Girlfriend Shuts Down 'Alpha-Male' Boyfriend's Job Snobbery 😱🔥

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Sometimes, people need a reality check, especially when they start looking down on others. A 19-year-old girl moved to the US for university and began dating a 21-year-old guy who dropped out of school to start a drop shipping business. He's making decent money, but his attitude has become unbearable, as he considers himself an 'alpha-male' and looks down on anyone who earns less than him. After a particularly nasty comment about a coworker, the girlfriend decided to put him in his place. But did she go too far? 😬🤷‍♀️

The Beginning of a Love Story 🥰

Playful_Machine5275 | Playful_Machine5275

Dropping Out for Drop Shipping 💼

Playful_Machine5275 | Playful_Machine5275

A Concerned Girlfriend's Advice 🙏

Playful_Machine5275 | Playful_Machine5275

Waitressing and Tipping 💰

Playful_Machine5275 | Playful_Machine5275

Boyfriend's Business Success 📈

Playful_Machine5275 | Playful_Machine5275

The Terrible Attitude 😒

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The 'Alpha-Male' 🦁

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A Fight Breaks Out 😠

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The Insensitive Comment 🤬

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Berating an Elderly Woman 😤

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Girlfriend's Clap Back 💥

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The Aftermath 😢

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A Heartfelt Plea 🥺

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Living Comfortably, But at What Cost? 🏠

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A Reality Check or Too Harsh? 🤔

The girlfriend couldn't take her boyfriend's snobbish attitude any longer, so she decided to put him in his place. She revealed that the elderly woman he was mocking was actually a multi-millionaire who founded the restaurant chain. This revelation left the boyfriend in tears, but it raises the question: was she too harsh, or did he need a reality check? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭📲

NTA: Girlfriend stands up to 'alpha-male' boyfriend's job snobbery 😱

Prodigal_Lemon | Prodigal_Lemon

NTA - 'Alpha-Male' boyfriend's job snobbery raises red flags 😱

Spiritual_Process_87 | Spiritual_Process_87

NTA. Boyfriend's job snobbery and insecurities exposed 😱🔥

Maximum-Ear1745 | Maximum-Ear1745

Shaming the shamer: NTA shuts down sensitive 'alpha-male' boyfriend 😱

NatashOverWorld | NatashOverWorld

NTA. 'Alpha-Male' boyfriend belittles people, but karma will catch up 😱

Front_Rip4064 | Front_Rip4064

Drop shipping: Scummy or smart? The future of easy money 💰

BruceBannerscucumber | BruceBannerscucumber

Is an 'alpha male' really defined by how he handles emotions? 🤔

Celtedge65 | Celtedge65

Girlfriend shuts down 'alpha-male' boyfriend's job snobbery 😱🔥

40yrMuppet | 40yrMuppet

NTA. Dump the 'alpha-male' dead weight. Rich people don't flaunt.

TheOneAndOnly75 | TheOneAndOnly75

NTA. Boyfriend acts like an 'alpha-male' but can't handle criticism 😱

LonelyOctopus24 | LonelyOctopus24

Classic case of hypocrisy. Can dish it, can't take it.

Final-Toe8403 | Final-Toe8403

Dating an 'alpha-male' with a fragile ego? Time to distance yourself! 😱

mayfeelthis | mayfeelthis

Red flags galore! Time to leave the 'alpha male' behind! 😱

OrneryDandelion | OrneryDandelion

NTA. Don't dish it out if you can't take it 😱

No-Philosopher-9993 | No-Philosopher-9993

NTA shuts down 'alpha-male' boyfriend's job snobbery 😱🔥

nonam31290 | nonam31290

Girlfriend shuts down 'alpha-male' boyfriend's job snobbery. You go, girl! 💪

SnooBeans8816 | SnooBeans8816

NTA shuts down 'alpha male' boyfriend's job snobbery 😱🔥

RidgyFan78 | RidgyFan78

Owning a business isn't all rainbows and unicorns 😱

BlueKante | BlueKante

NTA, but why are you together? Your bf reflects on you 😱

the_waco_kid2020 | the_waco_kid2020

Girlfriend puts 'alpha-male' boyfriend in his place. NTA! 👏

ImGonnaCummmmmm | ImGonnaCummmmmm

Challenging his job snobbery humbles him. NTA! 🙏

notkhaos | notkhaos

Dump the job snob! Find someone who supports your goals 👍

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