Sister Demands Room Swap Due to Pregnancy, But Is She Being Unreasonable? 🤰🏻🚪

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Imagine this: you're a 17-year-old girl who just had her room freshly painted and new flooring installed. Your 21-year-old sister breaks the news that she's pregnant and now wants to swap rooms with you, claiming it's more convenient for her. You've asked to swap rooms before, but she refused. Now that she's pregnant, she says it's selfish for you not to give in to her request. What would you do? 🤷‍♀️ Let's dive into this family drama and see if we can figure out who's in the right.

Pregnancy Announcement and Room Swap Request 🤰🏻

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The Reasons Behind the Request 🏠

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Comparing the Rooms 🛏️

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Bathroom Situation 🚽

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The Freshly Painted Room 🎨

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Sister Calls Her Selfish 😠

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Standing Her Ground 🚫

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Rent and Room Renovations 💸

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Pregnancy Room Swap Drama: Who's the Real Selfish Sister? 🧐

In this tale of sibling rivalry, a 17-year-old girl is faced with her pregnant sister's demand to swap rooms, claiming it's more convenient for her. The younger sister, however, has just had her room renovated and doesn't want to give it up. She points out that she asked to swap rooms before, but her sister refused. Now that the tables have turned, the pregnant sister is calling her selfish for not giving in. The younger sister is standing her ground, unwilling to swap rooms. So, who's really in the right here? Let's see what the internet has to say about this family feud... 💭

Curious about the timing of her request and your renovations?

thieh | thieh

Sister wants room swap for baby, is OP being unreasonable? 🤰🏻🚪

Pretend-Drive-6098 | Pretend-Drive-6098

"Soft YTA, but let's talk like adults and find a solution." 👍

cin_co | cin_co

NTA suggests sister should move out due to pregnancy, sparking debate.

aholereader | aholereader

"ESH. Sister demands room swap due to pregnancy, but is she being unreasonable? 🤔🤷‍♀️"

Confident-Try20 | Confident-Try20

Curious about the age and ownership of the house 🤔

BrinaGu3 | BrinaGu3

OP YTA. Important context left out. NTA if living alone. 🤰🏻🚪

Blackfyre1999 | Blackfyre1999

Sister wants room swap for baby, but is it reasonable? 🤰🏻

Misstucson | Misstucson

Living with parents: the ultimate room swap dilemma 🤰🏻

speedofaturtle | speedofaturtle

Helpful advice on living with a newborn and bottle feeding 👍

jvc1011 | jvc1011

"Sister wants room swap, but I won't give up my freshly decorated room."

CrazyCat_77 | CrazyCat_77

Negotiate with your parents for incentives to swap rooms. 💪

BreqsCousin | BreqsCousin

Upstairs vs. downstairs: a battle of sleep and wailing 🎙

Caiti42 | Caiti42

"YTA. Selfish sister demands room swap during pregnancy. Hope karma."

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Stand your ground, but prepare for some sleepless nights 🤰🚪

spicylai | spicylai

"YTA. Your sister's reasoning for needing your room is totally reasonable."

Sufficient-Skill6012 | Sufficient-Skill6012

Sister wants room swap due to pregnancy, but is it fair? 🤰🏻🚪

Schlobidobido | Schlobidobido

"NTA. Your sister's selfishness caused unnecessary drama. She refused to swap rooms before, but now demands yours? Convenient."

Outside_Service3339 | Outside_Service3339

NTA for not wanting to swap rooms, but consider future convenience 🤰🏻

Creative-Impact-244 | Creative-Impact-244

Curious about the house owner and baby daddy situation? 🤔

Familiar_Practice906 | Familiar_Practice906

"YTA. Your sister pays rent, you don't. Your post comes off as 'I want, I want, I want' and you are not thinking of the needs of your sister or your future niece/nephew. This whole thing comes off as you being very selfish tbh." 🚪

raidersfan18 | raidersfan18

Safety concerns for baby's room swap, sister's rude request.

1MoreOpinionWontHurt | 1MoreOpinionWontHurt

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