Brother Kicked Him Out During Cancer Treatment, Now Wants Wedding Invite 🤔

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A 25-year-old mechanic, who lost both his parents, was taken in by his older brother and his wife. His life took a devastating turn when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Unable to work and undergoing chemotherapy, he was kicked out by his brother and left to fend for himself. Now, after two years, his brother wants to attend his wedding, but the mechanic is hesitant to forgive and forget. 💔

Living with Big Bro 🏠

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Paying the Price 💸

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Cancer Diagnosis 😢

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Seeking a Specialist 💉

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Brother's Wife Turns Cold ❄️

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Kicked Out 🚪

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Friend to the Rescue 🦸

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Relatives Disappoint 😔

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Brother's One Hospital Visit 🏥

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Fast Forward 2 Years ⏭️

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Brother Wants to Attend Wedding 💍

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Brother's Hurt Feelings 😟

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Wife's Sudden Change of Heart ❤️

aita70079169 | aita70079169

No Invitation 🚫

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Criticism and Forgiveness 🤷

aita70079169 | aita70079169

Brother's Perspective 🧐

aita70079169 | aita70079169

To Forgive or Not to Forgive? 🤔

After being disowned by his brother during his battle with cancer, this mechanic is now facing the dilemma of whether to invite him to his wedding. His brother claims to be hurt by the exclusion, while his wife, who once turned her back on him, now encourages reconciliation. The mechanic is torn between forgiving and forgetting, or standing his ground and keeping his brother away from his special day. 💔👰

Brother sided with controlling wife, kicked out sibling during cancer treatment 😡

crack_the_nut | crack_the_nut

"Forgive and forget"? Nah, they left you to die. NTA! 😎

foodytwoshoes | foodytwoshoes

Brother prioritized party over supporting sibling during cancer treatment 😭

Aqua-Regis | Aqua-Regis

NTA. Family treated you like trash during cancer treatment. No invite.

bdm90 | bdm90

"NTA: Kicked out during cancer, now wants wedding invite? No way!"

jhercules | jhercules

Send them this post and ignore them for a few decades 😂

Benjamincito | Benjamincito

NTA. Brother's sudden interest in wedding feels insincere and self-serving 🤔

Rav3na3l | Rav3na3l

Cut toxic family ties, embrace happiness. 🌈✨

flora_pompeii | flora_pompeii

INFO: How did the situation build up before all this happened?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Shocking! Brother kicks out cancer patient, now wants wedding invite? 🤔

digital-kun | digital-kun

Brother's treatment of cancer-stricken sibling questioned; compassion and perspective needed 🤔

CoolCly | CoolCly

Cut out the negativity and cherish your true family 💖

baseball22017 | baseball22017

NTA. Share your special day with those who truly love you. 💜

iheartrsamostdays | iheartrsamostdays

NTA. Don't invite him, he hasn't even met your fiancee 🙄

ur-humble-overlord | ur-humble-overlord

Chemo weakens you, but this person's wedding won't be ruined! 😊

Lexi_Banner | Lexi_Banner

NTA. Brother kicked you out during cancer treatment, now wants invite 🤔

koyawon | koyawon

NTA. Forgiving brother? Wedding not time for public reconciliation.

lonnielee3 | lonnielee3

Choose yourself over them on your special day 💛

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA - Brother kicked him out during cancer treatment, now wants wedding invite 🤔"

Ciecie33 | Ciecie33

🔥 Brother's disrespect during cancer treatment, now wants wedding invite

transcendedfry | transcendedfry

Brother kicked him out during cancer treatment, now wants wedding invite 😡

Dana07620 | Dana07620

A special seat for the person who abandoned me during my life-death situation? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Brother abandoned during cancer, now wants wedding invite 🙄

Blue_Iguana11 | Blue_Iguana11

Invite who you want to your wedding 💖

rock1ngch41r | rock1ngch41r

Family betrayal during cancer treatment, now seeking wedding invitation 🤔

KeyFly3 | KeyFly3

Heartless brother kicks out cancer patient, deserves no wedding invite 😠

Donyaki | Donyaki

NTA: Brother used you for money, kicked you out during cancer treatment. No obligation to forgive and forget. Be happy 😃

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

NTA. Brother's an a**hole, relatives too. Congrats on wedding! 👏

pandalover1098 | pandalover1098

Friend who took you in is more like family 💜

cjrecordvt | cjrecordvt

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