Man's 'Poop Gloves' Cause a Stink in New Relationship 🧤💩

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Moving in with your significant other can be an exciting time, but it can also reveal some unexpected quirks about your partner. One couple's journey into cohabitation took a strange turn when the girlfriend, Sophie, discovered a pair of yellow cleaning gloves in their bathroom. Little did she know, these gloves were her boyfriend's 'Poop Gloves'! 😱🧤 Now, their relationship is being tested as they navigate this unusual situation. Let's dive into the story...

The Big Move

poopgloves | poopgloves

Living Together & Learning

poopgloves | poopgloves

The Gloves Are Found

poopgloves | poopgloves

Sophie's Shock

poopgloves | poopgloves

The Poop Gloves' Origin

poopgloves | poopgloves

A Solution from Mom

poopgloves | poopgloves

Sophie's Disgust

poopgloves | poopgloves

Unreasonable or Not?

poopgloves | poopgloves

Clarification #1

poopgloves | poopgloves

Clarification #2

poopgloves | poopgloves

A Rinse at Least

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Gloves or Eczema: A Relationship Dilemma

So, there you have it! A young couple's journey into cohabitation has taken a bizarre turn with the discovery of the boyfriend's 'Poop Gloves'. Sophie is disgusted by her boyfriend's bathroom habit and doesn't want the gloves in their home, but he's reluctant to give them up, fearing a return of his eczema. 🧤💔 Will they find a solution, or will this be the end of their happy life together? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Reusable 'poop gloves' cause a stink, disposable gloves are suggested 🤮

PartyCat78 | PartyCat78

"YTA - Throw out the poop gloves and start a better routine 👍"

HowsYourGirlfriend | HowsYourGirlfriend

Hilarious comment about 'poop gloves' leaves everyone in stitches 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unique habit of 'poop gloves' weirds out girlfriend. NAH.

FlyingDutchLady | FlyingDutchLady

"YTA. Your poop gloves are spreading fecal matter everywhere! 😷"

cernegiant | cernegiant

INFO: Do you wash these poop gloves every time? 🧤💩

bmcrseventy | bmcrseventy

NTA. Commenter suggests using non-sterile disposable gloves for bathroom sharing. Replies find humor in poop knife reference.

Sheephuddle | Sheephuddle

YTA: Abnormal behavior in a relationship? Expect some pushback. 🙋

Comradevishar | Comradevishar

YTA for not washing hands properly. 🤪 Wash up, dude!

loki93009 | loki93009

Microbiologist advises washing hands daily to avoid harmful bacteria 🙏

CallMeHelicase | CallMeHelicase

Gross 'Poop Gloves' and unwashed hands? YTA, see a doctor! 🧤💩

icedlikemysoul | icedlikemysoul

Solving 'poop gloves' issue with doctors and lotion 💩🧤

weesheep | weesheep

Confusion and disbelief over the 'Poop Gloves' revelation 🧤💩

HWGA_Gallifrey | HWGA_Gallifrey

"YTA. Time to be an adult and ditch the poop gloves! 🙌"

OrbFromOnline | OrbFromOnline

The birth of a meme: 'Poop Gloves' causing a stink!

loves2spooge | loves2spooge

NTA, but consider other ways to address germ concerns 🧤💩

dnnewbury | dnnewbury

Gloves aren't the answer, try silicone hand cream instead! 👍

FieldPug | FieldPug

Curious about the bacteria on those 'Poop Gloves'? 🦠🧤

ItsAllAboutLogic | ItsAllAboutLogic

Keep the poop gloves, but wash them and hide them!

QuietKat87 | QuietKat87

The 'poop gloves' secret: How does he handle emergencies elsewhere? 🧤💩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Can't y'all just use some lotion? 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

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