🤯 Husband Calls Out Wife for Being the 'Sucky Friend' - Was He Right? 😱

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We all have our moments when we need a reality check, but what happens when it comes from your own spouse? 😳 A husband (25M) recently called out his wife (33F) for being the 'sucky friend' she accused her long-time best friend Kayla of being. With a group of new mom friends by her side, the wife seemed to forget the years of support Kayla provided, especially during difficult times. 💔 The husband's brutal honesty left the wife in tears, but was he in the right to call her out? 🤔 Let's dive into the story and find out!

A Friendship of 20 Years 🕰️

throwra_assholehubby | throwra_assholehubby

Kayla's Absence at the Wedding 💔

throwra_assholehubby | throwra_assholehubby

New Mom Friends Enter the Scene 👩👩

throwra_assholehubby | throwra_assholehubby

Trashing Kayla Behind Her Back 😠

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Kayla, the 'Sucky Friend'? 🤔

throwra_assholehubby | throwra_assholehubby

Husband Steps In 💥

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Reminding Her of Kayla's Support 🙌

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Alienating Kayla 😔

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The Brutal Truth 💣

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Wife's Reaction 😭

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A Note on Language 🦆

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A Reality Check or Going Too Far? 🤷

In a whirlwind of emotions, the husband called out his wife for being the 'sucky friend' she accused her long-time bestie Kayla of being. He reminded her of Kayla's unwavering support and love, even during tough times. The wife, however, didn't take the reality check too well, bursting into tears and leaving the house. 😭 Was the husband right to call her out, or did he go too far? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍿

NTA. Husband calls out wife for being a 'sucky friend' 🤯

Ok-Context1168 | Ok-Context1168

NTA. Wife's lack of appreciation for decent husband sparks controversy. 😮

aaseandersen | aaseandersen

🤔 Husband calls out toxic wife for being a 'sucky friend'

Former-Ad-6422 | Former-Ad-6422

"NTA. Support doesn't mean always agreeing. Sometimes honesty is crucial."

Top-Question3401 | Top-Question3401

Age gap raises eyebrows, but wife's behavior is also concerning 😳

Purpleurkelfromurk | Purpleurkelfromurk

Wife neglects friend, husband calls her out - valid point? 😮

HunterDangerous1366 | HunterDangerous1366

"NTA. Kayla felt like the 4th wheel 😔. Her situation should be considered."

awildwillow | awildwillow

NTA - Tough love can be hard, but sometimes necessary 🙌

birdwithtinyarms | birdwithtinyarms

NTA, you were right 👏

Agreeable-War7427 | Agreeable-War7427

Commenter discusses using the word 'duck' instead of 'fuck' on here 🦆

ServelanDarrow | ServelanDarrow

Age gap drama: Wife's pregnancy at 28 with younger partner

throwaway378495 | throwaway378495

Wife gets a reality check for being a 'sucky friend' 😳

Jacqtjakaa | Jacqtjakaa

Motherhood: Some find validation, others don't. NTA for feeling drained.

AndSoItGoes24 | AndSoItGoes24

"Couples running to parents instead of resolving issues? 🤔"

Ok-Art-4695 | Ok-Art-4695

NTA: Tough love can be the best kind of love ❤️

IntoTheSinBinForYou | IntoTheSinBinForYou

NTA for calling out wife's horrible and mean behavior. 👏

Kayhowardhlots | Kayhowardhlots

NTA...and a big age gap between you two! 😮

Tinkerbelll666 | Tinkerbelll666

NTA. Wife and friends need to show empathy towards Kayla 🚧

just-jen57 | just-jen57

NTA, but can you really not curse? 😳

Its_Rare | Its_Rare

Wife's behavior criticized. Is husband right? 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, wife prioritizes herself over others, causing tension in relationships 😱

Churchie-Baby | Churchie-Baby

NTA husband calls out wife for gossiping and bad mouthing

rhendon46 | rhendon46

NTA - Not the a**hole. Let's hear the juicy details!

Major_Barnacle_2212 | Major_Barnacle_2212

"Mean wife? NTA for calling her out! 👍"

Castilian_eggs | Castilian_eggs

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