Dad Kicks Out Daughter-in-Law for Insensitive Comments About His Reconnected Son 😲

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Imagine reconnecting with a child you gave up for adoption, only to have your daughter-in-law throw it in your face. That's exactly what happened to a 50-year-old man who recently had to make a tough decision. After his son Matt's girlfriend, Hannah, made some insensitive comments about his past, he decided to kick her out of the house. Now, he's left wondering if he went too far. 😓

The Unbearable Decision

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Young and Helpless

[deleted] | [deleted]

Drifting Apart

[deleted] | [deleted]

New Family, Old Connections

[deleted] | [deleted]

Searching for Their Son

[deleted] | [deleted]

Tragedy Strikes

[deleted] | [deleted]

A Surprise Reconnection

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A Life in Care

[deleted] | [deleted]

Building a Strong Bond

[deleted] | [deleted]

Lockdown with Matt and Hannah

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Hannah's Insensitive Comments

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Accusations and Confrontation

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Enough is Enough

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Cindy's Perspective

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Attempts to Explain

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A Father's Dilemma: Did He Go Too Far?

After reconnecting with his son Matt and inviting him and his girlfriend Hannah to stay during lockdown, this dad found himself in a tough spot. Hannah began making insensitive comments about Matt's past in the care system, accusing the father of being an AH for abandoning his son. Fed up with her constant remarks, he kicked her out, causing a rift in the family. Now, he's left wondering if he went too far, while his daughter Cindy believes he should've tried to talk to Hannah more. Let's see what people think about this emotional family drama... 😟

NTA for kicking out daughter-in-law. Commenters support father's decision.

kieraydar | kieraydar

NTA. Daughter-in-law insults father, father shares his emotional journey.

i_need_jisoos_christ | i_need_jisoos_christ

NTA: Dad protects son from insensitive daughter-in-law 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA. Hannah was cruel and insensitive. She had no right to judge."

Fiotes | Fiotes

Curious comment sparks debate on adoption system and baby availability 🤔

wolfmalfoy | wolfmalfoy

NTA. Daughter-in-law causes pain, son's girlfriend excuses her. Unacceptable behavior. 😲

[deleted] | [deleted]

Son's support proves NTA, daughter-in-law's comments insensitive 😲

random-guy0320 | random-guy0320

NTA. Son understands, girl needs to learn manners 🙌

DrShacklez | DrShacklez

NTA. Set clear boundaries with disrespectful daughter-in-law for positive relationship 👍

myeyedeal | myeyedeal

Curious about the son's long stay in the adoption system?

ResidentLadder | ResidentLadder

Did you try talking or just kick her out? Matt's furious!

IPretendIMatter | IPretendIMatter

NTA: Standing up for yourself against rude and disrespectful guests 😲

savonahmv | savonahmv

Understanding Hannah's outbursts: empathy and open conversation are key 🙏

DuxofOregon | DuxofOregon

NTA: Dad defends son's adoption with a blunt explanation. 😲


NTA. Your house, your rules. Matt's support makes it right. 👍

Borbin_the_Beaver | Borbin_the_Beaver

NTA claps back at daughter-in-law's insensitive comments 😲

bdxcmpny | bdxcmpny

NTA: Dad defends kicking out daughter-in-law for insensitive comments 😡

Overall-Bus | Overall-Bus

Defending the son: NTA, but where's the anger coming from? 🤔

easy0lucky0free | easy0lucky0free

NTA Hannah wants drama, but Matt's forgiveness is all that matters 😲

Horror-mrs | Horror-mrs

NTA. Matt's agreement and the impact on him matter most 👍

yellednanlaugh | yellednanlaugh

NTA. Insensitive daughter-in-law assumes son was stuck in foster care 😲

insomniac29 | insomniac29

NTA. Daughter-in-law disrespects dad, causing tension with son. Good riddance.

kaismama | kaismama

NTA: Chose foster care over adoption, but reunited with son 👏

PrincessofPatriarchy | PrincessofPatriarchy

Clear the air with Matt, it's none of Hannah's business. 😲

WaDaEp | WaDaEp

NTA. Reconnecting with your son, kudos to your accepting daughter! 👏

mild_toadster | mild_toadster

NTA. Spread the love and wish them a lovely day 💛

BanditKitten | BanditKitten

NTA. Reconnected son's childhood: your fault or her delusion? 🤔

geman11 | geman11

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