Vacation Drama: Pregnant Coworker Upset Over Trip Amid Virus Outbreak 😷✈️

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Imagine finally being able to afford your dream vacation, only to have it overshadowed by a global health crisis and office drama. A 23-year-old woman has found herself in this exact predicament as she plans to embark on a trip to Hong Kong and Thailand. With the coronavirus outbreak causing panic, her coworker, who happens to be pregnant, is not too thrilled about the potential risks. What started as a dream trip has now become a heated debate in the office, with tensions and emotions running high. 😓

The Dream Vacation Plan 🌴

sammydog6387 | sammydog6387

Coronavirus Concerns 😷

sammydog6387 | sammydog6387

Pregnant Coworker's Fear 🤰

sammydog6387 | sammydog6387

Daily Death Toll Drama 💀

sammydog6387 | sammydog6387

Office Exclusion 🚫

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Manager's Approval ✅

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Update: No Refunds 💸

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HR Intervention 📞

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Compromise: Staying at the Airport 🛫

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Precautions Taken 🧴

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Excitement Remains 🎉

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Post-Trip Quarantine 🏠

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Office Tension: To Travel or Not to Travel? 🤔

Caught between her dream vacation and a concerned pregnant coworker, our 23-year-old protagonist is facing quite the dilemma. Despite taking precautions and even agreeing to stay at the airport during her Hong Kong layover, the office drama continues to escalate. With HR intervention and her manager's support, she's determined to enjoy her trip while ensuring her coworker's safety. But is it enough to appease the office tension? Let's take a look at some top responses to this situation. 👀

NTA. Take this to HR. He's harassing you. 😷

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Coworker upset about vacation during virus outbreak, go to HR 😷

NachosSiempre | NachosSiempre

NTA. Coworker making a scene over trip amid virus outbreak 😷✈️

graywisteria | graywisteria

Pregnant coworker upset over trip amid virus outbreak. NTA, coworkers are nuts. Cancel trip if worried about virus. 🤰🏻🦠

readthecommentary | readthecommentary

"NTA. Media's frenzy over coronavirus is just selling papers 📰"

Drag0nqueen | Drag0nqueen

NTA - Layover in Hong Kong, precautions in place 😷

SteamScout | SteamScout

NTA: Enjoy your trip and let the attention-seeker exclude themselves! 🎉

rahgheer | rahgheer

Trip cancellation concerns due to virus outbreak, airlines offering changes ✈️

stienbabe | stienbabe

NTA - Debunking Coronavirus fears with a touch of sarcasm 🤣

tritops2018 | tritops2018

Engaging comment: Coworker drama over vacation during virus outbreak 😷

CalLil6 | CalLil6

Flu vs Coronavirus: Who's the real threat? 🤔

ChaoticMidget | ChaoticMidget

Don't risk it! Travel bans are getting worse. Stay safe 😷✈️

Weirdbirdnerd | Weirdbirdnerd

Taking precautions, ready to work from home. NTA! 😷

IBlameMyPlayers | IBlameMyPlayers

NTA: Pregnant coworker upset about trip, offer to work from home.

OverallDisaster | OverallDisaster

NTA: Downplaying virus outbreak in China sparks heated discussion. 😷✈️

Lu_K_As | Lu_K_As

Fight back! Speak to HR and shut down this campaign! 💪

Potato_Cat | Potato_Cat

NTA for traveling, but plan to quarantine upon returning home 😷

agirlhasnoscreenname | agirlhasnoscreenname

Consider the risks: NTA, but rethink vacation plans during outbreak 😷✈️

TheBluestBunny | TheBluestBunny

"NTA. Coworker's overreaction to virus outbreak is unnecessary drama. 😷✈️"

MissionStatistician | MissionStatistician

Boss won't let OP return to office after vacation. NTA 😷

23velf | 23velf

CDC warns against travel to China, commenter advises caution 😷

Dachshundmom5 | Dachshundmom5

ESH: Coworker upset about vacation during virus outbreak 😷✈️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA - Layover in Hong Kong, precautions in place 😷✈️

SteamScout | SteamScout

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