Doctor's Honeymoon Drama: Sibling Rivalry or Justified Outrage? 😲

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Weddings and honeymoons are supposed to be joyous occasions, but what happens when they clash? A doctor and his wife, who got married during the early days of COVID, had to postpone their honeymoon due to lockdown restrictions. Fast forward a year, and the doctor's older brother is getting married. With limited leave options, the doctor books their long-awaited honeymoon for the day after his brother's wedding. But is he being insensitive to his brother's big day? 🤔💍✈️

The Honeymoon on Hold 🚫🏖️

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Big Brother's Wedding Bells 🔔💒

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Limited Leave Dilemma ⏰🏥

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Booking the Dream Honeymoon 🌴✈️

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Family Approval... Or So He Thought 😕👪

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Confusion Strikes ⚡😵

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Miscommunication or Selective Memory? 🤷🧠

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Big Brother's Concerns 😟☎️

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Stealing the Spotlight? 🌟👰

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A Sudden Change of Heart? 💔🔄

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Frustration and Guilt 😤😔

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The Stressful Reality of Hospital Life 🏥💉

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The Honeymoon Dilemma 🍯🌙

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A Well-Deserved Getaway? 🏝️💸

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Honeymoon Havoc: Who's in the Wrong? 🤷‍♀️💥

So, the doctor and his wife had to postpone their honeymoon due to COVID-19, and now they've booked it for the day after his brother's wedding. The brother is concerned that their honeymoon plans will overshadow his special day, even though the doctor claims they had discussed it beforehand. With limited leave options and a stressful job, the doctor feels he deserves this getaway. But is he being inconsiderate to his brother's feelings? Let's see what the internet thinks of this sticky situation... 🕵️‍♀️📣

NTA. Brother's jealousy over OP's honeymoon causes unnecessary drama 😳

020Wombat | 020Wombat

Leaving for honeymoon after brother's wedding? NTA, but why?

MzzMolly | MzzMolly

"I hear the groom's brother is going on vacation tomorrow" 😱

nana_banana2 | nana_banana2

NTA. Your family is weird. You aren't leaving on the day of the wedding, you are leaving *after the wedding has concluded.* 🙄

Issyswe | Issyswe

"NTA - Don't steal the spotlight, but don't rub it in."

Alita_Moonsong | Alita_Moonsong

Confusion over why the couple's vacation is causing such drama 😕

saurellia | saurellia

NTA. Enjoy your honeymoon guilt-free! Relax and have fun! 😊

tardigrade-munch | tardigrade-munch

Brother's wedding day vs. doctor's honeymoon: justified outrage or nah? 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding drama: NTA's special day vs. everyone else's lives 😲

No-Jellyfish-1208 | No-Jellyfish-1208

Curious NTA wonders why the issue arose, happy honeymoon vibes 😲

damnshell | damnshell

NTA. Offer not to post honeymoon pics to keep the peace 🙏

salty_LamaGlama | salty_LamaGlama

NTA: Privacy concerns at a doctor's wedding. TMI or justified?

jadepumpkin1984 | jadepumpkin1984

NTA. Enjoy your honeymoon and ignore the drama! 😎

carlorway | carlorway

Wedding day is just a day, leaving after shouldn't be an issue! 😲

TR_Irisden | TR_Irisden

NTA. You made it clear and shouldn't feel guilty. Enjoy!

meow-meow87 | meow-meow87

No need to ask permission, you're not the a**hole! 😊

Business_Night_5599 | Business_Night_5599

NTA. Post-wedding plans should be separate from the wedding day. 👰

Heavy_Sand5228 | Heavy_Sand5228

NTA: Keep your honeymoon a secret to avoid overshadowing your brother. 🤫

debdnow | debdnow

NTA. Your honeymoon isn't stealing anyone's thunder. Enjoy guilt-free! 😎

jammy913 | jammy913

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