologize for their insensitivity 😒

KylieJadaHunter | KylieJadaHunter

Seizure *on purpose?!?* NTA, block Anna and her flying monkeys 😲

JulieB1ggerbear | JulieB1ggerbear

NTA: Stick to your guns and keep your service dog 🐶

stormoverparis | stormoverparis

NTA, block them and file a police report 🚨 for harassment. Do retired service dogs stay with owners? 🤔

propanenightmare69 | propanenightmare69

Anna can kick rocks! Friends defend separation from service dog. 😲

Possible_Thief | Possible_Thief

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