Mother's Disturbing Comment Sparks Outrage in New Mom: Who's in the Wrong? 🤱👵💔

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Imagine being a new mom, just out of a stressful pregnancy and an emergency C-section, only to have your own mother make a disturbing comment about your birth experience. That's exactly what happened to a young woman who, at 19, became a mother under challenging circumstances. Now she's torn between her love for her mother and her anger at the thoughtless comment. Let's delve into this emotional rollercoaster. 🎢👶👵

The Unexpected Journey to Motherhood 👶💔

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The Struggles of Pregnancy 🤰😓

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Planning for a Smooth Birth 📝🏥

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A Mother's Unwanted Advice 👵🙅‍♀️

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Standing Her Ground 🛑✊

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The Unexpected Turn of Events ⏰🚑

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The Painful Aftermath 😢💔

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A Mother's Disturbing Comment 😡👵

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The Fallout 🌪️💥

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The Aftermath: A Family in Turmoil 🏠💔

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The Dilemma: To Forgive or Not to Forgive? 🤷‍♀️💔

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A Mother's Comment Shatters a New Mom's Joy: The Internet Weighs In 🌐💬

Caught between the joy of motherhood and the pain of a thoughtless comment, our young mom is left questioning her relationship with her own mother. After enduring a stressful pregnancy and an emergency C-section, her mother's disturbing comment about her birth experience left her furious and heartbroken. Now, she's torn between her anger and the desire to let her mother meet her baby. With her family urging her to forgive and forget, she's left wondering if she's the one at fault. What would you do in her shoes? Let's see what the internet has to say about this emotional predicament... 🌐💬

NTA. Mother's disrespectful comment sparks outrage, but baby is healthy 👵💔

SylvanasLeggie | SylvanasLeggie

"NTA. You deserve time to heal. Reach out for help! 👵💔"

ExceptionalPerson | ExceptionalPerson

NTA - Mom's toxic comment sparks outrage: Who's in the wrong? 🤱

rachelenfleurs | rachelenfleurs

NTA. Mother's hateful comment sparks outrage. You deserve an apology. 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

"NTA I had an emergency C section at 35 weeks and it was one of the most traumatic things of my life. It also knocks you as a mum and I felt similar as though it somehow made my birth story 'not a real birth.' Seeing as your mum is a bloody idiot, any way a mother gives birth is the right way and the universe gave you that gorgeous child because you're meant to be their mumma." 😊💪

MotherofBuckling3 | MotherofBuckling3

NTA. Congrats on the baby girl! It does get better 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom's disturbing comment sparks outrage: NTA, crazy person needs boundaries! 😱

avast2006 | avast2006

New mom outraged by mother's insensitive comment about her c-section 😱

soullessginger93 | soullessginger93

Commenter receives support after traumatic birth and family conflict. 💜

horsemullet | horsemullet

Outrage over mother's disturbing comment. Who's in the wrong? 🤱

estoydesvelada | estoydesvelada

NTA. Comment sparks outrage. Who's in the wrong? 🤱👵💔

iwantfood2k20 | iwantfood2k20

NTA. Supportive comments from young mother's family are essential 👵

ApatheticEmphasis | ApatheticEmphasis

NTA: No forgiveness for reveling in someone's pain. 🤱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Proud of standing up to guilt trip. Supportive community recommended.

layla_gamer14 | layla_gamer14

Shocking comment from mother during pregnancy sparks outrage 🤱

JackMcShane | JackMcShane

NTA, but wait until settled as a mom to confront her. 👵💔

elle0980 | elle0980

New mom stands up to toxic mother, puts her baby first. 👵🏻💔

UrHumbleNarr8or | UrHumbleNarr8or

Supportive comment defends woman's right to choose pain relief

patches0208109 | patches0208109

NTA. Mother's labor shaming sparks outrage. You have the right to decide who's around you and the baby. 👵💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA OP. Sh*tty comment from mom. Congrats on the squish! 🎉

TheExcitableType | TheExcitableType

NTA. Your body, your labor, your baby, your goddam birth plan. She doesn't get to dictate what does and does not make you a real mom. 🙅‍♀️💪💔

bronwen-noodle | bronwen-noodle

NTA. C-section recovery is tough. Mom's joke was inappropriate 🙅

shan_diego | shan_diego

Toxic mom's control led to eating disorder, you're NTA 👏

resting_bettcch_face | resting_bettcch_face

Mom's unsupportive comment triggers outrage in new mom. 😱

vance_mason | vance_mason

Adoptive moms are real moms too! 💔

suzyactiondoll | suzyactiondoll

Learn about EC and how Vietnamese mothers practice it! 👵🏻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Epidurals don't make you less of a mom! 👵🏻💔

KathAlMyPal | KathAlMyPal

Mother's disturbing comment sparks outrage: NTA, she sounds insane 😱

PrettyOriginalV | PrettyOriginalV

Pregnancy hormones or not, she was disrespectful as f**k! 😠

Wssm1206 | Wssm1206

Supportive comment receives unanimous agreement. 👏

xanif | xanif

"NTA. Your mother's disturbing comment about childbirth. Ban her!" 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empowering message to new moms: You're a great mom, regardless!

pisspot718 | pisspot718

Outrage over disturbing comment: NTA, throw that person out! 👵💔

EzraDangerNoodle | EzraDangerNoodle

Supportive mom vs. new mom: A love and apology battle

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Challenging outdated beliefs about childbirth and motherhood. 👏

anyanka_eg | anyanka_eg

New mom receives upsetting comment from mother; seeks support and advice. 🤱

sailor6c | sailor6c

"NTA! Stand firm in keeping no contact. Congratulations on your baby."

tatisane | tatisane

NTA. Empower yourself and share your truth. 👏🏻

Dragonsblud | Dragonsblud

Setting boundaries and prioritizing self-care amidst family pressure. 👵💔

Suedeltica | Suedeltica

Setting boundaries is self-care. Protect yourself from disrespectful people! 💪

Purdygreen | Purdygreen

NTA: Older generations should be happy for younger ones. 👏

iridescent_kitty | iridescent_kitty

NTA- Your mother was demanding and degrading. Stick up for your baby's mental health. 👵💔

thatonepersoniam | thatonepersoniam

Supportive comment validates new mom's feelings after traumatic birth 👵💔

BarnabusAu | BarnabusAu

New mom seeks support after disturbing comment sparks outrage 😱

stitchplacingmama | stitchplacingmama

NTA: Stand up against toxic mom and demand a genuine apology 👏

Good3itch | Good3itch

New mom's emotional response to mother's insensitive comment. 😢

josy89 | josy89

New mom seeks advice on confronting mother's disturbing comment. 🤱👵💔

JurassicPeriodx | JurassicPeriodx

Grown adult acts like a child, gets upset when confronted 🙄

thekyledavid | thekyledavid

NTA. Your mom sounds toxic. Feed her, listen, respect her choices. 🤰🏻👂❤️

alwayslovedfrogs | alwayslovedfrogs

Debate over childbirth pain: NTA compares it to dental agony! 😱

JuanTu34 | JuanTu34

Real moms make different choices, let's respect each other! 👵💔

medlilove | medlilove

Toxic grandma? NTA! Protect your child from her toxic behavior. 👵💔

FlippingPossum | FlippingPossum

New mom outraged by mother's disturbing comment. Who's at fault?

blueberryeyes24 | blueberryeyes24

Supportive comment defends against judgmental mother, advocating for self-care. 👏

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

Empathy and support for a new mom facing judgment and pain. 🥰

sistyc | sistyc

New mom defends her choice, calls out unsupportive mother-in-law. 👵

Blubelle85 | Blubelle85

Defending a traumatic birth experience against judgmental critics. 🤱

Light_bulbnz | Light_bulbnz

Empowering new mom, don't let toxic mother ruin your happiness! 👵🏻💔

InAHundredYears | InAHundredYears

Outraged mom questions the importance of childbirth in motherhood. 😱

AnnaBanana1129 | AnnaBanana1129

🤔 Women's support during childbirth: a controversial topic

kanna172014 | kanna172014

Supportive comment: Being a great mom means making tough decisions 👵

drewbiedoo1296 | drewbiedoo1296

NTA- Stand your ground and demand a sincere apology. 👏

Probswearingsweats | Probswearingsweats

Demanding respect: Setting boundaries after disrespectful treatment. 👏

vectron5 | vectron5

Surviving a traumatic birth experience: You're not alone, mama 👵

Jade_Echo | Jade_Echo

🤰🏻 Pregnancy challenges are normal. Respect and study your baby!

Shufflehop | Shufflehop

Outrage over mother's disturbing comment about her own child. 😱

girlpower0823 | girlpower0823

Respecting a woman's choice: NTA, pain doesn't define motherhood 👵💔

ABoredCrow | ABoredCrow

Parent's disturbing comment sparks outrage: Who's in the wrong? 🤱👵💔

scarletnightingale | scarletnightingale

NTA: Mother's disturbing comment raises serious concerns about her character 😱

CattleprodTF | CattleprodTF

NTA: Mother's toxic comments about C-Section spark outrage 😱

Netherborn_Druid | Netherborn_Druid

Pregnancy isn't a competition, your mother's comments are uncalled for. 😠

SugarKyle | SugarKyle

NTA replies show sanity and support. Reddit vs. relatives feud.

talkandtea | talkandtea

NTA. Unconditional love matters more than biology. Toxic mother-in-law.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom vs Grandma: The Battle for Motherhood 👵🤱

bubblegumbop | bubblegumbop

NTA warns about grandparents' rights, potential visitation after baby's birth.

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤰 NTA: Commenter defends motherhood and criticizes OP's mom's behavior. 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Outrage over mother's dangerous belief in natural birth.

Just-some-peep | Just-some-peep

Empathy and support for a new mom's traumatic birth experience 👵🏻💔

eleventyseventyflab | eleventyseventyflab

🤯 Shocked mom questions the concept of 'real mothers'

LarryDavidsCereal | LarryDavidsCereal

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