Drag Queen Boyfriend Shocks Teacher's Colleagues 🎭👠

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Imagine being in a relationship where you're proud of your partner's career, but they ask you to hide it from their colleagues. That's exactly what happened to a 24-year-old drag queen who was invited to his boyfriend's school staff party. The boyfriend, a primary school teacher, asked him to pretend he was just a theater performer. But our fabulous protagonist had other plans! 🌟💅

A Fabulous Love Story 💖

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Two Different Careers 🏫👑

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The Big School Party 🎉

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The Boyfriend's Request 🤐

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Not Embarrassed, Just Worried 😟

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Party Time! 🥳

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The Big Reveal 🎭

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Intrigued Colleagues 🤩

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A Few Side Eyes 👀

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Post-Party Argument 😡

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Standing His Ground 💪

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Proud to Be a Drag Queen 🌈

Our fabulous protagonist was not about to hide who he was for the sake of his boyfriend's image. At the school staff party, he proudly revealed his career as a drag queen, despite his boyfriend's request to keep it under wraps. Most of the colleagues were intrigued and enjoyed the stories he shared. However, this led to a heated argument between the couple, as the boyfriend felt his career could be jeopardized. Our protagonist stood his ground, refusing to pretend to be something he's not. Let's see what the internet thinks of this glittery situation...✨

Engaging caption: Conflicted on revealing drag queen boyfriend's identity, but YTA for not respecting his wishes. 🌈

KimmyKibbles | KimmyKibbles

OP's selfishness jeopardizes boyfriend's professional life and relationship. 🙄

WhenYouAreLost | WhenYouAreLost

YTA for blindsiding your boyfriend at the party 🙄

whoppitydodah | whoppitydodah

YTA disregarded boyfriend's request, risking his career. NAH yet, but tension rising.

[deleted] | [deleted]

"YTA. Your boyfriend's career is at risk because of you."

peppermintvalet | peppermintvalet

👑 Drag Queen Boyfriend's request ignored by OP, causing conflict.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ignoring your drag queen boyfriend's concerns? YTA for sure! 😠

andstillthesunrises | andstillthesunrises

"YTA. He's not disrespectful, just mindful of his own career." 😕

Nebelherrin | Nebelherrin

Choosing honesty over discretion: YTA or NTA? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA, but trust your boyfriend's judgment about his colleagues. 🙅

-salem-moon- | -salem-moon-

YTA for outing your boyfriend and jeopardizing his career 😡

Ok_Trifle_6785 | Ok_Trifle_6785

Ignoring your boyfriend's request? YTA. And attracted a crowd? 💯

naman69247 | naman69247

Teacher faces backlash for bringing drag queen boyfriend to work

BlacksmithMotor2580 | BlacksmithMotor2580

Queer teacher's drag profession shocks boyfriend's conservative colleagues 👠

jtheminipony | jtheminipony

NAH, but discretion is important for his career 👠

km89 | km89

Boyfriend's concerns about societal judgment and work environment tensions.

llamadrama2021 | llamadrama2021

"YTA. 'After me, the flood'. Who cares about consequences? 😒"

bizianka | bizianka

Curious about attending a family wedding in drag? Let's discuss! 😍

gwcommentthrow | gwcommentthrow

Ignoring your boyfriend's work request? YTA! 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH - A missed opportunity for growth and understanding 💔

nbd_i_alreadyreddit | nbd_i_alreadyreddit

Commenter calls out OP for jeopardizing someone's livelihood. 👍

An0nym0usXIII | An0nym0usXIII

YTA for ignoring your boyfriend's request and making it about you 🙄

NervousOperation318 | NervousOperation318

"Ignoring your boyfriend's request was a calculated effort to embarrass him" 🤔

YouFlatterMeBrian | YouFlatterMeBrian

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