Poem About Blackness and Africa Sparks Outrage 😱

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Imagine writing a heartfelt poem about your racial identity, only to be accused of cultural appropriation and racism. That's exactly what happened to this college student, who has a white mother and a mixed-race father. Struggling with their racial identity, they decided to write a poem for their poetry class assignment, with the opening line "Africa runs in my veins". Little did they know, this would spark a chain of events that would lead to a college investigation and a potential expulsion. 😳

A Mixed-Race Family 👩🏻👨🏾

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

The Struggle with Racial Identity 😔

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

Writing the Identity Poem ✍️

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

The Controversial Line 🌍

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

Classmate's Furious Response 😡

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

Accusations of Colonization 🤯

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

A Simple Response 📷

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

The Harassment Begins 📞

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Tracing it Back to the Classmate 🕵️‍♀️

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

College Investigation 😨

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

Life Ruined Over a Poem? 💔

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

Self-Reflection 🤔

bitter_yard | bitter_yard

A Poem Turns into a Nightmare 😖

Our protagonist, a college student with a mixed-race background, wrote a poem about their racial identity struggle for a class assignment. However, one classmate was furious about the poem, accusing them of cultural appropriation and threatening to complain to the Dean of Students. Things escalated quickly, with the classmate sharing their contact info online, leading to harassment and even a college investigation. Now, they're left wondering if they should have stood their ground or backed down to avoid this mess. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...🍿

NTA. Fight back against racist attack. File complaint, involve parents.

p1mplem0usse | p1mplem0usse

"NTA! She's upset because you're not the "ideal picture" of a black person, which seems racist. Show the dean your family photo and explain your poem's meaning. They may even apologize to you for it. 🙏"

sofiassecret | sofiassecret

NTA stands up against harassment, school investigates mixed heritage claim

eugenesnewdream | eugenesnewdream

"NTA for embracing your mixed heritage. Keep records for lawsuit!"

tadpole511 | tadpole511

"NTA! You acknowledged your ancestry. Dean deals with it. Classmate's pathetic."

allabouttheUke | allabouttheUke

"NTA. Classmate's harassment is unacceptable and should be reported 😱"

Abieticacid | Abieticacid

Engage in racial identity struggle and call out prejudice 👏

KimJongFunk | KimJongFunk

Mixed race people face racism too. Trashy comments are unacceptable!

BaroquePseudopath | BaroquePseudopath

Engaging comment and replies about racial identity and appearance 👍

SilverOwl5578 | SilverOwl5578

Fight back! Consider legal action to stop the defamation. 💪

Saywihee | Saywihee

NTA. Racist comment denies identity based on skin tone 😱

RollingSpy | RollingSpy

NTA! Stand up against racial harassment and defamation 💪🏾

LadyLightTravel | LadyLightTravel

Fight back against harassment! Write a poetic sequel 🖋️

Stormdanc3 | Stormdanc3

NTA, get a lawyer. These people never stop. 😱

WinterHunter4 | WinterHunter4

Defending your identity against false accusations. Stand up for yourself! 💪

AppleJuiceLaughs | AppleJuiceLaughs

Mixed race struggles: identity, racism, and feeling like an imposter 😵

Ginger_Spice412 | Ginger_Spice412

Defend yourself and your African ancestry against unfair judgment! 💪

Hopeful-Trip | Hopeful-Trip

NTA: Standing up against victimhood and identity politics 💪

Daymandayman | Daymandayman

Curious about the latest update on this controversial poem? 🤔

spanked_bysatan | spanked_bysatan

NTA and bless you, this is horrible 😱

scoobydoobiezoobie | scoobydoobiezoobie

Stand up against racial harassment and colorism with confidence! 💪

hammocks_ | hammocks_

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