Ex-Wife Claps Back at Husband's Mistress: 'Her Needs Are NOT My Problem! 😤'

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A woman (33) divorced her husband (38) three years ago after discovering his affair with a younger woman (22). They share two kids together, and the ex-husband still helps out with house fixes and emergencies. However, the mistress-turned-girlfriend is now complaining about the ex-wife 'monopolizing' his time. After a late-night call for cough syrup, the ex-wife finally snapped and told the girlfriend that her needs are not her problem. Was she out of line, or did the mistress need a reality check? 🤔💥

The Divorce Backstory 📖

confectionspirited57 | confectionspirited57

Co-Parenting with the Ex 💔

confectionspirited57 | confectionspirited57

Ex-Husband Still Helps Out 🛠

confectionspirited57 | confectionspirited57

Mistress Starts Complaining 😒

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Late-Night Cough Syrup Call 🌙

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Mistress Takes the Phone 📞

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Ex-Wife Claps Back 👏

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Reality Check Delivered 🎯

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Ex-Husband Brings the Syrup 🍼

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Mistress Leaves in Anger 😡

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Coworker Calls Ex-Wife Mean 😕

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Ex-Wife Defends Her Actions 🛡

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Only the Mistress Has a Problem 🤷‍♀️

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Not Unusual in Her Culture 🌍

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Finding Help Can Be Hard 🚧

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Did the Ex-Wife Go Too Far? 🤔

The ex-wife is tired of the mistress's constant complaints and finally snaps, telling her that her needs are not her problem. The mistress accuses her of acting like she's still married to her ex, but the ex-wife retorts that she shouldn't have been involved with a married man if she didn't want a guy with a family. The ex-husband doesn't mind helping out, but the mistress can't handle it. Was the ex-wife too harsh, or did the mistress need a reality check? Let's see what the internet has to say about this explosive situation... 💣🔥

Debate over ex-husband's responsibilities in co-parenting and home maintenance. 🤔

A-typ-self | A-typ-self

"NTA lol 'she shouldnt have f**ked married men' 😂"

Zakota333 | Zakota333

NTA: Ex-wife demands help from cheating ex-husband and his mistress. 😤

perfectpomelo3 | perfectpomelo3

Current wife fears being left by cheating husband 👌

unicorndreamer23 | unicorndreamer23

Ex-wife takes the high road, not letting mistress's power play affect her. 😤

AggravatingPatient18 | AggravatingPatient18

Ex-wife receives criticism for still being involved with ex-husband's affairs. 😳

ariesgal11 | ariesgal11

Ex-wife asks ex-husband for help with sick kid. YTA for excessive calls? 😳

Tempostasis | Tempostasis

ESH for messy divorce drama and lack of boundaries 😤

Natural_Garbage7674 | Natural_Garbage7674

Late-night medicine drama: Messy, petty, and everyone sucks here. 😤

Master-Discussion539 | Master-Discussion539

Ex-wife urged to be self-sufficient to avoid affecting the kids. ESH 😤

jansguy68 | jansguy68

Ex-wife shares her struggle with relying on ex-husband for help

Majestic_Reading864 | Majestic_Reading864

NTA: Ex-wife doesn't sympathize with husband's mistress, karma strikes 🌪️

lifehappenedwhatnow | lifehappenedwhatnow

ESH: Ex-wife expects too much, mistress is an irritant.

admweirdbeard | admweirdbeard

OP's late-night calls for help: a**hole or justified? 🤔

linkbeltbob | linkbeltbob

Ex-wife slams husband's mistress and calls their behavior gross! 😤

SuccotashSimple | SuccotashSimple

Finding closure after a divorce: moving on and finding happiness. 🙏

ladystetson | ladystetson

Ex-wife's sassy response leaves everyone speechless! 😱

FormulaZR | FormulaZR

Confused about AP? Let's clear it up for you! 😄

1NegativePerson | 1NegativePerson

Ex-wife and mistress both at fault, but ex-wife needs independence. 😤

applepiestuff | applepiestuff

NTA. Insecurity justified. Not your problem, girl! 😤

1965BenlyTouring150 | 1965BenlyTouring150

"NTA, she knew what she was getting into. Sucks for her."

lifehappenedwhatnow | lifehappenedwhatnow

"Calling at 1am for cough syrup? YTA. Not a normal ask."

cynical_overlord1979 | cynical_overlord1979

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