Brother Kicked Out While Trying to See Wife: Whose Side Are You On? 😱

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Family drama can be intense, and this story is no exception! A woman finds herself in the middle of a heated conflict between her brother and his wife. The wife, who recently suffered a devastating miscarriage, sought refuge at the sister's house after a nasty argument with her husband. The sister, who has a strained relationship with her brother, is now caught in the crossfire as she tries to protect her sister-in-law's wishes. But was she right to kick her brother out when he came to see his wife? Keep reading to find out! 😮

The Family Background 🏡

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The Sister-in-Law's Struggles 😢

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Tragedy Strikes 💔

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Seeking Refuge 🚪

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Helping Hand 🤝

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No Contact Zone 📵

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Respecting Her Wishes 🙏

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The Brother's Arrival 😠

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The Confrontation Begins 🔥

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Lashing Out 😡

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Standing Her Ground 💪

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Ultimatum 🚔

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Family's Accusations 😒

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Defending Her Actions 🛡️

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Sisterly Support or Meddling? 🤔

Caught in the middle of her brother's tumultuous marriage, our protagonist has been accused of driving a wedge between her brother and his wife after she refused to let him see her. Despite her intentions to support her sister-in-law during a difficult time, her family believes she's overstepping her boundaries and being unnecessarily harsh on her brother. But is she really in the wrong, or is she just trying to protect her sister-in-law's well-being? 🧐 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA: OP protects SIL from abusive brother, family sides with AH

Skippy2716 | Skippy2716

Family drama: Controlling brother, estranged sister, and a broken bond 😱

Only_Asparagus | Only_Asparagus

NTA: Brother's ego caused marriage trouble, she sought your support.

hello_friendss | hello_friendss

NTA for supporting SIL's need for space from emotionally abusive husband. 💪

Pablois4 | Pablois4

NTA for respecting SIL's wishes and making your own decision 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. You're a good person and friend to your brother's wife 👍

Throwawayskrskr | Throwawayskrskr

NTA: You did the right thing, don't feel bad! 👍

VatoD92 | VatoD92

NTA - Enforcing SIL's wishes, mother needs to reflect on son

JudgeJed100 | JudgeJed100

NTA. Supporting SIL, confronting abusive brother, and missing younger sister. 😔

tidal_dragon | tidal_dragon

Supportive commenter defends involvement in brother's marital dispute. 👏

Portie_lover | Portie_lover

NTA. Stand your ground and block the enablers. You're amazing! 🙌

squirrelsareevil2479 | squirrelsareevil2479

NTA. Poor lady, such a messed up situation. 😢

Kreeblim | Kreeblim

NTA stands up for SIL's wishes and sets boundaries. Stay strong! 💪

Stup2plending | Stup2plending

NTA for respecting boundaries and seeking ways to reconnect 👍

femme_enby | femme_enby

NTA. Protecting your SIL from verbal abuse. Stay strong 🙏

WeirdDragon01 | WeirdDragon01

NTA. SIL sought refuge, you protected her. 👏

Talathia | Talathia

Supportive brother stands up for sister-in-law. 👏

DataAdvanced | DataAdvanced

Respecting boundaries and supporting someone in need 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive sister stands up against brother's horrible behavior. 💪

Neko_09 | Neko_09

NTA: Your family is a nasty, abusive mess 💯

butternutsquash300 | butternutsquash300

OP's brother mistreated sister, now wants to see his wife. 😱

primeirofilho | primeirofilho

Defending your property rights against entitled family members. NTA 🙌

Little-bit_ | Little-bit_

NTA, don't open the door, call the police! 🚨 Support her!

WitchofKarma | WitchofKarma

NTA. Brother is emotionally abusive. Consider helping SIL leave. 😱

moonlitcat13 | moonlitcat13

Taking charge of your own home and setting boundaries. NTA 👏

Pain-n-stryife | Pain-n-stryife

NTA: Stand up against family supporting abusive brother. 🙌

waluigideeznuts | waluigideeznuts

SIL asks for help, mother interferes. Drama ensues. 😱

gevander2 | gevander2

Brother's abusive behavior and enabling parents. Cut ties. NTA 👍

painkilleraddict6373 | painkilleraddict6373

Supportive commenter calls out dangerous and abusive behavior. 💪


NTA: SIL's stress may have caused previous miscarriages. Brother's toxic behavior.

Snugg_Bugg | Snugg_Bugg

NTA, set boundaries and prioritize sister-in-law's comfort and safety. 👍

Responsible_Hope_831 | Responsible_Hope_831

SIL stands up for wife's choice, brother's entitlement exposed! 😱

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

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