Sleep-Deprived Wife Demands Help with Night Feedings, Husband Refuses 😴🍼

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Parenting is tough, especially when it comes to sleepless nights and endless feedings. One couple is facing a dilemma: the wife, who's on maternity leave, is struggling with sleep deprivation due to night feedings, while the husband works an office job and needs to be well-rested. The wife has asked her hubby to help with night feedings, but he's standing his ground and refusing. Is he being fair, or should he step up and help his sleep-deprived wife? 🤔💤

The Baby Care Arrangement 📝

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Dividing Responsibilities ⚖️

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Sharing the Load? 🤔

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Wife's Plea for Help 😩

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Husband's Refusal 🙅‍♂️

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Napping Solution? 😴

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Sticking to His Guns 🔫

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Pre-arranged Agreement 📃

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Sleep Deprivation Showdown: Who's Right? 😵

In this tale of sleep-deprived parents, the wife is begging for help with night feedings, but the husband insists he can't do more than he already does. He suggests she take naps when he's home, but she's not used to napping. The couple had agreed on their baby care arrangement beforehand, but now the wife is struggling with sleep deprivation and wants her husband to step up. The husband, however, is standing his ground. So, who's right in this sleep-deprived showdown? 💤🥊 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

"If you go to work tired, you do your job a little worse - if I'm too tired to do my job (taking care of their baby) then a life is in jeopardy." 💤

OldFix7171 | OldFix7171

"YTA. She's taking care of the baby all day and night? Welcome to having a baby - nobody should be getting multiple full nights of sleep at the expense of the other. Plus, hormones and recovery. 🤷🎶"

MbMinx | MbMinx

Sleep-deprived wife needs uninterrupted sleep and time to heal. YTA.

earofjudgment | earofjudgment

Engaging comment and advice on adjusting parenting expectations and finding solutions 👍

Acceptable-Stress861 | Acceptable-Stress861

"YTA As a father of two children, I got up in the middle of the night to do such things. I would be with them until they fell asleep. I would get up at night and sleep on the floor with my arm in the crib touching my daughter until she calmed down and fell asleep. I too am a deep sleeper. Marriage is not about keeping track who does what. It's about give-and-take. Your wife is asking you for help." Engaging and supportive comments and replies! 👏

mroffthestreet01234 | mroffthestreet01234

"YTA - New mom asks for help, tired dad refuses 😴🍼"

chonkychels | chonkychels

"Sleep exhaustion is f**king horrible" 😴💔 Prioritize your partner's health!

whatev88 | whatev88

"YTA. Sleeping in 2 hour blocks is a KILLER." 💤💀

tomtink1 | tomtink1

INFO: Wife's sleep vs husband's sleep - who's more tired? 😴

pinpoe | pinpoe

Refusing help? YTA. Real partners find a way to help 👭

Practical_Macaron778 | Practical_Macaron778

Sleep-deprived wife needs rest and healing after childbirth. YTA 😴

janie017 | janie017

"YTA. If you didn't want to be awake in the middle of the night, why on Earth did you have a baby????? It doesn't matter one bit that you 'need to be well rested.' So does she as she recovers from birth and spends all day caring for a baby without losing her mind. Maternity leave is not sitting around - it's a full-time job plus a second full-time job, plus an overnight job rolled into one. Get up and take half the night feeds. It took both of you to make this baby, and it is going to take both of you to care for it (including at night)." 💤👶

vikingthundergoddess | vikingthundergoddess

"YTA for treating your wife like an enemy 😴🍼"

Lolabird2112 | Lolabird2112

Commenter calls out OP for downplaying the challenges of parenting 😴

Confident_Station_49 | Confident_Station_49

Sleep-deprived wife needs help, husband's inflexible response causes conflict. YTA

KaliTheBlaze | KaliTheBlaze

"YTA - She needs help too. Your language is appalling!" 😴

sashaopinion | sashaopinion

Sleep-deprived wife demands help with night feedings, husband refuses 😴🍼 Caption: Wife's sleep deprivation vs husband's work demands 🤷‍♀️

Bestcliche26 | Bestcliche26

"YTA. It's not fair that the mom is constantly suffering. 😴🍼"

LRGinCharge | LRGinCharge

Sleep deprivation is torture. Help your wife and both thrive! 😴🍼

pickledpanda7 | pickledpanda7

"YTA. Help your wife or PPD will kick in! 😴🍼"

czndra67 | czndra67

Parenting is give and take, not a 50-50 arrangement 😴🍼

RandomizedNameSystem | RandomizedNameSystem

"YTA. She's desperate for help. Help your f**kin wife dude."

HeliumTankAW | HeliumTankAW

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