Inheritance Drama: Man Refuses to Share $250,000 with Sister Who Chose to Be Adopted 😱💸

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Picture this: your mom passes away when you're young, and your dad remarries. Your new stepmom wants to adopt you and your sister, but you refuse. Years later, your grandparents leave a $250,000 inheritance to their legal grandchildren, and your sister, who chose to be adopted, gets nothing. Should you share the money with her? That's the dilemma one man is facing, and the internet is buzzing with opinions. 🐝💬

Losing Mom and Gaining a Stepmom 😢

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New Stepmom, New Problems 🤦‍♂️

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Sibling Differences 🙄

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Adoption Battle Begins ⚔️

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Judge to the Rescue 🏛️

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The One Ally: Aunt to the Rescue 🦸‍♀️

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Grandparents' Confession 😮

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Inheritance Drama Unfolds 💰

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Sister's Plea for Fairness 🙏

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Jessica's Lack of Connection 🤷‍♀️

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Lucy's Actions 🚫

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Clarifications and Cousins' Decision 📝

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Jessica's Challenge and Ultimatum 💥

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Inheritance Showdown: Will He Share or Not? 🤔💸

After their grandparents pass away, a man and his sister are left to deal with a $250,000 inheritance. The catch? Only the legal grandchildren are entitled to the money, leaving the sister, who chose to be adopted by her stepmom, with nothing. Now, she's pleading for fairness and a share of the inheritance, but her brother is standing firm, arguing that she should seek money from her legal grandparents. As the family drama unfolds, the internet is left to debate: is he being too harsh, or is his stance justified? Let's dive into the top responses and see what people think... 💭🍿

NTA: Family reunites for inheritance, not for love 😱

Logical-Cost4571 | Logical-Cost4571

Grandparents ensured you were covered in their will. NTA. 🙌

Huge_Put8244 | Huge_Put8244

NTA- Upholding grandmother's wishes, OP refuses to share inheritance with sister 💸

judgingA-holes | judgingA-holes

Sibling inheritance drama: Will sister share her portion with commenter?

butterflyinflight | butterflyinflight

Grandparents' decision, your choice. NTA 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, sister chose not to forge relationship with grandparents. 🙅‍♂️

Vivid-Volume6917 | Vivid-Volume6917

NTA: Inheritance drama, sibling wants share, commenter supports your decision 💸

rjhancock | rjhancock

Grandparents knew sister chose adoption, still excluded her from inheritance.

No-Locksmith-8590 | No-Locksmith-8590

Commenter sympathizes with OP's situation, questions sister's motives 🤔

gooseylucyless | gooseylucyless

NTA: Sister chose adoptive family over maternal grandparents' inheritance. 😱

PracticalPrimrose | PracticalPrimrose

Sibling rivalry over inheritance: legal battle looms 🙋🏻

AnsweringLiterally | AnsweringLiterally

Engaging comment and replies: ESH except the sister, let's heal 💜

Milskidasith | Milskidasith

NTA, but grandparents were TA. Sister's rejection caused family rift 😱

FuckUGalen | FuckUGalen

NTA, focus on healing and finding love and happiness 💞

AttimusMorlandre | AttimusMorlandre

NTA for honoring grandparents' wishes, but AH for resenting sister 😱

7965tyujhbmn | 7965tyujhbmn

Sibling rivalry and family drama: A bitter dispute over inheritance 😱

blandboringman | blandboringman

ESH. Sister raised by Lucy, but grudge against birth mother? 🤔

ellieetsch | ellieetsch

NTA. Embrace your inheritance, but be prepared for family fallout.

minimonstret | minimonstret

NTA: No love lost between siblings over inheritance money 💰

Hour_Context_99 | Hour_Context_99

"ESH. Inheritance drama with stubborn siblings and questionable family dynamics."

NewZookeepergame9808 | NewZookeepergame9808

Sibling rivalry and inheritance drama: resentment, hurt, and broken relationships 😱

Ambitious-Writer-825 | Ambitious-Writer-825

INFO: Was it the Grandmother's wish that the money be split between you two? Were they close? Or did the Grandmother knowingly cut her out? Because if you are using a legal rationale to keep the money your Grandma had wished for your sister, you are TA all day long. If the Grandma truly didnt think of her as a relative, then NTA 😕

SkynetMCP | SkynetMCP

NTA: Money talks, and suddenly Jessica wants a piece? 💰

ballroombadass0 | ballroombadass0

Sibling inheritance drama: OP blames sister for adoption, but is it fair?

itsaucesome | itsaucesome

Sister chooses adoption, man refuses to share inheritance. NTA.

Distinct-Taste-1773 | Distinct-Taste-1773

NTA: Sister chose adoption, no inheritance for entitled family deserter 😱💸

gramsknows | gramsknows

Sibling inheritance drama: Abusive dad, unfair distribution, and demanding stepmom 😱💸

Marzipan_Unicorn | Marzipan_Unicorn

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