Cousin Demands Free Rent in Family Home 😱 See How This Homeowner Responds!

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We've all heard of family drama, but this one takes the cake! 🎂 A 31-year-old woman purchased her grandparents' 3-family home below market value, with the intention of renting it out and keeping it in the family. But when one of her cousins found out about an available 4-bedroom apartment in the house, she demanded to live there rent-free! 😲 The homeowner's response? Absolutely priceless! 😂 Let's dive into this juicy story...

The Home Purchase 🏠

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A Generous Offer 💰

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Cousins Decline 😒

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The Deal is Made 🤝

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Family Renting 🏘️

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Top Floor Tenant Moving Out 🚚

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Cousin's Interest Piqued 🤔

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A Fair Offer? 💵

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Cousin's Outrage 😡

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Ultimatum Time ⌛

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Name-Calling Begins 🤬

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Family Drama Intensifies 🌪️

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Divided Opinions 🤷‍♀️

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Friends Divided Too 🙅‍♂️

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Update: Legal Action 🏛️

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The Epic Conclusion 🎉

In the end, our homeowner hero stood her ground and lawyered up, as did her grandparents. 🦸‍♀️💼 As the family drama continued to unfold, it was revealed that the grandparents had kept all necessary paperwork to prove the house was rightfully sold to their granddaughter. 📑 The cousin's attorney quickly lost confidence, and the family secrets started to spill out. 😮 Now, some family members have gone no contact with the greedy cousins. 💔 But let's be real, who wouldn't want to see this cousin's face when she was told to stay cramped? 😂👏

Don't let her in! She'll freeload forever 😱

lsp2005 | lsp2005

Homeowner stands up to entitled cousin with legal action 🙌


Homeowner shuts down entitled cousin's free rent demand 😱

jlynn1821 | jlynn1821

Homeowner stands their ground against entitled cousin 😎

cutipatutie | cutipatutie

NTA. 🚫 Don't let her in, avoid the headache!

esmithedm | esmithedm

Homeowner shuts down entitled cousin's demand for free rent. 🙌

flixguy440 | flixguy440

Don't let them move in! Rent to strangers instead! 💸

bryanthehorrible | bryanthehorrible

"NTA, sounds like extortion. Consider calling a lawyer ASAP 😱"

ImDaChineze | ImDaChineze

Take control of your property and protect your inheritance! 💪

Snoo_59080 | Snoo_59080

Grandparents sold it to you, charge less than market value! NTA!

dpdragonfly | dpdragonfly

NTA offers share in house, cousin declines. Let her suffer! 😱

Guilty_Ad3889 | Guilty_Ad3889

NTA! Don't rent to family! 😱

Danielmp006 | Danielmp006

Homeowner stands up for themselves and refuses free housing. 💪

threadsoffate2021 | threadsoffate2021

Hilarious response shuts down entitled cousin's demand for free rent 😂

ingodwetryst | ingodwetryst

NTA, avoid the trash by not letting them live there! 😱

Lotex_Style | Lotex_Style

Renting to relatives? A recipe for disaster! Hear from experience.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cousins with Master Cluff vibes? This should be interesting 🤔

Phazanor | Phazanor

Homeowner stands up to entitled cousin, finds non-relative tenant 🙌

GhostingMyFamily | GhostingMyFamily

NTA- Just because it was your grandparents house does not mean she'd have gotten anything from it's sale at any point. 🙅‍♂️💰

shadow-foxe | shadow-foxe

Nightmare cousin wants free rent? Homeowner's response is epic! 😱

MommaGuy | MommaGuy

Homeowner stands their ground against entitled cousin. 😎

TonnieSue | TonnieSue

Stand your ground and ignore her! Don't give her ammunition!


Homeowner stands up to entitled cousin, takes charge of home 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Hilarious response to demanding cousin in family home 😂

Ms_Auricchio | Ms_Auricchio

Don't lease to them! They won't pay and cause eviction! 😱

Ok_Cauliflower7364 | Ok_Cauliflower7364

Cousins demand free rent, but homeowner shuts them down! 😂

kath4 | kath4

NTA. Prepare for the worst and protect yourself. 👍

ChrisP8675309 | ChrisP8675309

NTA- Cousin rejected offer, no money or lawyer, bad neighbor.

Ns4200 | Ns4200

Homeowner shuts down entitled cousin demanding free rent. 😱

MizzyvonMuffling | MizzyvonMuffling

Homeowner shuts down entitled cousins. NTA 👏

GumpTheChump | GumpTheChump

NTA. Stand your ground and show them who's boss! 💪

bloodfeier | bloodfeier

Homeowner stands their ground against entitled cousin. 🙌

myscreamgotlost | myscreamgotlost

Don't let her move in! She'll create problems and make threats! 😱

nathashanails | nathashanails

Homeowner shuts down entitled cousin's demand for free rent

Mysterious_Ad7461 | Mysterious_Ad7461

NTA: Don't let them mooch off you, kick them out ASAP! 🙌

pdhot65ton | pdhot65ton

Homeowner shuts down critics, asserts ownership with legal transaction ✅

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't rent to that cousin! NTA, protect your sanity 🙏

WednesdayBryan | WednesdayBryan

Exploring the cost and transparency of a family home sale. NTA!

icollectt | icollectt

Sibling demands free rent, homeowner shares clever precautionary measure! 😱

Charming_Amphibian37 | Charming_Amphibian37

NTA. Get legal advice and shut down her extortion attempts! 💯

PugnaciousTrollButt | PugnaciousTrollButt

NTA: Stand your ground and avoid a nightmare tenant! 🙌

whatev6187 | whatev6187

NTA, consult a lawyer and involve your grandparents to resolve this! 🙌

Dizzy-Mushroom-5855 | Dizzy-Mushroom-5855

🚫 Cousin wants free rent, but homeowner says no way!

kmnoq | kmnoq

Cutting off entitled cousin from house, no regrets 🙌

tryllast | tryllast

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